Unveiling the Truth: Who Owns Uplands Golf Course?

Nestled in the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains near the city of Claremont is the picturesque Uplands Golf Course. It’s well-known both locally and nationally for its unique layout, challenging course, and stunning scenery. But have you ever wondered who owns Uplands Golf Course and how it came to be? Well, buckle up, because I’ve got some fascinating history and facts about this iconic golfing destination.

The Uplands Golf Course was initially owned by a man named C.W. Harvey, who purchased 150 acres of land in 1924 with a vision of creating a world-class golf course. With the help of renowned golf course architect Willie Watson, Harvey turned his dream into a reality, and Uplands Golf Course opened its doors to the public in 1927. Being situated on the Mountain Loop makes it an ideal location for golf enthusiasts of all levels, and the course’s unique design has attracted countless golfers over the years.

In 2006, the City of Claremont took ownership of Uplands Golf Course after it had fallen into disrepair. The city’s primary goal was to restore the course to its former glory and turn the operations over to a private company. Today, the course is managed by CourseCo, a California-based management, and consulting firm. They’ve invested millions into the course, making it one of the most sought-after golfing destinations in Southern California. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Uplands Golf Course is the perfect place to perfect your skills and enjoy a day in the great outdoors.

The History of Uplands Golf Course

Uplands Golf Course is an exclusive golf club located in Victoria, Canada. It is situated on the traditional lands of the Lekwungen-speaking people, now known as the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations. The course is widely considered to be among the most prestigious in British Columbia and has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s.

The Uplands Golf Club was founded in 1922 by a group of prominent businessmen, including Robert Dunsmuir, Jr., who inherited his father’s massive coal fortune. Dunsmuir enlisted the services of golf course architect William G. Robinson to help design the course. Robinson was a well-known architect who had worked on several notable courses, including Cypress Point in California and Capilano in Vancouver.

The course officially opened on August 4, 1922, and quickly became a favorite among Victoria’s elite. It was designed as a members-only club, and only the wealthiest and most influential members of society were allowed to play there. In fact, membership was so exclusive that there were even rumors of the club rejecting applications from members of British royalty.

  • In the early years, the course was relatively short, measuring just over 5,000 yards. Over time, it has undergone several renovations and expansions, including a major redesign by prominent golf course architect A.V. Macan in the 1940s.
  • Throughout its history, Uplands Golf Course has hosted several high-profile golf tournaments, including the Canadian Open in 1948, 1971, and 1980. The course is known for its challenging layout, which includes tight fairways, small greens, and numerous water hazards.
  • In recent years, the Uplands Golf Course has faced some challenges, including declining membership and a push by some members to sell the property to developers for residential real estate. However, the club has remained committed to preserving the land and maintaining the course for future generations to enjoy.

Today, Uplands Golf Course stands as a testament to the rich history of golf in Canada and its ties to the country’s past. It continues to attract golfers from around the world, who come to experience its challenging layout and stunning natural beauty.

Overall, the Uplands Golf Course has played an important role in shaping the culture of golf in Canada. It has hosted countless tournaments, provided an exclusive gathering place for some of the country’s most influential people, and served as a sanctuary for golfers looking for a challenging, yet rewarding, round of golf. As such, it deserves its place among the top golf courses in not only Canada, but the world.

Uplands Golf Course Ownership Changes

Over the years, the ownership structure of Uplands Golf Course has undergone several changes. Some of the key changes are discussed below:

Changes in ownership structure

  • The Uplands Golf Course was originally built in 1922 and owned by the Uplands Golf Club. It operated as a members-only course until the late 1970s.
  • In 1978, the course was sold to a private owner, who opened it up for public play.
  • In 1990, the course was sold again, this time to a group of investors, who formed the Uplands Golf Club Limited Partnership. This ownership group invested heavily in the course, adding new facilities and improving the overall experience for golfers.
  • In 2018, the course was sold once more, this time to a local developer, who had plans to convert the land into a residential development. However, these plans were met with strong opposition from the local community, and the property remains a golf course to this day.

Impact of ownership changes on Uplands Golf Course

Each change in ownership has brought about its own set of challenges and opportunities for Uplands Golf Course. For example, the sale to the Uplands Golf Club Limited Partnership in 1990 allowed for significant investments in the course’s facilities, including the construction of a new clubhouse and the installation of an irrigation system.

On the other hand, the potential sale for development in 2018 was met with concern from the community, who valued the course as an important green space in the area. This sparked a conversation about the importance of preserving green spaces and community assets.

Current ownership and future plans

As of now, the Uplands Golf Course is owned by a group of local investors, who have expressed a commitment to preserving the course as a green space for the community. They have also made efforts to improve the sustainability of the course, through measures like reducing water usage and naturalizing areas of the course.

Ownership Group Year
Uplands Golf Club 1922-1978
Private owner 1978-1990
Uplands Golf Club Limited Partnership 1990-2018
Local developer 2018-2019
Local investors 2019-present

The current ownership group plans to continue investing in the course and preserving it for future generations to enjoy.

Current Owner of Uplands Golf Course

The current owner of Uplands Golf Course is the District of Oak Bay, a municipality located in the southern part of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The District of Oak Bay acquired the golf course from the Uplands Golf Club in 2014 for $5.4 million CAD. Prior to the acquisition, the Uplands Golf Club was a private members-only golf club that had been in operation since 1927.

