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In the drawing, the Brachiosaurus is looking for its food. The Brachiosaurus is one of the enormous known dinosaurs. You can color it in beige. The tips of its legs are lighter, the bottom of the mouth is red. 

The overheated ground is yellow ochre, and the stones are brown. The vegetation is made of several shades of green, and the trunks are brown. The slopes of the volcano are brown.

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The Brachiosaurus was a dinosaur of large dimensions, and researchers estimate that its size could have been around 13 meters high and approximately 25 meters long with an estimated weight of 56 tons.

It makes Brachiosaurus be one of the largest land animals that have ever existed in the history of planet Earth.

Brachiosaurs are brachiosaurid sauropods, and they had a tiny gullet with nostrils on the sides with a broad. Thick snout with a strong jaw which was composed of teeth. 

The teeth were shaped like a spatula; the most notorious feature of this herbivore was its long neck which measured up to 9 meters in height. 

This sauropod was a quadruped dinosaur that had forelimbs larger than the hind limbs. Its forelimbs had a claw that is believed to have been used as a defense mechanism against predators.

They had a tail that was small compared to the other members of his body, but it was thick.

Most of the fossil remains of this herbivore have been found in the African continent, specifically in Algeria and Tanzania. 

To a lesser extent, fossil remains have also been found in North America, specifically in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Oklahoma. Researchers still do not agree on the actual weight of the Brachiosaurus. 

However, they take the importance of the specimens found in Africa as a reference since only one complete specimen is located in North America. 

At first, the weight of the Brachiosaurus was estimated at 28.7 tons, then at 35 tons, then at 43 tons, and the latest projections estimate its weight at 56 tons.

The Brachiosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur, and due to its great weight and size, it required large amounts of food daily for its survival.

It is believed that its diet was based on leaves and fruits of the trees, which it could reach thanks to its long neck. It is also thought that it traveled in herds in search of food.

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