Who Poisoned the Commander in The 100? Exploring the Suspects

The shocking death of the commander in The 100 has left fans wondering: who poisoned the beloved leader? The commander had been a central figure in the series and fans were devastated by her sudden demise. Many theories have been circulating about who could be responsible for her death, with some even suggesting that it could have been one of the main characters.

The commander was one of the most intriguing characters in The 100. She was known for her wisdom, courage and unwavering leadership skills. Her death was a shock to everyone, and it left many questions unanswered. Fans want to know who could have possibly poisoned such a respected figure, and why. Some have speculated that it was the work of an external enemy or that there was an internal power struggle that led to a deadly conclusion.

As fans continue to try and piece together the puzzle, one thing is for sure- the commander’s death has left a void in the show that will be hard to fill. Her character brought depth and meaning to the series, and her leadership will be sorely missed. Fans of The 100 are left eagerly anticipating the next episode, wondering if the truth behind the commander’s poisoning will finally be revealed.

The 100 TV Series

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi television series that premiered in 2014. It was based on the book series written by Kass Morgan. The plot revolves around the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse, who are forced to live in space for nearly a century. When their resources start depleting, they decide to send 100 delinquent teenagers to Earth to see if it’s habitable. The series has garnered a dedicated fan base since its debut, with viewers enjoying a rich, complex storyline, and interesting characters.

Who Poisoned the Commander in The 100?

  • The commander’s death was one of the most shocking moments in The 100. The commander was a pivotal character on the show, serving as the leader of the Grounders and a vital ally to the main cast.
  • There were several suspects in the poisoning of the commander, including Ontari, Roan, and Echo. Ontari was a Nightblood who was being groomed to become the next commander, but her unstable personality made her a likely suspect. Roan was another prominent Grounder who had a complicated relationship with the commander, while Echo was a former member of the Ice Nation with ties to Roan.
  • Ultimately, it was revealed that Ontari was the one who poisoned the commander. She did so to solidify her position as the next commander and to ensure that her Nightblood status remained a secret. This act ultimately led to the destruction of the Flame, the device containing the memories of all the previous commanders, and triggered a catastrophic event that threatened the survival of all humanity.

Themes in The 100

The 100 deals with several themes that are relevant to today’s world. One of the primary themes is the idea of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The show explores what it takes to survive in a world where resources are scarce, and people’s morality is often compromised in the pursuit of survival.

Another theme that is explored is the idea of moral ambiguity. The show blurs the lines between good and evil, with characters often making difficult choices that have severe repercussions. The audience is forced to question what they would do in a similar situation.

The Future of The 100

The 100 has been renewed for its seventh season, which will also be its final season. Fans are eagerly anticipating the show’s return to see how the series will wrap up. The show’s creator, Jason Rothenberg, has promised that the final season will be an epic conclusion to the series, with several surprises in store for fans.

Season Episodes Original Air Date
Season 1 13 March 19, 2014 – June 11, 2014
Season 2 16 October 22, 2014 – March 11, 2015
Season 3 16 January 21, 2016 – May 19, 2016
Season 4 13 February 1, 2017 – May 24, 2017
Season 5 13 April 24, 2018 – August 7, 2018
Season 6 13 April 30, 2019 – August 6, 2019
Season 7 TBA May 20, 2020 (upcoming)

The 100 has come a long way since its debut. It has garnered a dedicated fan base, explored several complex themes, and featured numerous memorable characters. As the series comes to an end, fans can look forward to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion in the seventh and final season.

Commander’s Death

The death of the Commander, also known as Lexa, was a pivotal moment in the post-apocalyptic world of “The 100”. Lexa was the leader of the Grounders, a fierce tribe of survivors who were the enemies of the Sky People. However, Lexa started to forge an alliance with the Sky People to face a common enemy – the Mountain Men. Just when it seemed that peace was possible and a new world order could be established, Lexa was poisoned.

  • The prime suspect: The main suspect in Lexa’s poisoning was her own advisor and confidant, Titus. He was seen pouring a suspicious liquid into Lexa’s drink moments before her collapse. Titus had his reasons for wanting Lexa dead – he believed that she was making a mistake by forming an alliance with the Sky People and that she was betraying the Grounders.
  • The motive: Titus was not the only one who had a motive to kill Lexa. The Sky People had their own reasons for wanting her dead. One of their leaders, Pike, had a personal vendetta against the Grounders and was vehemently opposed to the alliance. The Sky People were also suspicious of Lexa’s true intentions and believed that she might betray them in the future.
  • The aftermath: Lexa’s death had far-reaching consequences. It not only shattered the fragile alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People but also left a power vacuum among the Grounders. A new leader, Ontari, emerged, who was even more ruthless than Lexa. The Sky People, on the other hand, had to face the repercussions of their actions and learn to live with the consequences of their mistrust of Lexa.

