Is Viking a Good Brand for Cookware? A Comprehensive Review

Viking is a name that comes with a lot of reputation and prestige in the world of cookware. If you are a cooking enthusiast, you have probably come across this brand while scouring online or browsing through kitchen supply stores. But is Viking a good brand for cookware? The answer is a resounding yes! This brand has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality, premium kitchenware to professional and home cooks alike.

The Viking brand is known for its quality construction and durability. Its cookware is designed to withstand the demands of even the most intensive cooking procedures. Whether you are making a simple omelet or a hearty stew, Viking cookware is built to last. Plus, it comes in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can find the perfect set to match your style and preferences.

If you are looking for cookware that can handle the heat, Viking is a brand that you can trust. Its products are designed with practicality and performance in mind. From the non-stick coating to the riveted handles, every aspect of Viking cookware has been carefully engineered to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. So, if you want a reliable and high-quality cooking experience, Viking is the brand for you.

Viking Cookware History

Viking Cookware is a brand of premium cookware that was established in 1987. The brand is a subsidiary of Viking Range Corporation, an American company that specializes in the manufacturing of high-end kitchen appliances. Viking Range Corporation was founded by Fred Carl Jr, a fourth-generation builder who wanted to create a range of kitchen appliances that combined functionality with style.

Viking Cookware prides itself on producing only the highest quality cookware, made from the finest materials and crafted by skilled artisans. Their range includes cookware products such as pots, pans, casserole dishes, and roasting pans, among others.

One of the reasons why Viking Cookware is so popular among home chefs and professional chefs alike is its durability. The brand uses materials that are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and are also scratch and chip-resistant. They also have a reputation for producing cookware that heats evenly and retains heat well, making it perfect for cooking a wide range of dishes.

The brand has also been recognized for its innovation in the kitchen industry. Viking was the first company to introduce the concept of a commercial-style range for use in home kitchens. This innovation paved the way for other companies to follow suit, and now commercial-style ranges are a common feature in high-end kitchens around the world.

In conclusion, Viking Cookware has built a legacy for itself as a top-tier brand in the cookware industry. With a focus on quality, durability, and innovation, it’s no wonder why this brand has remained so popular among home cooks and professional chefs for over three decades.

Types of Viking cookware

Viking is a well-established brand that produces a range of cookware for both professional chefs and home cooks. The Viking brand is known for its innovative and high-quality products that are built to last. In this article, we will explore the different types of Viking cookware on offer and what makes each of them unique.

  • Viking Stainless Steel Cookware: This is the most popular type of cookware produced by Viking. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures that it is durable and can last a long time. The Viking stainless steel cookware heats up quickly and evenly, which makes it perfect for cooking a wide range of dishes. The handles on the cookware are riveted to ensure they stay in place and do not become loose over time.
  • Viking Non-Stick Cookware: The Viking non-stick cookware is perfect for those who want to cook with less oil. The non-stick coating on the cookware ensures that food does not stick to the surface, which makes it easy to clean. This type of cookware is ideal for cooking items such as eggs, pancakes, and fish, which tend to stick to other types of cookware.
  • Viking Cast Iron Cookware: The Viking cast iron cookware is perfect for those who want to cook dishes that require high heat. The cookware is made of cast iron, which means it can handle high temperatures without warping or cracking. The Viking cast iron cookware is excellent for cooking stews, curries, and other types of slow-cooked dishes.

If you are looking for a specific type of cookware, Viking also produces a range of specialty cookware that is designed to meet specific cooking needs. For example, Viking produces a range of induction-compatible cookware that is perfect for those who have an induction cooktop. They also produce a range of cookware that is safe to use in the oven, which means you can cook dishes that require both high heat and low heat in the same pot or pan.

Viking Cookware Comparison Table

If you are trying to decide which type of Viking cookware to purchase, it can be helpful to compare the different types. The table below provides a comparison of the different types of Viking cookware based on their features and benefits.

Type of Cookware Material Heat Source Stove Compatibility Oven Safe
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, induction All stovetops Up to 500°F
Non-Stick Aluminum with non-stick coating Gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, induction All stovetops Up to 400°F
Cast Iron Cast Iron Gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, induction All stovetops Up to 500°F

No matter which type of Viking cookware you choose, you can be assured that you are getting a quality product that is built to last. Viking’s commitment to excellence and their innovative designs make their cookware a great investment for any home cook or professional chef.

