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Boxing is a combat sport in which two opponents fight using only their fists with gloves. They hit their opponent from the waist up, inside a ring specially designed for this purpose.

Boxing has been considered an exclusively male sport, legally and culturally affected by gender prejudice. But, the following boxing coloring pages are ready for everybody. 

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Boxing is a type of physical contact sport known worldwide in which two people face each other fighting. 

It is an Olympic sport with a series of worldwide tournaments during the year through which boxers try to maintain their records and first places. 

Boxing is a sport in which two fighters face each other using only their fists, which are protected by a pair of gloves with which they hit their opponent until they achieve victory.

Boxing is a contact sport and combat practiced in a ring, where two people fight and face each other in a duel using only their fists, which must remain covered by gloves throughout the encounter.

Boxing is a sport that began in England at the beginning of the 18th century. It originated as a result of the search for a term that could differentiate the fights following a series of rules and the battles in the streets to resolve personal conflicts. 

The first rules originated in 1743, and gloves as a protective measure were introduced in 1889. By the 19th century, boxing began expanding throughout Europe and developing worldwide. 

Then, the rules were established, such as the hitting prohibition of the opponent if he fell to the ground/melee. 

These rules were created in 1730 by Jack Broughton. Data indicate that boxing was present in the Olympic Games of antiquity during 668 BC. 

In modern times, the modality was introduced to the St. Louis Olympic Games in 1904 and is still part of this activity today.

It is known that it was the Marquis of Queensberry who, together with John Graham Chambers, decided to create a series of rules and norms to regulate the sport and implement gloves as a protective measure.

In 1920, the Women Boxing Club was created in London, a club that would give way to the formation of female boxers in the region, and then, it would expand around the world, gaining more and more female fighters interested in the sport. 

At the end of the 19th century, there were already different boxing circuits, and in the Olympics held in 1904, the first exhibition of this sport in its female branch took place for the first time.

In 1996, women’s boxing gained more followers who began to invest in the sport, and in 1997, in the United States, the first women’s boxing championship was created. 

Many countries worldwide authorized this sport in the women’s category from that moment on, and champions began to emerge in each category. 

A sport that has gone hand in hand with the oppression against the female sex, that little by little was opening space in today’s sports and that today is finally recognized as a professional discipline.

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