The mystery of who exactly poisoned Lexa may never be fully solved. However, her death brought to light the complex political intrigue and power struggles that existed in the post-apocalyptic world of “The 100”. It was a stark reminder that even in a world where survival is the primary concern, human greed, ambition, and mistrust can still be major obstacles to achieving peace and prosperity.

Suspects Motive Opportunity
Titus Believed Lexa was betraying the Grounders Seen pouring suspicious liquid into Lexa’s drink
Sky People Suspicion of Lexa’s true intentions Had access to Lexa’s drink and surroundings
Other Grounders Unknown Unknown

Ultimately, the death of the Commander was a tragic event that sent shockwaves throughout the “The 100” universe. It raised important questions about trust, loyalty, and the lengths that people will go to protect their own interests. It also served as a reminder that even in times of crisis, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching consequences for the world around them.

Who killed the commander?

The CW’s sci-fi drama series, The 100, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns. One of the major plot twists that shocked fans in Season 3 was the death of Commander Lexa. The commander, who was hailed as the most progressive leader of the Grounder clans, was killed by a bullet that was meant for Clarke.

  • Titus, the advisor to the commander, is responsible for killing Lexa. He did it to prevent her from forming an alliance with the Sky People, which he believed would weaken the Grounders. Titus was determined to keep the Grounders’ cultural traditions alive and viewed the Sky People as a threat to their way of life.
  • Some fans speculate that ALIE, the rogue artificial intelligence program, was responsible for Lexa’s death. ALIE had been manipulating people’s minds to create an army of drones to execute her will. ALIE had also wanted to eliminate any threat to her plan, and the commander was one such obstacle. However, this theory is not well-supported, and there is no concrete evidence in the series that points to ALIE’s involvement in Lexa’s death.
  • An accidental misfire is another possible explanation for the commander’s death. Titus had hesitated for a moment before pulling the trigger, and the gun might have gone off in an unintended direction. However, this theory is unlikely because the bullet was a clean shot to the commander’s heart.

Regardless of who exactly killed the commander, Lexa’s death was a turning point in the series. Her death affected not only Clarke, who was her lover, but also the larger world of the show. It showed that no character is safe, and even the most powerful can fall to the most unexpected circumstances.

Possible Killer Why?
Titus Believed that forming an alliance with the Sky People would weaken the Grounders’ cultural traditions
ALIE Wanted to eliminate any threat to her plan for world domination
Accidental Misfire Possible, but unlikely given the clean shot to the heart

In conclusion, while the exact details regarding who killed the commander may be debatable, there is no doubt that her death was a major event in The 100’s universe. Her death changed the course of the series and left many fans reeling with shock and grief.

Poisoning in the 100

Poisoning has been a significant plot device in The 100. From the early seasons, we saw characters getting poisoned to death. The commander’s poisoning was a pivotal moment in the plot, leaving viewers wondering who was responsible for it.

Why Poisoning is Significant in The 100?

  • Poisoning is a subtle way to kill a person, making it easier to get away with murder in a post-apocalyptic society where law and order are weak.
  • Poison can be a strategic weapon in a war where killing a leader can lead to chaos and disruption in the enemy camp.
  • Poisoning is a common method of execution in the Grounder’s culture, where death by combat or hanging are also prevalent.

Who Could Have Poisoned the Commander in The 100?

There are numerous suspects who could have poisoned the commander in The 100. Here are a few contenders:

  • Echo – As a spy for the Azgeda clan, Echo had access to the commander’s chambers. She was also shown to have a vial of poison at one point in the show.
  • Raven – As the chief mechanic in the Sky People’s camp, Raven had the expertise to concoct a lethal poison. She also had a motive as she blamed the commander for killing her ex-boyfriend, Finn.
  • Ontari – As the self-proclaimed commander of Azgeda, Ontari had a vested interest in eliminating the competition. She was also shown to be ruthless and cunning throughout the show, making her a prime suspect.

