Free Electabuzz Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

When a thunderstorm breaks out, flocks of these Pokémon are in a battle to see who can reach high places where lightning strikes first. 

Some cities use Electabuzz instead of lightning rods. It loves to feed on high voltage. And today, you can see him in the following free Electabuzz coloring pages.

Printable Electabuzz Coloring Pages

Electabuzz sometimes appears near power plants and similar areas. Electricity runs along the surface of its skin. In the dark, its body turns whitish.

Electabuzz is a rather violent and strong Pokémon. It is not often seen in habitats other than power plants, where it feeds on the electricity generated there. 

It can also be found in open savannahs. Like Scyther, it cannot stand the color red since it gets very upset and becomes very aggressive. 

Perhaps this is the reason for the great rivalry it has with Magmar. When there are thunderstorms, it intercepts lightning to feed on its electrical energy. 

The more electricity it accumulates, the stronger its attacks will be. There have been cases in which the tremendous energy of this Pokémon has generated blackouts in cities. 

It swings its arms quickly when it is about to attack, although sometimes it swings its arms so much that the opponent has time to flee.

Elekid evolves to Electabuzz at level 30 from the second generation. From the fourth generation, Electabuzz becomes Electivire by exchanging it with another trainer when equipped with the electrifying item.

Download Electabuzz Coloring Pages Pdf