Letter C Coloring Pages Pdf Free to Print

The alphabet is a conventional element, precious in communication. Today you can learn the alphabet with our Free letter C coloring pages. 

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Free Letter C Coloring Pages

The alphabet is the set or sum of letters (graphic representations), which possess a specific order, compose all the words belonging to a language, and make language development possible.

The alphabet has 26 letters, among which vowels and consonants are distinguished; there are only five vowels (a, e, i, o, u), while the remaining 21 letters are consonants.

The term “alphabet” comes from the Latin word “alphabetum”, which in turn comes from the Greek words: “alpha” and “beta”; these are, in the Greek alphabet, the first letters.

Illiteracy is a severe problem, which harms a person in most aspects of their life, such as communication, knowledge, and social life. 

Illiterates are those people who have not learned to read and write, two fundamental and significant acts. Africa is one of the continents with the highest illiteracy rate.

The original 21 letters of the alphabet (more letters were added later), which made up the Greek alphabet, were taken by the Etruscans and later by the Romans until they reached the current populations and spread globally.

Hundreds of alphabets are currently used in the world, and of all of them, the Latin alphabet is the one that has spread to most regions. 

This alphabet, with slight variations, is the one implemented in many languages, such as Italian and Dutch.

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