Materials used in Viking cookware

When it comes to purchasing cookware, the materials used are an important factor to consider. Viking is a brand that prides itself on using high-quality materials in their cookware. Here are some of the materials used in Viking cookware:

  • Stainless Steel – Viking’s stainless steel cookware is made from a tri-ply construction, which means it has an aluminum core for even heat distribution, sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. This material is durable, easy to clean, and does not react with acidic foods, making it a popular choice for many home cooks.
  • Copper – Copper is an excellent heat conductor, which is why Viking uses it in their copper cookware. The copper is often paired with stainless steel for a sleek, modern look. However, copper cookware requires more maintenance and care than other materials due to its reactive nature.
  • Cast Iron – Viking’s cast iron cookware is made from high-quality materials and is designed to be both durable and versatile. Cast iron is an excellent material for searing and sautéing, and it can be used in the oven as well.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Now that you know the materials used in Viking cookware, it’s important to keep them in top condition. Here are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining your Viking cookware:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring pads as they can scratch the surface of the cookware.
  • Make sure to season your cast iron cookware regularly to prevent rusting and maintain its non-stick properties.

Comparison Table

If you’re still unsure about which material is right for your cooking needs, take a look at this table comparing the different materials used in Viking cookware:

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Stainless Steel Durable, easy to clean, does not react with acidic foods Not the best conductor of heat
Copper Excellent heat conductor, sleek look Reactive and requires more maintenance
Cast Iron Excellent for searing and sautéing, retains heat well Heavy and requires seasoning to prevent rusting

Overall, Viking cookware is a great brand to consider due to the high-quality materials they use and the variety of options available to suit your cooking needs.

Viking Cookware Warranty

When it comes to investing in cookware, you want to make sure that you are covered in case anything goes wrong with the product. Viking cookware understands this and offers a comprehensive warranty to ensure that customers can cook with confidence.

The Viking cookware warranty is as follows:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all stainless steel products
  • 10-Year limited warranty on all non-stainless steel products
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on all non-stick cookware

That’s an impressive guarantee that covers their products for life. The lifetime limited warranty on stainless steel products means that Viking believes their cookware will last for the long haul. Should you have any manufacturing defects, Viking will replace or repair the item for you. The 10-year limited warranty on non-stainless steel products means that you’ll have peace of mind for a decade to come.

If you’re purchasing non-stick cookware from Viking, you’ll be happy to know that it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Just note, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse of the product. So make sure to follow the care instructions given to you for each product and use it as intended for the warranty to apply.

Product Type Warranty
Stainless steel products Lifetime Limited Warranty
Non-stainless steel products 10-Year limited warranty
Non-stick cookware 1-Year Limited Warranty

The Viking cookware warranty gives customers the assurance they need when making a significant investment in their cookware. It shows that Viking stands behind their products and that they will be there to support their customers should anything go wrong. With this warranty, customers can have confidence that their cookware will last them for years to come.

Viking Cookware Prices

When it comes to investing in cookware, price is one of the crucial factors that customers consider. Viking offers a range of cookware products that cater to different budgets and preferences. Here are some of the different types of Viking cookware products and their corresponding prices:

  • Viking Contemporary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set – $449.99
  • Viking 5-Ply Professional Cookware Set – $749.99
  • Viking Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set – $399.99

As you can see, Viking cookware prices can range from mid-range to high-end, depending on the collection and set that you choose. However, customers can be assured that they are getting their money’s worth with Viking’s high-quality and durable cookware products.

Comparison with Other Brands

Compared to other high-end cookware brands, Viking’s prices are relatively competitive. For instance, All-Clad, one of Viking’s main competitors, offers a 10-piece stainless steel set for $1,199.99. While All-Clad is a premium brand in the cookware industry, Viking can offer similar quality at a more affordable price point.

Additionally, Viking’s cookware products offer a lifetime warranty, ensuring that customers can rely on their investment for years to come. This warranty also confirms Viking’s commitment to producing durable and sustainable cookware that customers can enjoy for a lifetime.

Factors Affecting Viking Cookware Prices

Several factors can influence Viking cookware prices. One of the main factors is the material used to make the cookware. Stainless steel is generally more expensive than aluminum, which is why Viking’s stainless steel sets tend to be pricier.

The size of the cookware and the number of pieces included in a set also affect Viking cookware prices. For example, a 3-piece set from Viking’s contemporary collection can cost around $400. Still, a 10-piece set from the same collection can cost upwards of $1,200.

Cookware Collection Range of prices
Contemporary Collection $400 – $1,200
5-Ply Professional Collection $750 – $1,500
Hard Anodized Nonstick Collection $400 – $600

Lastly, the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in the cookware manufacturing process can add to Viking cookware’s overall price. However, customers can rest assured that Viking’s price point is indicative of the high-quality and functionality of their products.