The Types of Poisons Used in The 100

The types of poisons used in The 100 varied from herbal remedies to chemical compounds. Below is a table of some of the poisons used in the show:

Poison Type Example Effects
Herbal Jobi Nuts Induces hallucinations and eventually death
Chemical Hydrazine Gas Lethal inhalation poison causing respiratory failure and death
Bacteriological Zoe’s Virus Infectious virus causing rapid death in its host

Poisoning is a recurring theme in The 100 and an effective tool in the hands of its characters. Who poisoned the commander remains a mystery, but it’s another testimony to the show’s ability to keep its viewers guessing until the last moment.

Characters from the 100

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series that aired on The CW from 2014 to 2020. The show revolves around a group of 100 adolescent prisoners who are sent from an orbiting space station, called the Ark, back to Earth to see if the planet is habitable again after a nuclear apocalypse. In their journey, they encounter various challenges, including mysterious attacks, mutated animals, and warring factions vying for power.

  • Clarke Griffin: She is the main protagonist of the series. Clarke is a natural leader, strategic thinker, and is very empathetic towards her friends and loved ones. She takes a lot of risks and often has to make tough decisions that put her in difficult situations.
  • Bellamy Blake: He is Clarke’s best friend and also one of the main characters of the show. Bellamy is initially portrayed as selfish and only cares about his own survival. However, he undergoes a transformation and becomes more compassionate towards his fellow survivors.
  • Octavia Blake: Bellamy’s sister who was hidden from the Ark’s authorities for her entire life. She is skilled in combat and learns to adapt to the new world, eventually becoming a warrior and commander in her own right.
  • Commander Lexa: She is the leader of the Grounders, a society of people who survived the apocalypse on Earth. Lexa is a skilled fighter and diplomat, and often puts the needs of her people above her own personal desires.
  • Abby Griffin: Clarke’s mother and a medical doctor. She is one of the key players in the Ark’s leadership, and often has to make difficult decisions about resource allocation and strategy.

The poisoning of the Commander in The 100 is a crucial plot twist in season 3, which leaves fans wondering who the culprit is. The table below shows the major characters who may have had motives to poison Lexa:

Character Motive Means
Roan Wants to become King of the Grounders Cuts his hand before shaking Lexa’s
Emerson Seeks revenge for Mount Weather destruction Steals a vial of deadly poison from the lab
Titus Believes Lexa is betraying the traditions of the Flame Has access to the poison as a former Flamekeeper
Luna Disagrees with Lexa’s decisions in the Conclave Unlikely, as she is not present at the ceremony

Ultimately, it is revealed that the Commander was poisoned by Titus, who intended to kill her to prevent her from making a deal with the Sky People. This tragic event sets off a chain of events that leads to Clarke becoming the new Commander and making difficult choices that affect the fate of all the characters in The 100.

Investigations in the 100

The Commander’s poisoning in the 100 was one of the biggest mysteries in the show and it had fans scratching their heads trying to figure out who did it. With so many suspects and motives in play, it was difficult for the characters to pinpoint the exact culprit. Here is what we know about the investigations in the 100:

  • The first suspect was the Queen of Ice Nation, Nia. She was the Commander’s biggest political rival and had a motive to kill him. However, her alibi checked out and it was revealed that she was not responsible for the poisoning.
  • Lexa, the Commander’s protege and eventual successor, became a prime suspect due to her close relationship with the Commander and her opportunity to poison him. But as the investigation progressed, it was revealed that she did not have any motive to kill him.
  • The Sky People, who had a complicated relationship with the Grounders, were also investigated for the poisoning. However, they were not capable of obtaining the rare poison used in the assassination.

Ultimately, it was discovered that the true culprit behind the poisoning was Titus, the Commander’s advisor and protector. He saw Lexa’s compassion for the Sky People as a weakness and believed that the only way to protect the Grounders was to have a Commander who was ruthless and uncompromising. His plan backfired when he realized how much he had underestimated Lexa’s strength and love for her people. The resulting conflict led to his own demise.

The Poison Used

The poison used in the assassination was one of the deadliest toxins known to the 100 universe. It was made from a rare plant that only grows in a specific region, and its extraction process is highly dangerous. The plant is named Cerberus Flower, a beautiful but deadly flora that extracts a highly potent neurotoxin called Colchicine. Ingestion of this poison can cause paralysis and death within hours, which makes it a perfect weapon for political assassination.

