Amazing Gravity Falls Coloring Pages Pdf

Gravity Falls coloring pages are based on the famous cartoon. The main characters are Dipper and Mabel. They will take you to a magical world full of mysteries and mysterious creatures. 

Join the merry twins and discover all the secrets of the city. To do this, download and print Gravity Falls coloring pages from our website for free.

Free Gravity Falls Coloring Pages

In a turn of complex cartoons for children, Gravity Falls addresses issues of masculinity and femininity subtly. The characters have stories that are atypical of common sense.

Gravity Falls is about two brothers who go on summer vacation with their great-uncle Stan in a mysterious little town.

The story goes beyond great adventures. The behavior of the characters in the series transcends simplistic plots.

Mabel is a silly, creative and lively girl, “normal” characteristics of female characters. But her representation of what it is to be feminine goes beyond this.

At only 12 years old, Mabel is looking for boys to have a romantic relationship. In the first episode of the first season, she meets an extraordinary boy. 

Dipper becomes suspicious, even thinking that Mabel’s new flirt is a vampire. In the end, it was just some gnomes after a queen.

Having a first boyfriend, even more so in childhood, is the most challenging time for girls.

To assume a relationship with another boy to the family is to say that you have sexual desires practically. This is the reality for many girls who have their sexuality repressed.

In this episode, the opposite happens. This is natural because the problem involving Mabel and her partner is not because she has a boyfriend but because she knows who this boyfriend is.

In episode six of the first season, Dipper wants to be a manly man since he has failed to win pancakes on the machine that measures strength. 

He goes to the forest and meets super muscular minotaurs and idiots who teach him to be a manly man.

Dipper goes through several challenges of strength and courage, and in the final challenge, he must pick up ahead from a multi-headed bear.

But he fails. The bear also listens to Dancing Queen, a song that Dipper was teased for liking.

The bear also listens to Dancing Queen, a song that Dipper was teased for liking. He concludes that being a man is not about jumping off cliffs and crossing alligator lakes.

The male universe and its particularities frame boys in stereotypes that reinforce prejudices.

Being a boy or a girl, a man or a woman is not only about wearing pink or blue. It’s about wanting to wear whatever you want.

Download Gravity Falls Coloring Pages Pdf