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Find the amazing jungle coloring pages here. All coloring pages of the jungle are ready to be printed and color. Choose the images you love below and happy coloring. 

The jungle is increasingly threatened with destruction, the animals living in the wilderness are also threatened. Some species are endangered, and others have even disappeared from their natural environment.

Jungle Coloring Pages

A “jungle” is a dense mass of vegetation and trees that is difficult to penetrate, such as parts of the Congo Basin or the Amazon. The word “forest” refers to large areas of land covered with trees, including jungles and other wooded areas.

The term “jungle” originally referred to a form of vegetation typical of India, characterized by many irregular-looking trees. By extension, it now refers to a specific type of forest. 

The jungle is generally used to refer to a part of the tropical rainforest. The part with the densest vegetation, the most difficult access, and the highest number of living species per square kilometer.

The jungles of the world are distributed along the Equator, in South America mainly (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia) but also in Africa (Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Madagascar), in South-East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia), and Oceania with Australia and New Guinea.

In the tropics, the sun’s rays hit the ground vertically, allowing maintaining permanently high temperatures. In these conditions, the jungles do not know the alternation of the seasons. 

The duration of day and night remain globally identical throughout the year (about 12 hours each), and the temperatures oscillate around 27 degrees, sometimes a little more.

As a result, the heat causes a large amount of water to evaporate each day, which condenses into clouds above the canopy and promotes daily rainfall. 

The jungle is an environment saturated with moisture (77-88%) both in air and landscape in lakes, rivers, or springs in the highest altitudes.

The jungle is the ideal condition for the development of heavenly fauna and flora. Here, prey and predators abound, trees abound with fruit and nectar, and thick tropical mists regularly appear, harboring a unique microbial fauna.

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