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Eevee is a Pokémon of the standard type introduced in the first generation. It is characterized for being the Pokémon with more evolutionary options. Currently, there are 8.

Now, you can see its adventures in the following printable cute Eevee coloring pages. All of the images are ready to print and color. So, let us have fun.

Free Eevee Coloring Pages

The name Eevee comes from the English word evolution due to the multitude of evolutions it has. Although, in the beginning, it was thought to be called Eon.

This name was finally left only as of the final part in the names of its eight evolutions; this ending may come from the combination of characters of the word evolution.

Eevee is a normal-type Pokémon that resembles in size and shape a small fox, possessing long pointed ears and a brush-like tail. Its body, with an agile and flexible physical constitution, is adapted to speed and agility.

Eevee are very rare in the wild. Sometimes, they live near cities and towns. Eevee can live almost anywhere, and they can evolve to adapt to their environment. 

It was first documented in Kanto, but they were also seen in Johto, Sinnoh, Thessalia, and Kalos. Eevee is an ideal Pokémon as a pet, and it is loyal, affectionate, cheerful, playful, intelligent, and noble.

These characteristics make it perfect to be in the company of young children. Being beautiful, fine, and delicate appearance is excellent to participate in Pokémon Contests and their evolutions. Boys and girls are fascinated by its beauty and sweetness.

The predominant color of its fur is dark brown, with a cream tone on the neck and the end of the tail. The neck area presents denser and longer hair. 

Its eyes have a brownish tone, its fur is soft, short and when it tends to get brighter, it is a clear sign that it is ready to evolve.

Eevee is known for its numerous evolutions. Its genetic instability allows it to transform when exposed to elemental stones. 

Having a friendship with its trainer or training in a particular area will make it evolve into 8 Pokémon of different elemental types. Once it evolves, its character changes depending on the evolution.

Eevee appears in its reconstructed form to be a Jolteon, Flareon, or a Vaporeon and becomes Eevee again whenever it wants because Team Rocket performed experiments on it in episodes 19-20 Vs. Vileplume. 

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