Jack O Lantern Coloring Pages Idea

Jack o’ lantern is the name for Halloween decorations from a pumpkin that has been cut at the top, scraped contents and carved into the shape of a grinning creature’s head.

One side of the pumpkin is carved to make the eyes and mouth holes after the top of the pumpkin is cut to remove the contents. A kitchen knife or spoon is usually enough to make a Jack-o’-lantern, even though a carving knife can be used, so the results are better. The shape of the mouth and the shape of the eyes can suit the tastes of the person who makes it, and it can be creepy or funny. After carving pumpkins, wax or lights are placed inside with the top of the pumpkin as a cover. The candlelight that is slightly wobbling in the wind makes Jack-o’-lantern’s face look even more sinister. The lid should be given a hole so that the heat from the candle flame can come out.

Today, Jack-o’-lantern pumpkins are often carved to look like the faces of famous people or cartoon characters.

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