Free Printable Tennis Coloring Pages Pdf

Here are all the coloring pages to print about tennis. The coloring pages are an opportunity to play with a sport played individually and in doubles. 

All the tennis coloring pages are free to print. The tennis tournaments are an opportunity to make coloring pages around tennis.

Free Tennis Coloring Pages

Tennis is one of the most popular and practiced games in existence. With this sport, you will exercise body and mind, and you will be able to practice it individually or as a team. 

It is also one of the few sports that allows men and women to play simultaneously. And of course, it is suitable for all ages, for example, children’s tennis, so you have no excuse to try it. 

In addition, there are other modalities such as table tennis that you can’t overlook. Tennis is a sport mainly played outdoors and can be practiced individually, that is to say, playing against a player or between pairs.

The history of tennis dates back to the 19th century on the European continent. It was massively spread in Anglo-Saxon countries in its early years, so it adopted the nickname of “white sport”. 

Likewise, its exercise was reserved for the wealthier classes. Its founder was the British commander Walter Clopton Wingfield. It was institutionalized as a sport in 1926.

Currently, the globalization of this sport has largely transcended race and social status. In the beginning, the colonies of the British Empire incorporated tennis into their customary practices, giving them a mestizo spirit.

The most important tennis tournaments are Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and the U.S. Open. However, the international game that defines the world champion is the Davis Cup, held since 1990.

The rules of tennis are defined by the International Tennis Federation, the governing body of tennis. The Tennis Rules Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance. Among the most important rules are:

In tennis, the game between individual players is called singles, while in the case of competition in pairs, it is called doubles.

Tennis serves start the match when the ball hits the racquet. The player who serves is entitled to two chances, that is to say, an extra option if they miss the first one.

A reason for the repetition of the service is when the ball touches the net before crossing into the opponent’s court. Once the ball is put into play, the actions are prolonged until one of the players fails to receive the ball thrown by the opponent correctly.

The playing field is a rectangular court whose measurements are marked according to the Anglo-Saxon metric system and vary if the match is a single or doubles match. 

The first case is 87 feet long by 27 feet wide. In the case of doubles, it will be the same length by 36 feet wide.

Professional tennis matches are played based on three sets. It is forbidden to touch the opponent’s court, as well as the net that divides them. 

In tournaments such as the Grand Slam or the Davis Cup, it is played up to 5 sets. For a player to win, it is necessary to maintain a two-set lead over his opponent.

If such an advantage has not been maintained in a five-set match, it will be necessary to continue playing until the difference of two sets is achieved in favor of one of the participants. 

When two players are tied in six sets, each set is defined in a long time, called “tie break”.

The points obtained during a set are based on the series 15- 30- 40. In the case of the “tie break”, the points are counted by units, with the first to reach seven winnings. 

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