Best Anime Girl Coloring Pages PDF

When someone says the word anime, usually we all think of Japanese animation with lots of colors and big eyes (surely the openings of your favorite anime came to your mind).

Now, in this article, we have the best anime girl coloring pages for you. You can print then color them with your favorite colors. So, let’s have fun.

Printable Anime Girl Coloring Pages

In Japanese, it is widespread to use short words instead of their originals. Anime is an abbreviation for animation or “animeeshon”.

That term has been being used differently all over the world, including Japan. This is how various Japanese abbreviations have become official terms for concepts or ideas around the world.

Previously, only people in the animation industry used the word “animation” in Japan. The general public used other terms for Japanese cartoons.

There was film manga, “manga eiga” or television manga, “terebi manga”. It could also be called “douga”, which means “moving picture”.

As you can imagine, none of them caught on, and today, manga are Japanese graphic novels or comics.

It wasn’t until otakus began to create a reasonably large fandom that the term “anime” became popular. By 1980, it was already widespread to use it.

But it wasn’t just used for new Japanese cartoons. It also referred to older shows with big-eyed characters like Astro Boy, which aired in the 1960s.

Download Anime Girl Coloring Pages PDF