Free Printable Triceratops Coloring Pages Pdf

The Triceratops has made a place among coloring pages for children because kids love to draw and color prehistoric creatures. 

This colossal animal appears here in different postures and occupations, with or without other prehistoric animals by its side. Happy coloring.

Free Triceratops Coloring Pages

The Triceratops is one of the most famous specials that attracts young and old alike. 

It is a very easily recognizable animal in movies, cartoons, children’s toys, and no wonder since it was a very curious dinosaur. 

It had three horns on its head, which is why it is said that it was very similar to our rhinoceroses of today, and it also had a body shield located on its neck.

A body shield (like a kind of steering wheel) could have been a kind of armor in the face of possible enemies. Triceratops lived on Earth in the Late Cretaceous, making it one of the last dinos to inhabit the Earth.

Another characteristic of the Triceratops is that they had cheek pouches, probably created to easily chew the plants they ate, as opposed to being herbivorous animals. 

The Triceratops was first discovered in North America in 1887 and, although we know many things about them, unfortunately, there is still no complete skeleton available. 

The Triceratops may have been about 4 meters tall and 9 meters long, weighing about 7 tons, although there may have been specimens weighing up to 12 tons.

The Triceratops was a quadrupedal animal with four hooves on its hind legs and five on its front legs, as well as a beak-like snout with many rows of teeth… almost 40!

Download Triceratops Coloring Pages Pdf