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How many of you heard the Joker or even who has never made up at least once like him on Halloween? This article is entirely dedicated to the figure of the Joker.

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The Prince of Crime is one of the few cases, if not the only one, where a character who has never been a protagonist becomes one, stealing the scene from Batman and becoming more famous and popular than the protagonist himself.

The character has never had a movie dedicated entirely to him, always relegated to eternal nemesis in the film about Batman, yet extremely popular.

Among the many enemies, nemeses, or villains that superhero movies have, isn’t the Joker the most famous and well-known? The prince of crime at the turn of generations has become a true icon not only in the world of comics but also in cinema.

The latter certainly increases his popularity. The criminal is a bipolar, psychopathic character who represents the dark side of each of us, and the fact that he shows and shows himself as he makes him extremely popular.

Also playing in favor of his success are the mysterious origins of the character and the growth of the film medium. His origins shrouded in mystery certainly make the Joker fascinating.

As for the second point, the growth of the film medium understood as the whole sector from makeup, a fundamental part for the transposition of the character, to photography, make the Joker an intriguing and seductive personality shall see, always different.

The Joker was born from the pen or pencil of Jerry Robinson, Bob Kane, and Bill Finger and debuted for the first time in 1940 in the Batman comic series.

The origins of the character have never been clarified. In 1950 it was revealed that the Joker acted under the name of Little Red Riding Hood at the beginning.

In an episode of the comics, intent on sabotaging a chemical factory, he falls into a tank of chemical sewage.

Coming out of it, he will turn into the Joker. In The Killing Joke, a graphic novel developed by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, we discover something more about his past.

In fact, before becoming the criminal we all know, the Joker, whose true identity is never revealed, was a former chemist’s assistant who became a comedian of little success and in economic difficulties, joins a group of criminals.

The gang of criminals decides to rob a playing card factory near the chemical factory where the protagonist worked. The foiled heist at the last moment ends badly for the future prince of crime.

He is pushed by Batman into a chemical tank, coming out transformed with green hair, a white face, and a psychopathic smile.

The sight of his appearance is the cause of a solid psychological trauma that will make him become the Joker that everyone knows. In the graphic novel, the protagonist himself states that the memories of his past are not reliable.

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