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Marvel has introduced characters far from its traditional superheroes, and Ghost Rider falls into that category. Now, you can get Ghost Rider Coloring Pages here.

Perhaps more than one remembers this name from the movie starring Nicholas Cage in 2007, although its release was not well received by critics and fans.

Ghost Rider Coloring Pages To Print

In 1972, Marvel was looking to develop characters different from what they had always worked with and launched the “Marvel Spotlight” comic book series.

The first batch of 33 issues introduced characters such as Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman, Werewolf by Night, and Satan’s Son.

As expected, readers became very interested in Ghost Rider, a skeleton with a flaming skull who rode around town on a motorcycle.

He had a very punk essence of the era, and he wore an entirely stripped costume.

“The most supernatural superhero of all” was how Marvel and his creator Roy Thomas introduced him, but would later be described more as an opposite of that concept.

However, the name does not refer to a single character but a long list. The first of these was Johnny Blaze.

A year after his first appearance, he receives a series starring this peculiar Ghost Rider, and, since then, his name was present until the mid-2000s.

At the same time, other characters joined in carrying the name of Ghost Rider, who also started from a demonic creation between a human and a supernatural being (The Spirit of Vengeance).

Following Robbie Reyes’ appearance in “Agents of SHIELD,” Marvel Studios had planned to work on a spin-off centered solely on this character.

The production was part of Hulu’s catalog; however, creative differences between the streaming platform and the production giant led to its cancellation.

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