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Cakes are always present at birthday parties or weddings. It is a symbol of happiness, of sharing with others the joy of the moment. Each piece of the cake represents the happiness of the union.

We suggest you, now, color cake coloring pages. We are sure you will like it. Let’s see if you can draw without being hungry. Just looking at the figures makes us want to go to the bakery near our house to eat a cake.

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Cakes are among the essential preparations in gastronomy, especially in confectionery, the subject in charge of making them. Who can say no to a cake full of flavor and texture?

If you want to learn the secret of success to prepare delicious cakes, you will have to take care of the ingredients’ technique and quality.

The quality of the ingredients we use to prepare a cake also determines the product’s final grade, so it is essential that you also choose the proper technique.

Regardless of the type of cake you prepare, there are three goals you must achieve:

Your mixture must be homogeneous and smooth. This is achieved when you pour in the right amount of ingredients, which are of good quality. You must also perform the steps of weighing, beating, and baking carefully.

Ensure that the contents have enough air. This will guarantee a soft crumb and a texture characteristic of cake and not bread. Cakes are divided into six categories:

1. Sponge Cake
This type of cake is made using whole eggs, separated or just the whites, mixed with sugar and butter. Flavors such as chocolate or vanilla can be chosen and complemented with dry ingredients such as flour and other powders.

2. Butter Cakes
On the other hand, there are butter cakes. This type of cake is made using the image method of beating butter at room temperature and sugar.

3. Meringue Cakes
The delicious meringue cakes are characterized by having a foamy structure created by beating the egg together with air, thus achieving an extremely light and tender dough. The steam produced in the oven can double its volume.

4. Oil Cakes
In this type of cake, oil is used instead of butter. The result is a moist product with a soft structure, unlike recipes that solidify butter.

To achieve a perfect texture of the oil cake, we must keep its liquid state out of the oven. Oil cakes use beaten eggs to lighten the surface, requiring chemical leavening agents to raise the texture.

5. Fermented Cake
These cakes are made with yeast, so they are a mixture of bakery and pastry. They are usually prepared with a dough similar to bread, but adding ingredients such as sugar, eggs, and cream; in this way, the dough becomes more prosperous and more cake-like.

6. Custard Cakes
This type of cake requires preparing a custard or thick cream cooked in a bain-marie or the oven at a medium-low temperature. Some of the most famous are cheesecakes or cheesecakes.

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