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The Ghostbusters idea was born in a country house in 1983. Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Rick Moranis locked themselves in it and wrote the script for what would later become a classic.

In the following pictures, you can find the best ghostbuster coloring pages. Please choose the images you love, then color them. Have Fun.

Ghostbusters Coloring Pages Free

The film tells the story of a group of parapsychologists. They decide to set up a business to apply their technology to capture ectoplasmic entities (ghosts).

During the evolution of the story, they will encounter the manifestation of an interdimensional demigod named Gozer, who tries to make his way through a portal located in a building in the middle of New York.

The film starred the legendary comic actor Bill Murray, who played Peter Venkman, the ringleader of Ghostbusters. This was one of the critical factors that led the movie to stardom.

Ghostbusters was a box-office success and was considered the most successful comedy of the entire 1980s.

It’s no wonder that Ghostbusters became a pop culture reference of the time. All its symbolism became worthy of receiving a real cult.

Its characters, the equipment used by the Ghostbusters, the uniforms, the symbol of its business, its mascot Moquete, the giant Marshmallow Man, its mythical company vehicle called Ecto-1, its scenes.

In short, EVERYTHING that had to do with the Ghostbusters movie stuck in the minds of the public and transcended to a higher level.

An example of this is that even today, 36 years after its release, we still get nostalgic waves in the form of merchandising.

The other day, I saw the Ecto-1 with the original Ghostbusters team characterized under the Playmobil label without going any further.

So I think that, if we talk about all the material that uses the title Ghostbusters, we can say that this film is the most representative.

And the fact is that Ghostbusters from 1984 defines the image that comes to our minds when we hear the word Ghostbusters.

I don’t know if you think the same way, but I believe that without it, the whole concept associated with its title would not have been developed in the same way, and it would not have had the impact it had.

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