Free Geometry Coloring Pages Pdf

Do you look for something to color? So, here are free geometry coloring pages to print. Please use your favorite colors to make them colorful. Happy Coloring. 

Geometry is a branch of mathematics dedicated to the study of figures in a plane or space. Thus, it analyzes their characteristics and measurements such as perimeter, area, and volume.

Geometry Coloring Pages

This discipline is in charge of studying, for example, polygons, which are two-dimensional figures made up of several consecutive non-collinear segments, forming a closed space.

Another object of study of geometry is the polyhedra, those three-dimensional figures formed by several faces that are, in turn, polygons.

Other elements of geometry are planes, straight lines (lines with infinite points), ray lines (a portion of a straight line that extends from one of its points to infinity), angles (arcs formed from the union of two lines), curves (lines that change direction at some point) and segments (a portion of a straight line bounded by two points, with an origin and an end).

Geometry is a science with many applications and serves as a basis for other fields of study such as physics, geography, architecture, and topography (analysis of the earth’s surface). 

For example, it helps us to calculate the measurements of specific spaces or constructions. For this reason, this subject is compulsory in basic education, both in primary and secondary school.

As we know from the texts of scholars such as the historian Herodotus, geometry had already been developed since Ancient Egypt. 

However, with Euclid, a Greek mathematician considered the father of geometry, this science began to have a more formal theoretical framework.

Euclid developed his ideas using axioms (propositions that relate to concepts). His main contributions are the theorem that the sum of the interior angles of any triangle is equal to zero.

In Euclid’s most emblematic work, The Elements, a demonstration of the well-known Pythagorean theorem is also developed. 

This indicates that in a right triangle, the hypotenuse squared equals the sum of each of the legs squared. The hypotenuse is the side that faces the angle of the polygon.

Another person who made significant contributions to geometry was René Descartes, who represented geometric figures, such as curves, through equations.

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