Diplodocus Coloring Pages Pdf Printable

With this free coloring page, you will be able to discover a family of giant dinosaurs called Diplodocus. They are vegetarians that are huge and have a long tail and a long neck. 

Print this drawing and get out your markers to color these Diplodocus coloring pages. You can also play with your friends to draw other more dangerous dinosaurs in this picture.

Free Diplodocus Coloring Pages

The Diplodocus is one of the most famous dinosaurs. It belonged to the sauropod groups. This saurischian lived in the Jurassic period (150 to 147 million years ago) in the lush plains of the United States. 

Its size of about 30 meters long makes it one of the largest animals known to have walked the earth.

Its small head at the end of the neck ends in two rows of comb-like teeth. They allowed it to rake up the ferns and vegetation within its reach. 

Although it probably did not have a thermoregulation system as efficient as mammals or birds, its imposing body was sufficient for certain thermal inertia: it must have taken a long time to warm up or cool down. This is a metabolism called “gigantothermy”.

The discovery of numerous sauropod tracks shows that Diplodocus must have lived and moved in herds and therefore had a particular social organization.

Sauropods are the giant terrestrial herbivores that have existed. The large vertebrates found today are tiny compared to the sauropods. The whale is the only animal with a weight comparable to the giant sauropods. 

The Diplodocus is the best known of the sauropods, and it is a dinosaur that can be easily identified. It is recognizable with its long tail, flat head, and sturdy legs. 

The analysis of a complete skeleton could describe the appearance of the Diplodocus species. 

To be more precise, its neck could reach a length of 6 meters which facilitated access to food in height. Its tail was very long, composed of many caudal vertebrae, which probably counterbalanced the neck. 

The Diplodocus is undoubtedly the most famous dinosaur globally and the most appreciated by the National Museum of Natural History.

The history of Diplodocus is fascinating to know, and this species was discovered in 1877 by Benjamin Mudge and Samuel Wendell Williston sometime after the word dinosaur was invented. 

At that time, dinosaurs fascinated the public and researchers. The Jurassic period was mysterious and exciting.

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