Can You AFK Barbarian Fishing OSRS and What Are the Best Methods?

Are you tired of constantly being glued to your screen while fishing in Old School Runescape? What if I told you that you could still earn experience and catch fish while being away from your keyboard? Yes, you heard that right! Can you afk barbarian fishing OSRS? The answer is a resounding yes!

Fishing is an essential part of the OSRS game and is a good source of income for many players. However, it can be a tedious task that requires a lot of attention. That’s where barbarian fishing comes in. Barbarian fishing is a semi-afk method of fishing where players can catch both fish and strength experience at the same time. This method involves catching leaping fish in the Barbarian Outpost using a heavy-rod and bait. Once you catch the fish, you will earn experience and fish that can be sold or cooked for food.

So, put your feet up and relax while you fish with the barbarian method. It’s a great way to save time and still make progress in the game. Not only will you be able to gain experience and fish, but you’ll also be able to do other things while you’re at it. Whether you’re watching a movie or doing some house chores, barbarian fishing is a great way to multitask while playing Old School Runescape.

Introduction to Barbarian Fishing in OSRS

Fishing is one of the most useful skills in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It can be used for food, combat, and money-making. Barbarian Fishing is a great alternative method for gaining fishing XP, and it is also profitable.

Barbarian Fishing involves using special fishing techniques to catch Leaping Fish. These fish can be trained at Otto’s Grotto, which is located near the Barbarian Outpost. Players need at least level 48 Fishing, 15 Agility, and 35 Strength to start Barbarian Fishing.

  • Barbarian Fishing is a great way to train Fishing and Strength at the same time. You can also get some Agility XP while doing this method.
  • The fishing spot is located in Otto’s Grotto, which is in the members-only area near the Barbarian Outpost.
  • You can use many types of bait for Barbarian Fishing, including feathers, fishing bait, and fishing explosives.
Fishing Method Fishing Level Required XP per Catch Profit per Catch
Barbarian Fishing 48+ 80 300-500
Normal Fishing 1+ 50 60-80

Overall, Barbarian Fishing is a great alternative method for training Fishing. It is more profitable and faster than regular Fishing, and it also trains Strength and Agility. It is a good option for players who are looking to save time and make money while training their Fishing skill.

AFK Training Methods in OSRS

Old School RuneScape is known for its unique training system, where players can choose from various methods to train their skills. However, some players prefer to train their skills while they are away from their computer, which is where the concept of AFK training methods comes into play. In this article, we are going to focus on one of the most popular AFK training methods in OSRS: Barbarian Fishing.

Can You AFK Barbarian Fishing OSRS?

  • Yes, you can AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS, but it requires some preparation and attention.
  • To AFK Barbarian Fishing, you need to have level 15 Fishing, level 15 Agility, and completion of the Fishing Contest quest.
  • You also need to have the Barbarian Fishing rod and fishing bait in your inventory.

How to AFK Barbarian Fishing OSRS?

To AFK Barbarian Fishing, follow these steps:

  • Equip the Barbarian Fishing rod and have fishing bait in your inventory.
  • Go to the Barbarian Outpost, located northwest of Seers’ Village.
  • Find the fishing spot near the bank and start fishing for Leaping Trout, Leaping Salmon, and Leaping Sturgeon.
  • When you catch a fish, right-click on the fish and “Use” it on the nearby Firepit.
  • Continue fishing and cooking fish until your inventory is full or you need to restock on fishing bait.

AFK Barbarian Fishing OSRS Experience and Profit

AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS can be an efficient way to gain Fishing and Agility experience while earning some profit. The experience rates vary depending on your Fishing and Agility level and the type of Leaping fish you catch. Here is a table to help you understand the experience rates and profit potential:

Fish Type Experience per catch Profit per catch
Leaping Trout 50 130
Leaping Salmon 70 186
Leaping Sturgeon 80 630

A typical hour of AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS can yield around 25,000 Fishing and Agility experience along with a profit of 400,000 to 700,000 coins, depending on the current Grand Exchange prices of the Leaping fish.

How to AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS

Barbarian fishing in Old School RuneScape can be a profitable and semi-AFK method for fishing. To maximize your experience and gold per hour, follow these steps:

Set up your inventory and equipment

  • Equip a fishing rod and a set of barbarian fishing bait.
  • Bring an axe to cut down trees for bait when you run out.
  • Fill the rest of your inventory with food, such as lobsters or swordfish, to heal yourself when attacked by the aggressive leaping fish.

Choose your fishing spot

You can find barbarian fishing spots near Otto’s Grotto in the Ancient Cavern or in the Lake of Firefly southwest of Castle Wars. Both spots require completion of Barbarian Training to access. You may also need high combat stats to survive the aggressive leaping fish in the Ancient Cavern.