Plant Name Plant Species Toxin Name Toxicity Level
Cerberus Flower Symplocarpus Colchicine Highly Toxic

The use of Cerberus Flowers as a poison was a gutsy move from the show’s writers, as it shows the depth and complexity of the world they created. It also added an extra layer of intrigue and suspense to the series, making it one of the most memorable moments in the show’s history.

Plot Twists in The 100

The 100 series is known for its unpredictable storyline filled with unexpected twists and turns. Throughout its six seasons, the show has left viewers on the edge of their seats with various unpredictable plot twists that caught both fans and critics off guard. Here are seven significant plot twists in The 100 that left fans in shock.

  • The Commander’s Poisoning: The Commander of the Grounders, Lexa, was a beloved character and leader, whom viewers were rooting for. In season three, her sudden death from a gunshot was already shocking. However, what made it even worse was that she was poisoned, which was discovered later in the series. It was later revealed that Titus, her advisor, was the one who poisoned her drink with AI technology, leading to her tragic and untimely death.
  • The Time Jump: At the end of season four, the world was ending, and it seemed like the end for most of the characters. In a surprising move, the showrunner implemented a six-year time jump, which changed the entire course of the show. The characters, including Clarke and Bellamy, went through significant transformations during the hiatus and moved on from their former selves. When the show rebooted, it was an entirely different series with the same beloved characters we’ve grown to love.
  • Clarke kills Finn: In season two, a significant plot twist involved the killing of Finn, a beloved character feared dead, but it was Clarke who pulled the trigger. The event was sudden, and this made it one of the show’s most unexpected deaths. In many ways, Finn’s death was the first significant event that made the viewers realize how brutal and unforgiving the show could be.
  • Mount Weather Betrayal: At the beginning of the second season, the characters discovered that they were not alone on Earth and that there were other survivors living underground at Mount Weather. However, as they got to know the inhabitants of Mount Weather, they realized that they had a dark secret. They were using the Grounders for their blood to survive the radiation outside, which represented the show’s most significant betrayal twist.
  • ALIE’s Powers: The concept of ALIE, an Artificial Intelligence interface, was introduced in the third season, which runs the society on nuclear fallout. ALIE’s powers were enormous and terrifying. Her primary objective was to “make life better” and eliminate pain from the world by controlling people’s minds and making them believe a select number of individuals were the only ones left on earth. This made the series chilling and intense, bringing the post-apocalyptic world to life.
  • Octavia turns into Blodreina: Octavia’s transition from a sweet and innocent girl to a ruthless war dictator was a significant plot twist in the series. What made it even more shocking was that the disastrous change occurred in just six years. Octavia turned into Blodreina, the Red Queen, after leading her people through years of hardship, becoming one of the most memorable and influential characters in the series.
  • Bellamy’s Betrayal: Throughout the series, Bellamy was Clarke’s steadfast ally and loyal friend. However, in the sixth season plot twist, he turned against her and joined the villains. Bellamy was seduced by the notion of bringing peace to the universe, even if it required making the most unimaginable sacrifices.

The 100 has proved to be one of the most shocking and unpredictable series in recent years, with each season promising new plot twists and turns. These unexpected developments have kept the show fans interested and on their toes, making it one of the best sci-fi TV series of the decade.

FAQs about Who Poisoned the Commander in The 100

1. Who is the commander in The 100?

The commander in The 100 is the leader of the Grounders, a group of people who live on Earth after a nuclear apocalypse.

2. When was the commander poisoned in The 100?

The commander was poisoned in the third season of The 100, in the episode titled “Thirteen.”

3. Who poisoned the commander in The 100?

The commander in The 100 was poisoned by Ontari, who was being manipulated by ALIE, an artificial intelligence.

4. Why did Ontari poison the commander in The 100?

Ontari poisoned the commander in The 100 because ALIE had convinced her that becoming the commander would give her power and control over the Grounders.

5. Did the commander die from being poisoned in The 100?

Yes, the commander died from being poisoned in The 100. The poisoning led to the end of the Grounder nation as they knew it.

6. Was Ontari punished for poisoning the commander in The 100?

Ontari faced consequences for her actions, but ultimately was killed by Clarke in a struggle for the flame, the device that holds the memories of all the previous commanders.

7. How did the poisoning of the commander affect The 100 storyline?

The poisoning of the commander in The 100 set off a chain of events that would lead to the end of ALIE’s control over the characters and the introduction of a new villain. It also affected the relationships between the Grounders and the Sky People.

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