Skitty Coloring Pages Printable Pdf

Skitty is known for his frolicking and trying to catch his tail. He lives in the cavities of tree trunks in the forest in the wild. He is the pet of many because of how sweet he looks. 

Now, you can see this pokemon on this page. So, here are the printable Skitty coloring pages. Please choose your favorite here and color them as you like.

Free Skitty Coloring Pages

Skitty likes to play chasing its tail until it gets dizzy, thus showing its cute side. He can’t help but go after things that move. He even runs in circles, chasing his tail.

Its body is pink and yellow, it has a fluffy tail, and its eyes are permanently closed and curiously it can see, just like Cyndaquil, Swinub, Abra, and Uxie, among other Pokémon.

This adorable little Pokémon is a popular pet, especially among Pokémon trainers and coordinators. It is cheerful and playful. It plays with its tail that looks like a stuffed animal in the wild until it gets dizzy trying to catch it.

A Skitty was chasing its tail. He is very social. It can walk in packs and gets along well with people. It lives in forests and nests in hollow trees but is more common near cities. 

Its appearance makes it the perfect Pokémon for Pokémon trainers who like cuddly and sullen Pokémon. This Pokémon likes things that move and will always go after them.

It has the unique ability to make its enemies of the opposite gender fall in love with it and thus immobilize them in a fight.

Skitty is an excellent Pokémon for contests because it is adorable and tender. If it is well trained, it can become a perfect opponent in Pokémon battles, such as the case of May/Aura’s Skitty that turned out to be an ideal Pokémon for contests as well as for fighting.

If you have a Skitty and want to know how many combat points it will have before evolving it, you can use the following evolution calculator and find out quickly. Indicate the combat points of your Skitty and click on the button “Evolve”.

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