Excellent Clash Royale Coloring Pages Pdf

Clash Royale is a popular online game from Supercell. The players will have to participate in battles and attack enemy towers using spells, armies, and abilities in cards. 

Now your favorite game can be seen on the following coloring pages. The most interesting Clash Royale coloring pages are of high quality on our website. 

Printable Clash Royale Coloring Pages

Clash Royale is available on Android or iOS. The video game Clash Royale requires strategy, method, and rigor. Here are some keys to maximize your chances of becoming the king of the game.

After the famous Clash of Clans, mobile publisher Supercell is back with a clever mix of MOBA, board, and trading cards. The principle seems simple: two towers, a castle, and all sorts of possible attacks. 

Even if all this leads you to believe that the game is easy, beware. In reality, it is a gem of balancing and strategy that you should be prepared for. 

Choose the right cards; optimizing your deck (whether you pay or not) is a matter of patience, strategy, and consistency. But let’s start with a bit of math. 

The game has (at the time of writing) 54 cards divided into four types: common, rare, epic, and legendary, each gaining six to twelve levels. 

If you’re planning to develop all of these, you’ll have months of work ahead of you. So it’s best to focus on a few units and adjust your decks. Upgrading your fighters quickly is a full-time job. 

Run the game every four hours to open the free chests and every three hours for the silver ones. Order the gold chests to be opened overnight (it takes eight hours to open a gold chest) and make as many jousts as possible to fill the crown chest (one compartment can be unlocked every 24 hours). 

Each arena unlocks its types of units. The ideal is to get them all before leveling up and moving on to the next hall, even if it means losing a few matches on purpose. 

This is also an opportunity to try out some exotic decks since victory doesn’t matter. You can, at worst, buy the missing cards in the store.

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