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Jirachi is a unique steel/psychic-type Pokémon introduced in the third generation. Find this pokemon here in the following Jirachi coloring pages to print.

Legend has it that Jirachi will make any wish come true that is written on the notes it carries in its head when it reads them after coming out of its lethargy. 

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If this Pokémon senses danger, it will fight without ever waking up,” says the official description of this pokémon on the company’s official website.

Its name comes from the Russian word zhelat (desire) transcribed into Japanese. It may also be influenced by Sachi (passion, happiness, or fortune). 

This Pokémon is based on a shooting star and its concept on the belief of making wishes.

Jirachi is a small humanoid Pokémon. It has tiny legs that resemble a baby’s, and its arms appear to have a long sleeve that increases in width. 

What characterizes this creature is that it has a third eye in its stomach, which is called ‘its real eye’. 

It always remains closed and only opens it when it makes a secret wish for the millennial comet to give it energy.

It is said that the millennial comet and Jirachi are connected: the two are on earth seven days every 1000 years.

Continuing with its physical appearance, it has something similar to a golden star with three small ribbons on the side of its head, which could be based on a Japanese tradition of putting wishes on a Buddha or statuette with your desire written on the ribbon. 

It also has long wings, and when it sleeps, it wraps its body with them. Its eyes are black with a small white flash and small blue marks underneath as if they were tears.

On the other hand, Jirachi is only awake for one week every millennium. However, it can wake up if it hears an innocent person with a beautiful voice singing. 

This pokémon is friendly and a bit shy in front of people. It can fight in its sleep and fulfill wishes.

As for wishes, for Jirachi to fulfill them, the person must write it on a note and stick it on its head to read it when it wakes up. It is said that it can fulfill a wish upon awakening.

Finally, the singular steel-type and psychic pokémon have no gender. Furthermore, it has no evolution and does not evolve from any pokémon.

Jirachi’s particular ability is Bliss. It doubles the probability that a move will cause its secondary effect.

The moves that can be affected by this ability are those with the probability of paralyzing, burning, putting to sleep, freezing, poison, intoxicating, or confusing the opponent; lower one or more characteristics of the opponent, or setting him back.

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