Funny Chibi Coloring Pages Pdf

We have gathered a whole collection of chibi coloring pages. Chibi is a Japanese slang expression that means “small”. Any character from any cartoon or even a TV series can be a chibi. 

The word is even used to refer to small, dwarf animals and plants. Mostly small people or chibi babies are depicted with huge eyes. Get some markers and color them to your liking.

Printable Chibi Coloring Pages

Chibi is still a relatively unusual word in our peninsula, especially for those who have never heard of anime, manga, or Japanese comics and animation. 

Do you remember Chibiusa from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? Here you have the perfect example. Her name (chibi+Usa, i.e., little Usagi) and physical characteristics indicate precisely what we are talking about. 

This term is used in Japanese to indicate a small person or a person of small stature and generally refers to something small – yes, you who have a slight build, you’re also a little chibi!

Chibi designates a drawing among anime and manga fans where the character is in a “small” or “short” version compared to his original size. It is a deformed representation, in some ways, associated with caricature. 

The head is disproportionate to the body and is emphasized kawaii traits, “cute” in other words, the character illustrated. In the drawing, the chibi is sweet and tender, even when it has a macabre appearance.

Each artist has their style, and the character takes on the typical features of the pencil of the drawer. There are no particular secrets to making one: the central part is the lack of anatomically correct proportions. 

A chibi has a head much larger than the body, is usually chubby, and has very delicate features. The eyes are almost always wide open, huge and brightly colored. 

It is usually accompanied by small objects, with massive proportions compared to the body or pets, also “chibized”.

Whether chibi girl or chibi boy, these characters are very popular. They are, in fact, a must for the market, which takes advantage of the potential of the fresh and fun style that distinguishes them. 

Naruto, just for an example, has a spin-off, both manga and anime version, with chibi style characters, Rock Lee, the feats of a young ninja. 

In a word: small is beautiful – and sellable, especially to targets that would otherwise be excluded – and chibi characters certainly follow in this wake.

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