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The Alien is a fictional parasitic extraterrestrial biological entity. The Alien used to be antagonistic to the film tetralogy of the Alien series/movie.

On this page, you will find the collection of alien coloring pages free. You can get them then color with your favorite colors. So, let’s have fun.

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In the movie Alien, the eighth passenger, when humans arrive on the planet, they find an alien in a pilot’s chair, which has been there for a long time given its fossilized appearance.

This species, nicknamed Space Jockey, has a possible relationship with the creation of the Xenomorphs, but there is no confirmation of this fact.

It is also postulated that the Yautja (predators) know it since it is known that the Xenomorphs were brought to Earth by the Yautjas. However, perhaps it is also a reference that the Space Jockeys and the Yautjas met, but it is only a rumor.

I considered the null technological advance of the Xenomorphs who have inserted them in various planets to hunt them.

But it is also believed that some unfortunate traveler may have visited their world before them and been infected before leaving.

According to another theory, the Biomecanoids (actual name of the Space Jockeys) suffered a brutal civil war. So they developed powerful weapons created biologically, managing to gestate a species whose organization was based on those of some insects (bees or ants).

The war ended but worried about the infestation of other worlds. They sent a pilot to collect a sample of eggs. However, when he was infected, he died crashing on LV-426.

Over the years, the race mysteriously disappeared, the pilot fossilized, and his alien host died. Still, the eggs were exposed until the Nostromo ship landed, where one of the seven crew members, Kane, is infected by a face-hugger from which a Xenomorph would hatch once inside the ship.

Another theory is that the Space Jockeys would only find them and sell them to advanced beings like Predators.

In the comic book “Aliens Explosion,” another theory is shown in which it says that in the Aliens’ homeworld, they are not the dominant species but just another link in the food chain of that planet.

The Aliens became an uncontrollable plague when taken out of their natural habitat, and the balance was broken. This would disprove the theory that the Space Jockeys created them.

This Alien does not have a specific popular name; it is commonly called the creature, bug, or snake, as the Predators call them.

According to the comic book series, its fictional scientific name is Linguafoeda acheronsis (Archeron’s deadly tongue), called the Internecivus raptus (Deadly Thief).

The technical name Xenomorph (literally alien form) was given by Officer Ellen Ripley, who encountered this species on several occasions. The term is used in Aliens and a deleted scene from Alien 3.

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