Cheerful Circus Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Coloring is an essential activity for children because it helps improve hand skills, imagination and is also fun and calming.

This page is packed with coloring pages filled with cheerful circus coloring pages. You can color lions, horses, elephants, and much more! Feed your child’s creative mind and have fun!

Printable Circus Coloring Pages

The circus has always been a classic form of entertainment; the word comes from the Latin circus and designated the Roman stage where many of the acts that can be seen today in a circus performance originated.

Established rules always govern the performances in a circus. Many acts are now classics in the repertoire of this type of show.

They are horseback acrobatics, horseback riding, and the performances of elephants, seals, dogs, and other trained animals. 

The lion and tiger tamer, for example, has always been the distinctive and most attractive circus’s characters, although, in some countries, this type of activity has been banned. 

The performances with animals, however, are only a pale reflection of those that took place in the Roman circuses, and in them, the brute force of the beast is always opposed to man’s intelligence.

The ancient acrobats, minstrels, and magicians (often very skilled) were the precursors of today’s circus performers. Many of their acts and creations are part of the most beautiful circus tradition. 

Today’s clown has inherited this tradition, and his performances include a whole series of jokes, pantomimes, pirouettes, and musical numbers, which have always attracted young and old alike. 

As we know it, the circus first appeared in Great Britain in 1770, and in the following century, circus activity spread to a large number of countries. 

In this sense, the American Ringling Circus is one of the largest enterprises ever undertaken in the circus world.

In the Soviet Union, the circus is subsidized by the State, and it is a tradition of famous wide roots.

The word circus can also designate a portable tent or a permanent theater where the circus show is performed.

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