Moose Coloring Pages For Kids (PDF Printable)

The moose is the largest of the deer; a family also represented in North America by elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer, and caribou. Get These big animals on the following coloring pictures below.

You can print then color them with your favorites. Moose have long, slender legs that end in forked hooves that are often more than 18 cm long.

Moose Coloring Pages

Facts About Moose

Its ears resemble those of the mule, although not as long. Under the throat of most moose, there is a dewlap of hairy skin that can be up to 30 cm long.

Moose are dark brown, almost black, to reddish-brown or greyish-brown in color, with grey or white gauntlets on their legs.

In late summer and fall, the adult bull moose has a vast plume, sometimes almost white, with a wingspan that is usually 120 to 150 cm from end to end but can sometimes exceed 180 cm.

The massive central poles, called staves, widen to form pallets that are crowned with several spikes that generally measure less than 30 cm.

Younger moose sometimes retain their antlers until April, but older moose usually lose them in November. For one-year-olds, the antlers are often simple daggers.

The following year they become larger and more branched, usually flattening at the ends. The new woods that grow each summer fall in the fall.

Moose are found on the forested, rocky slopes of the western mountain ranges, around half a million lakes, muskegs and streams in the vast boreal forest, and even on the tundra of northern Canada and the parklands of the Prairie provinces.

The moose tolerates cold very well but suffers from heat. During the summer, especially during mosquito season, they can spend several hours a day in the water.

Moose are very comfortable in the water. They sometimes dive 5.5 m or more to dig out plants from the bottom of a lake or pond, and can swim up to 19 km.

Of all North American deer, only the caribou is a more powerful swimmer. Early on, the calf can follow its mother swimming a long distance, occasionally placing its snout on its mother’s back for support.

When summer comes, moose decorate their menu with leaves, some upland plants, and large quantities of aquatic plants where they can be found.

The winter diet consists mainly of balsam fir, poplar, red and white dogwood, birch, willow, red maple, and Pennsylvania maple, but also small amounts of many other trees and shrubs.

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