Start fishing and banking your catches

Click on the fishing spot to begin fishing. After a few seconds, you will catch a fish. Use the bait on the fishing spot to add bait to your rod. Repeat this until your rod runs out of bait or your inventory is full.

Fish Experience Price
Leaping trout 50 10
Leaping salmon 70 50
Leaping sturgeon 80 60

Bank your catches in a nearby bank or use the banker NPC in Otto’s Grotto to deposit your fish and bait. Repeat until you reach your desired fishing level or gold goal.

Benefits of AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS

Fishing is a popular pastime in the game of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), and one of the most popular methods of fishing is known as barbarian fishing. This method is advantageous over other methods of fishing as it allows players to fish more efficiently and gain more experience points while being AFK (away from keyboard). Below are some of the benefits of AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS:

  • Increased Experience Gains: Barbarian fishing involves using a heavy rod and fishing bait to catch leaping fish that grant more experience points than other fish. By AFK fishing with this method, players can maximize their experience gains while not having to actively pay attention to the game.
  • Efficient Use of Time: While AFK barbarian fishing, players can complete other tasks while still gaining experience points. This is particularly useful for players who have limited time to play, as they can leave their character fishing while they attend to real-life obligations.
  • Avoidance of Tedium: Fishing can be a repetitive and boring task in the game, but by AFK fishing with the barbarian fishing method, players can reduce the tedium of continuously clicking and waiting for a catch to occur.

Maximizing Experience Points with AFK Barbarian Fishing

To gain the most experience points from AFK barberian fishing, players can follow the method outlined below:

1. Equip a heavy rod and fishing bait.

2. Stand near Otto’s Grotto in the Barbarian Village.

3. Click on the fishing spot and then click on the “leaping fish” option.

4. Every 5 minutes, the leaping fish will stop biting. When this happens, click the fishing spot again to resume catching leaping fish.

Leaping Fish Fishing Level Required Experience Gained
Leaping Trout 48 15
Leaping Salmon 58 30
Leaping Sturgeon 70 45

Fishing with the AFK barbarian fishing method can not only save time, but it can also maximize experience gains for players in OSRS. By using this method, players can efficiently train their fishing skill while being able to attend to other tasks.

Risks of AFK Training in OSRS

While AFK training can be a convenient way to level up your character in Old School RuneScape, it comes with its fair share of risks. Here are some of the potential downsides to AFK fishing in OSRS:

  • Bots: AFK training is a prime target for bots, which are programs that play the game for you. Bots can steal your fish and ruin your gains, not to mention they’re against the rules.
  • Aggression: If you AFK near aggressive monsters, you could find yourself under attack and quickly killed while browsing online or watching a movie.
  • Bad Connections: If your internet connection goes down, you could end up losing valuable items or experience points.

Lack of Engagement

One of the biggest risks of AFK training is the lack of engagement it provides. Playing OSRS is supposed to be a fun and engaging experience, but if you’re just setting up your character to grind without much interaction, you might find yourself getting bored quickly.

Additionally, if you’re not paying attention, you might miss out on important opportunities to level up your skills. For example, if you don’t notice that you’ve leveled up, you won’t be able to allocate any new points and increase your abilities.

Benefits are Limited

While AFK fishing can be a convenient way to raise your Fishing level, it’s not particularly effective in terms of earning gold or catching rare fish. It’s also not as effective as actively training your Fishing skill, as well as other skills associated with fishing, such as Strength and Agility. In essence, AFK fishing only provides a limited benefit compared to active training.

AFK Fishing Method Experience per Hour Gold per Hour
Barbarian Fishing ~45,000 ~50,000
Sharks (Active Fishing) ~35,000 ~200,000

As seen in the table above, while AFK fishing can provide decent experience points and some gold, it is still less effective than actively fishing for certain rare fish like sharks.

Alternatives to AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS

Barbarian fishing is a popular AFK method in Old School RuneScape to level up both Fishing and Strength skills, but it does have its downsides. For players who prefer a more engaging and interactive gameplay experience, there are several alternatives worth considering. Here are six alternatives to AFK barbarian fishing in OSRS:

