who should use a weak golf grip

Benefits of a Weak Golf Grip

Golf is a game of precision, power, and perfect timing. To perfect your play, you must master every aspect of the game, including your grip. While there’s no one-size-fits-all grip, a weak golf grip is an excellent choice for certain players. A weak grip is a grip that does not have a tight hold on the club handle. Instead, the club feels loose in your hands. A weak golf grip can offer the following benefits:

  • Greater Flexibility: With a weak golf grip, your hands, wrists, and forearms are more flexible. This flexibility is crucial for players with less body strength, as they can develop more clubhead speed by using a weak grip.
  • Increased Clubface Control: A weak golf grip also gives you better control over the clubface throughout your swing. By keeping the clubface square, you’ll prevent slicing or hooking the ball, which can be a common problem with a strong grip.
  • Better Accuracy: A weak golf grip can help you hit straighter shots more consistently. As a result, you can improve your accuracy and reduce your handicap quickly.