Overall, Viking cookware’s prices are competitive and reasonable compared to other high-end cookware brands. Investing in Viking cookware is a worthwhile decision for customers looking for durable, long-lasting, and functional cookware.

Customer Reviews of Viking Cookware

If you are in the market for new cookware, it is always helpful to know what other customers think about different brands and products. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most helpful customer reviews for Viking cookware:

  • “I absolutely love my Viking cookware. It heats evenly and is made with high-quality materials. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and durable set of pots and pans.” – Sarah T.
  • “I was hesitant to invest in Viking cookware because of the price, but it was worth every penny. The non-stick surface is amazing and cleanup is a breeze. I am very happy with my purchase.” – Jack S.
  • “I’ve had my Viking cookware for over five years now and it is still holding up strong. No scratches, no dents, and no peeling. I would definitely buy another set if I ever needed to.” – Emily G.

Viking Cookware Ratings

If you are interested in seeing how Viking cookware rates against other brands, here is a comparison table:

Brand Overall Rating (out of 5) Price Range
Viking 4.5 $$$
All-Clad 4.3 $$$$
Cuisinart 4.1 $$
T-fal 3.9 $

As you can see, Viking cookware is rated highly compared to other well-known brands and falls within the middle to high price range.

Where to Buy Viking Cookware

After deciding that Viking cookware is the brand you want to invest in, the next question is, where can you buy it? Viking cookware can be purchased at various retailers, including:

  • Amazon: This is perhaps the most popular online retailer to buy Viking cookware. They offer a wide range of products from Viking and often have exclusive discounts and bundles.
  • Williams-Sonoma: This retailer features top-quality cookware, and their selection of Viking products is no exception. They often have sales and discounts, especially during the holiday season.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: This store is a great place to go for all your kitchen and home essentials. They have a selection of Viking cookware at competitive prices.

Aside from these well-known retailers, some specialty kitchenware stores may carry Viking cookware. You can search for local stores on Viking’s official website to find a store near you.

It’s important to note that when purchasing Viking cookware, be cautious of counterfeit products. Always purchase from authorized retailers or directly from the Viking website to ensure you’re getting authentic, high-quality products.

Retailer Selection Price Range
Amazon Wide selection $$ – $$$$
Williams-Sonoma High-end selection $$$ – $$$$
Bed Bath & Beyond Budget-friendly selection $ – $$$

Overall, Viking cookware is a brand worth investing in, and you can find it in various retailers. Whether it’s online or in-store, take your time and do your research to ensure you’re getting the best deal for the authentic product.

Care and Maintenance of Viking Cookware

Investing in high-quality cookware such as Viking can be a fantastic choice for any home cook or professional chef. Not only do Viking cookware products offer superior durability and long-lasting performance, but they also add sophistication and style to any kitchen. However, to ensure that your Viking cookware continues to function optimally, it’s essential to take proper care of it.

Tips for Caring for Your Viking Cookware

  • Handwash your Viking cookware. While Viking cookware is dishwasher safe, it’s always better to handwash these products to prolong their lifespan. Use a soft sponge or cloth and avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the cooking surface. Additionally, avoid submerging your Viking cookware in cold water while it’s still hot, as this can lead to warping or cracking.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning agents. Viking cookware is designed to withstand heavy use, but that doesn’t mean you should use any old cleaning product on it. Avoid using harsh chemicals, such as bleach or oven cleaner, on your Viking cookware, as these can strip the coating or cause discoloration.
  • Season your Viking cookware. Viking cast iron cookware requires seasoning before use. This process involves coating the surface with a thin layer of oil and baking it in the oven. This creates a natural nonstick coating that will improve with use over time. Additionally, seasoning reduces the chances of rust and corrosion, which can damage your cookware.
  • Store your Viking cookware properly. To prevent scratches, stack your Viking cookware carefully, nesting smaller items inside larger ones. If you have limited storage space, consider using a hanging rack or wall-mounted shelf to keep your cookware easily accessible.
  • Replace damaged or worn-out cookware. Even the best-quality cookware won’t last forever. If you notice any damage to your Viking cookware, such as cracks, chips, or scratches, it’s time to retire it. Damaged cookware can be hazardous and can lead to uneven cooking or burnt food.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains from Your Viking Cookware

If you encounter stubborn stains or stuck-on food on your Viking cookware, there are a few things you can do before turning to harsh chemicals. One option is to fill the cookware with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. Bring the mixture to a boil, and then reduce the heat and let it simmer for a few minutes. This should loosen any debris and make it easier to clean. Alternatively, you can sprinkle baking soda or salt into the cookware and scrub gently with a soft sponge or brush.