  • 3-tick Fishing: This method involves actively clicking on the fishing spot every 3 game ticks (1.8 seconds) to catch fish faster than conventional fishing. It requires more attention and practice, but can yield significantly more experience and profit.
  • Fishing Trawler: This minigame can be played in Port Khazard and rewards players with Fishing experience and various fish as they assist the crew in catching fish while keeping the boat afloat. It requires teamwork and coordination, and can be a fun and challenging alternative to traditional fishing methods.
  • Leaping Fish: This activity involves catching various types of fish using a barbarian rod with feathers and bait. It requires more attention than barbarian fishing, but can yield up to 70,000 experience per hour and some valuable fish such as the Leaping sturgeon.
  • Minnow Fishing: This method requires completion of the Fishing Contest quest and can only be done in the Fishing Guild. Players use a small fishing net to catch minnows, which can then be traded for raw sharks or experience in the Fishing skill. It is a less intensive activity than barbarian fishing, but still requires focus and attention.
  • Fishing Skillcape: Once players reach level 99 in Fishing, they can purchase the Fishing cape from Master fisher, giving them access to the Fishing guild without the need of a fishing potion or 68 Fishing and 5 Strength to enter. Not only does it look cool, but it also gives a +1 boost to all combat stats, unlimited teleports to Otto’s Grotto, and a chance not to consume bait when fishing.
  • Fishing for Quests: Fishing is a very versatile skill that is required or recommended for a variety of quests in OSRS. By focusing on fishing for quests, players can both level up their Fishing skill and gain rewards such as experience lamps, quest points, and unique items. Some recommended quests for fishing include Swan Song, Heroes’ Quest, and Dragon Slayer II.

Best Time to AFK Barbarian Fishing in OSRS

Barbarian fishing in OSRS allows players to fish for both trout and salmon at the same time while also providing strength and agility experience, making it a popular training method. However, it also requires occasional attention to drop the fish caught and reset the fishing spot. For players looking to AFK, choosing the best time to do so can be crucial. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Location: The location of the fishing spot can affect the amount of attention required while AFK. The spots located in the western part of the Barbarian Outpost have a higher chance of getting you attacked by the barbarians, requiring you to eat food or click back to your fishing spot. On the other hand, the spots located in the eastern part of the outpost are more peaceful, increasing the chances of fishing uninterrupted.
  • Time of Day: The time of day can also affect the amount of attention required to AFK fish. The peak hours for OSRS players is typically between 5pm and 11pm GMT, which can result in more competition for fishing spots and a higher chance of getting attacked by other players or barbarians. In contrast, fishing during off-peak hours can provide a more peaceful and uninterrupted experience.
  • Personal Schedule: Players should also consider their own schedule when choosing the best time to AFK fish. If you’re likely to be interrupted by real-life events, it may be wise to choose a time slot that allows you to pay more attention to the game, while still giving you the opportunity to train your fishing in a meaningful way.
  • Availability of Resources: The availability of food or other supplies can affect the AFK time as well. Running out of food while AFK can result in unplanned interruptions while fishing. Ensuring that you have enough resources before settling in for an AFK session can allow you to maximize your time spent training, and minimize disruptions caused by a lack of supplies.
  • Activity Timer: The activity timer in OSRS can be another factor to consider when determining the best time to AFK fish. The timer is a measure of how much activity you’ve had in a certain period of time and can affect the frequency of the attacks by barbarians. If the timer is getting close to zero, it may be wise to pay more attention to the game in order to avoid being attacked and to maximize your AFK time.
  • Goal: Finally, players should consider their own goals when determining the best time to AFK fish. If you’re trying to maximize your experience gains and are willing to pay more attention to the game, fishing during peak hours or in the western part of the outpost may provide more fish caught per hour. If your goal is to be more AFK, fishing during off-peak hours or in the eastern part of the outpost may allow you to train without having to pay as much attention to the game.

Ultimately, the best time to AFK fish in OSRS will depend on a variety of factors, including personal preference, schedule, goals, and available resources. By considering these factors, and choosing the time and location that best suits your needs, you can maximize your time spent training and work towards achieving your overall goals in the game.

Can You AFK Barbarian Fishing OSRS? FAQs

1. Can I AFK barbarian fishing OSRS with a low fishing level?

Yes, you can. However, the higher your fishing level is, the faster your experience gain will be, and the longer you can AFK.

2. How long can I AFK barbarian fishing OSRS?

You can AFK for up to 5 minutes before you stop fishing. After that, you will need to re-click on the fishing spot.

3. Do I need any specific equipment to AFK barbarian fishing OSRS?

No, you don’t. However, having a high fishing level, wearing weight-reducing gear, and having a knife in your inventory can help enhance your experience.

4. Is AFK barbarian fishing OSRS profitable?

Yes, it is. You can catch valuable fish such as salmon and trout, as well as unique items like the Heron pet.

5. Can I AFK barbarian fishing OSRS while doing something else?

Yes, you can. As long as you have a stable internet connection and can re-click on the fishing spot every 5 minutes.

6. Is AFK barbarian fishing OSRS against the rules?

No, it is not. However, using third-party software to AFK is against the rules and can result in a ban.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading this article about AFK barbarian fishing on OSRS. Now that you know the basics, you can start training your fishing skill while doing something else. Remember to keep checking on your character every 5 minutes to maintain the AFK process. Happy fishing, and come back soon for more OSRS insights.