Shape Coloring Pages Pdf For Kids

Coloring pages featuring different shapes are, besides fun, educational for children. The kids will learn to draw various shapes and structures entertainingly. 

Like many other visual elements, shapes convey a message. Placing an image in a circle or a square has a different impact on people’s perceptions.

Shape Coloring Pages

Therefore, there are different types of shapes and different meanings associated with each one of them. Shapes can be divided into three main groups:

Geometric shapes are squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and crosses. These shapes usually exhibit symmetry.

Organic shapes: Shapes are found in nature, such as rocks, leaves, clouds, etc. These shapes present a visual harmony, and in many cases, they also show symmetry.

Abstract shapes: Based on organic shapes, they have no recognizable, definite form.

Now that you know the three main types of shapes, let’s talk about the meaning associated with each specific shape:

Squares and rectangles.

It is the most common shape in any design project. These shapes generate a sense of stability and fairness, which is why they are used so often, and because of this, they can become simple and boring.

Also, these shapes are used to build other elements. Web pages, for example, are created based on combinations of squares and rectangles.


This shape generates a sense of completeness. It is usually associated with concepts such as harmony and infinity. 

This last notion is derived from the fact that circles have no defined start or endpoint, implying movement.

Using a circle draws attention to that element in web design because it is not a commonly used shape.


Triangles have two opposite meanings: if they rest on the more extensive base, they indicate stability, but if their base is upwards, they indicate instability. Usually, this shape is used as a navigational tool in design.


Apart from their religious significance, crosses also represent health and balance. If it is oriented vertically, it also indicates strength. While it is oriented horizontally, it usually shows tranquility.


This shape is associated with growth and transformation. A spiral can move in any direction, and if several are used, it can also imply conflict.


They are associated with movement and generosity. Employed in design, they are often an exciting variation. For example, if a rectangle is given curved edges, this shape is slightly softened.

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