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Music is known as the ordered combination of rhythm, melody, and harmony that is pleasing to the ears. Because of its immaterial character, music is considered a temporal or time art, as is literature.

On this page, you will find Free Music coloring pages Pdf. These images are printable and free of charge. Get the pictures you love, then color them as you like. 

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In the restrictive sense, music is the art of coordinating and transmitting sound, harmonious and aesthetically valid sound generated through the voice or musical instruments.

Music is an artistic and cultural manifestation of the people so that it acquires diverse forms, aesthetic values, and functions according to its context. At the same time, it is one of how an individual expresses his feelings.

The person who puts music into practice or performs it using an instrument is called a musician. As such, the word music can be used in a metaphorical sense. 

Music can be classified in many ways, either according to form, instrumentation, function, origin or style, and context.

A reasonably broad classification criterion distinguishes between vocal music, intended to be sung, and instrumental music, designed by strict instruments.

The most generalized classification that exists is the one that distinguishes academic music and popular music. In both, there are expressions of both sung and instrumental music.

However, the classification between academic and popular music today is quite complex, as intellectual trends and vice versa have influenced many popular music genres. 

Today, popular music has become part of the educational programs of academies and has achieved great recognition by the elites.

In any case, in the social imaginary, there is still a distinction between the two. Let’s get to know some distinctive elements.

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