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Every little boy has a period when he is completely fascinated by dinosaurs. Therefore, we have gathered an extensive collection of ankylosaurus coloring pages on this page. 

You’ll find these fantastic dinosaurs here! And you decide what colors they get. Have fun coloring!

Ankylosaurus Coloring Pages 

The ankylosaur was a dinosaur that inhabited the northern American continent during the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era.

The ankylosaur was considered a multicellular eukaryotic organism. It was made up of a wide variety of cells, each specialized in different functions. 

Likewise, the cells had a nucleus inside which the DNA was found forming the chromosomes.

From the point of view of embryonic development, specialists consider that this animal could be tribalistic and therefore presented the three embryonic layers: ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. 

From them, the organs that formed the adult individual were formed. This was an animal with bilateral symmetry, i.e., its body was made up of two precisely equal halves that joined in the longitudinal plane.

Likewise, it could be considered a friendly dinosaur, although it could be ferocious when it felt threatened, mainly when it used its large tail with its caudal club.

This dinosaur was considered a solitary animal that only joined individuals of the same species when it was time to mate. It reproduced sexually, with internal fertilization, and it is believed that they were oviparous.

The ankylosaur is one of the most impressive dinosaurs because of its morphology, primarily because of the number of bony plates and spines covering its body on the dorsal surface. 

The shape of its tail was also quite peculiar since it had a widening known as a club or mallet at the terminal end.

This dinosaur was giant. According to data collected from fossils, it could weigh up to 4,500 kilograms, its measurements were between 6 and 9 meters long, and it could reach a height of almost 2 meters.

The head was small compared to the rest of the body. It could measure up to 64 cm in length. The eyes, housed in orbital sockets that were somewhat oval in size, did not face sideways but almost straight ahead.

A kind of beak surrounds the opening of the oral cavity (mouth). Its teeth were shaped like serrated blades, suitable for cutting vegetation.

Above the eyes, they presented a kind of pyramid-shaped horns, which pointed backward. It is believed that these were osteoderms fused to the skull.

The body of the ankylosaur was quite robust, comprehensive, and compact. It had four limbs, of which the hind limbs were the longest.

The most outstanding feature of its body was the armor that protected it, which was quite resistant. This was made up of many plates or osteoderms that were embedded directly into the animal’s skin.

Based on the analysis of some fossils, it is believed that these plates were also found in the neck, forming a kind of protective cervical rings.

The complete structure of the tail remains unknown since no fossils have been found in which it is done. However, the most crucial element of the tail is known: the so-called club.

At the end of the trail, a kind of widening served the ankylosaur as protection against possible predators or for fights between them during mating rituals.

This club or mallet was made up of several fused vertebrae reinforced by ossified tendons.

Thanks to its structure, the tail was one of the most critical elements for the animal’s survival since it allowed it to protect itself and escape from any attack. Specialists affirm that even a blow with the tail could break the bones of its opponent.

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