Allosaurus Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Here, you can get the Allosaurus coloring page to print. Allosaurus was a powerful predator that hunted on two legs. 

Kids will have fun coloring the Allosaurus with a massive body and head with two tiny front legs.

Allosaurus Coloring Pages

Allosaurus is a theropod dinosaur, considered the main predator of the Late Jurassic, equipped with massive jaws, populated with sharp teeth like saws, curved claws, and a muscular tail to flagellate any animal that decided to attack it. 

It lived in the plains of North America, Africa, Australia, and China. It was between 5m and 8m high and 12m long and weighed 2 tons. Numerous fossils of this carnivore have been found in the western United States, Portugal, and Australia. 

Allosaurs had an average size of 8.5 meters long and 3.5 meters high and an estimated weight of one ton. It was a bipedal carnivore with massive claws and legs, balanced by its heavy tail. 

Its curved skull with serrated teeth was characterized by low irregular ridges above and in front of the eyes.

It had a type of irregular ridges that passed over and in front of the eyes. This was a characteristic feature of the Allosaurus. It is not well known what function these ridges had. 

They could be a distinguishing feature of males and females or guard some glands related to the eyes.

It was bipedal with huge claws and legs and had a long, heavy tail for balance.

It was one of the most feared theropods of the Jurassic, thus dethroning Ceratosaurus. Although it was one of the most fearsome and twice as big as Ceratosaurus, it weighed as much as an Indian rhinoceros. 

It shared its time with several giant sauropods, such as apatosaurus, diplodocus, camarasaurus, and others, such as the defensive stegosaurus and apatosaurus.

It was famous for being one of the most abundant carnivores. They were distributed throughout most of the planet; fossils have been found in Asia, Africa, America, and Europe.

Paleontologists accept that Allosaurus was a carnivore that preyed on a wide range of herbivorous dinosaurs. Its prey could be small, like the driosaur, medium-sized like the camptosaur, or real heavyweights like the stegosaur and several sauropods. 

In the latter cases, an allosaur acting alone was at a disadvantage, so it is likely that it only attacked the weakest individuals of these species, young, old, or sick.

As for the hunting method, they likely preferred the ambush. Although they could reach high speeds, they could not maintain these speeds during the long run, so they chose to wait crouched in the forest for prey to come within reach. 

With their three prehensile claws on each hand, they used to cling to their prey while using their powerful jaws, capable of exerting more pressure than those of a crocodile, killing it by suffocation.

There is little evidence of gregarious behavior in theropods, and social interactions with members of the same species would have included negative encounters, as shown by lesions of the gastralia and bite wounds on the skulls. 

Biting the head may have been a way to establish dominance in a hunting pack or during territorial conflicts.

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