Gyarados Coloring Pages Pdf

Once Gyarados goes on a rampage, the uncontrollable, raging blood pressure won’t subside until it has burned everything around it. 

Reportedly, this Pokémon’s outbursts of anger last up to a month. It is not often seen in its environment. Now, he is here in the following Gyarados coloring pages to print.

Printable Gyarados Coloring Pages

Gyarados is huge and vicious and capable of destroying entire cities in one attack. In ancient literature, it is said that Gyarados overflowing with violence razed a village to the ground.

Physically, Gyarados closely resembles a sea dragon, like the Chinese Dragon. Unlike Magikarp, its body is mainly navy blue, the underside is light yellow and its dorsal fins are white. 

It has a large tail to cross rivers against the current. It also has a dorsal fin to cut many objects in half. 

The only difference between males and females is that the male has blue whiskers, and the female has white whiskers. It is a highly violent [Pokémon]. 

Shoals of these Pokémon have been seen devouring and devastating entire cities with their hyperrays. 

It lives in both fresh and marine water, but unlike Magikarp, Gyarados is very territorial and aggressive. It will not hesitate to attack any Pokémon that enters its territory. 

When Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, its brain cells undergo a somewhat exaggerated change, and it becomes much more aggressive.

Once a year, it travels to warmer waters to lay its eggs, and at that time, they are pretty touchy when observed.

Although Gyarados is a flying type, they cannot fly or learn any attacks per level of flying type. 

However, in battle, this allows it to maintain an advantage against other plant-type Pokémon, unlike conventional water Pokémon. 

In contrast, the electric type is doubly effective against them. When a male Magikarp evolves, it is considered the dominant male of the school. 

Despite its bad temper, if a Gyarados is trained from the time it is a Magikarp, it has total respect for its trainer, whom it will protect.

Despite all the negative aspects of this Pokémon, it has its positive sides. 

When a brave and respectable trainer trains it, Gyarados becomes a mighty and noble Pokémon and can even be friends with people it does not know, as long as it is not bothered or attacked.

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