With proper care and maintenance, Viking cookware products can last for years and prove to be a valuable investment for any home cook or professional chef. Remember to follow these tips when caring for your cookware, and replace any damaged or worn-out items promptly. This will ensure that your Viking cookware continues to perform optimally and look great in your kitchen.

Comparison of Viking cookware to other brands

When it comes to cookware, there are numerous brands out there, making it difficult to choose the best one for you. Viking cookware is one of the top brands in the market, and in this section, we will compare it to other popular brands.

  • All-Clad: All-Clad is known for its premium quality cookware, but it comes at a high price. Viking, on the other hand, offers a similar level of quality at a more affordable price.
  • Cuisinart: Cuisinart is a well-known brand that offers cookware at an affordable price point, but Viking surpasses it in terms of quality and durability.
  • Calphalon: Calphalon is another popular brand that is often compared to Viking cookware. While Calphalon offers a wider range of products, Viking cookware is known for its superior quality.

In terms of quality, Viking cookware is unmatched, with its heavy-duty construction, excellent heat distribution, and durable non-stick coatings. What sets Viking cookware apart from other brands is its patented multi-ply construction, which ensures even heat distribution throughout the pan.

If we look at the features of Viking cookware, we can see that it is far superior to other brands. Viking cookware comes with durable non-stick coatings, is dishwasher safe, and is compatible with all cooktops, including induction stovetops.

Features Viking Cookware All-Clad Cuisinart Calphalon
Construction Multi-ply construction for even heat distribution Triple-ply construction Triple-ply construction Hard anodized aluminum construction
Non-stick coating Durable non-stick coating Durable non-stick coating Durable non-stick coating Durable non-stick coating
Dishwasher Safe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cooktop Compatibility Compatible with all cooktops, including induction stovetops Compatible with all cooktops, including induction stovetops Compatible with all cooktops, including induction stovetops Compatible with all cooktops, including induction stovetops

In conclusion, Viking cookware is a superior brand compared to its competitors due to its high-quality construction, even heat distribution, and durable non-stick coatings. While other brands may offer similar features, Viking cookware is a better investment due to its long-lasting quality and affordability.

Best ways to use Viking cookware in the kitchen

When it comes to cooking, Viking cookware is a top choice for many home cooks and professional chefs alike. Not only is it durable and reliable, but it is also versatile and can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. Here are some of the best ways to use Viking cookware:

  • Stovetop cooking: Viking cookware is perfect for stovetop cooking, whether you are frying, boiling, simmering, or sautéing. The heavy bottom of Viking cookware ensures even heating and optimal cooking results.
  • Oven cooking: Viking cookware is also great for oven cooking, whether you are roasting, baking, or broiling. Its heat resistance makes it perfect for high-temperature cooking, and its durable construction allows it to go from stovetop to oven with ease.
  • Slow cooking: Viking cookware is ideal for slow cooking, whether you are braising, stewing, or making soups. Its heavy lid traps moisture and flavors, resulting in tender, flavorful dishes.

Caring for your Viking cookware

While Viking cookware is built to last, it is important to care for it properly to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips for caring for your Viking cookware:

  • Hand wash your cookware: While Viking cookware is dishwasher safe, hand washing is always the best option to prevent scratches and preserve the non-stick surface. Use a non-abrasive sponge and mild dish soap to clean your cookware.
  • Avoid metal utensils: To prevent scratches, use wooden, silicone, or nylon utensils when cooking with your Viking cookware.
  • Store properly: To prevent damage, store your Viking cookware with a felt or paper liner in between each piece.

Viking cookware options

Viking cookware comes in many different shapes and sizes to fit your cooking needs. Here are some of the most popular Viking cookware options:

Cookware Type Best Use
Skillet Frying and sautéing
Saucepan Simmering and boiling
Dutch oven Braising and slow cooking
Casserole dish Baking and roasting

No matter which type of Viking cookware you choose, it is sure to become a reliable and versatile tool in your kitchen.

Ready to Cook Like a Viking?

There you go, folks – our take on one of the most talked-about cookware brands around. We hope this article has helped you decide whether or not Viking is the right fit for you and your kitchen. As always, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We are committed to bringing you honest and objective reviews of the products we test. Be sure to check back soon for more exciting content!