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Bowser is a video game character from the Mario series. His goal is to rule over the princess’ territory. Now you can get this character in the following cool Bowser coloring pages free.

Sometimes he plays the role of a good guy. However, his main activity is to kidnap Princess Peach from the mushroom kingdom.

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Bowser is a chubby and anthropomorphic turtle that, despite mainly playing the antagonist role, always trying to kidnap Princess Peach, is endearing and beloved.

Bowser is known as the King of the Koopas; all the turtles, whether humanoid or not, live in the Mushroom Kingdom, the most famous location of the Super Mario Bros.

Bowser, initially, in the Japanese territory, was known as Daimaƍ Kuppa, which translated into English would be something like the Great Demon King Turtle.

The name change occurred just at the time when Nintendo translated it for Super Mario Bros. manuals outside the country.

An exciting curiosity if we also take into account the evolution that his appearance has undergone over time.

Since his first appearance, Bowser has had an anthropomorphic appearance in the shape of a turtle. He walks on his two lower legs and can speak.

Over time, Miyamoto-san was able to add more details to Bowser’s design, such as the spikes on his green shell, the two horns, the fangs, the claws, more bracelets, and the red hair.

With all this, he was given an appearance that is closer to that of a dragon than that of a turtle. Because he has demonstrated in the vast majority of video games in which he appears.

He has excellent physical strength and can spit flames. Although, initially, it was not conceived this way.

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