  • The acquisition of the Uplands Golf Course by the District of Oak Bay was a controversial topic at the time, as the Uplands Golf Club had been a part of the Oak Bay community for almost a century. However, the golf course was facing financial difficulties, and the Oak Bay community was concerned about the future of the land if it were to be sold to a private developer.
  • Since the acquisition, the District of Oak Bay has invested in major renovations to the golf course facilities and infrastructure. These renovations have included a new irrigation system, clubhouse upgrades, and improvements to the golf course itself.
  • In recent years, there have been discussions within the Oak Bay community about the future of the Uplands Golf Course. Some members of the community have proposed alternative uses for the land, such as a public park or housing development. However, the District of Oak Bay has stated that they are committed to keeping the Uplands Golf Course as a golf course, and that they believe it is an important part of the Oak Bay community.

Ownership History of Uplands Golf Course

The history of ownership of Uplands Golf Course dates back to 1927, when the golf course was first established by a group of local businessmen. For many years, the Uplands Golf Club was a private members-only club that operated independently from the District of Oak Bay.

However, in the early 2000s, the Uplands Golf Club began to experience financial difficulties. The club was struggling to attract new members, and the costs of maintaining the golf course were becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Year Owner
1927 Local businessmen
2014 District of Oak Bay

In 2014, the Uplands Golf Club made the decision to sell the golf course to the District of Oak Bay. The sale was completed for $5.4 million CAD, and the golf course became a publicly-operated facility. Since then, the District of Oak Bay has invested in the maintenance and improvement of the Uplands Golf Course, with the goal of preserving it as an important community asset for years to come.

Future Plans for Uplands Golf Course

As one of the premier golf courses in the area, Uplands Golf Course has always been a popular destination for golf enthusiasts. In recent years, the course has faced a number of challenges, including increasing competition from other courses and a general decline in interest in golf. However, the owners of Uplands Golf Course are determined to keep the course relevant and thriving in the years to come. Here are some of the future plans for Uplands Golf Course:

  • Renovations: To keep the course in top condition, the owners plan to invest in regular renovations and upgrades. This includes improvements to the clubhouse, new equipment, and maintenance of the greens and fairways.
  • Expanding the offering: In addition to golf, the owners of Uplands Golf Course plan to expand the range of activities available to visitors. This may include adding a driving range, mini-golf course, and more.
  • Increased marketing efforts: To attract more visitors and promote the course as a top destination, the owners plan to invest in increased marketing efforts. This may include advertising campaigns, social media presence, and partnerships with other local businesses and organizations.

In addition to these plans, the owners of Uplands Golf Course are also exploring other opportunities to ensure the continued success of the course. This may include partnerships with other courses or organizations, hosting special events and tournaments, and offering golf lessons and clinics. With a focus on continual improvement and innovation, the future looks bright for Uplands Golf Course.

Furthermore, the Uplands Golf Course has a commitment to sustainability and protect the environment. With a focus on responsible practices and renewable energy, the course has made significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint. Here are some of the efforts that the course has made to be more environmentally responsible:

Initiative Details
Water Conservation The course uses a state-of-the-art irrigation system that minimizes water usage, along with utilizing rain sensors and weather analysis to determine irrigation needs.
Integrated Pest Management The course uses environmentally-friendly methods to control pests and weeds, including natural predators and herbicide alternatives.
Solar Energy The course recently installed a solar energy system to power the clubhouse and other facilities, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

With these efforts in place, Uplands Golf Course is setting an example for other courses to follow and is demonstrating its commitment to both golf and the environment.

Uplands Golf Course Membership Information

Uplands Golf Course is one of the premier private golf clubs in Victoria, BC, and membership information is highly sought-after. The club has a long history of being a favorite destination for golfers, and it is nothing short of a paradise for golf enthusiasts. The club is located in the heart of the community, with a stunning view of the coast and the Olympic Mountains, making it not only a perfect place to play golf but a perfect venue for events.

Membership Types

  • Full Membership: This type of membership provides access to all of the club’s facilities, including the golf course, casual dining facilities, and social events.
  • Junior Membership: This is a great option for young golfers interested in learning and growing their skills. Junior members not only get access to the course but also receive exclusive lessons and training.
  • Social Membership: For enthusiasts who are not interested in playing golf but want to enjoy the club’s social activities, this is the perfect option.

Membership Costs and Benefits

The membership fees at Uplands Golf Course are competitive, and the benefits are exceptional. Members have the opportunity to play on one of the finest courses in Victoria, enjoy fine dining experiences, and participate in some of the best social events. Members are often eligible for exclusive discounts on events hosted by the club and outside organizations.

Additionally, members at the club can participate in events such as weekly tournaments, charitable events, and outings to other courses in the province.

Course and Equipment Requirements

Members are expected to meet certain standards when it comes to their equipment to play on the course. There are dress codes in place, and golfers are expected to use proper equipment and golf balls. For players who do not have the correct equipment, the Pro Shop provides rental equipment. Guests of members are required to adhere to these standards as well.

Membership Applicants

Prospective members must fill out an application form and submit it to the club’s Membership Committee. Once the application is submitted, the club must approve the application before the applicant can become a member. A sponsor or recommendation from an existing member is an excellent way to strengthen an application and increase the likelihood of getting accepted.

Membership Type Initiation Fee Annual Dues
Full Membership $50,000 $10,000
Jr. Executive Membership $15,000 $6,500
Social Membership N/A $2,500

Membership at Uplands Golf Course is a guarantee that the golfer is part of something special. The club offers an excellent golfing experience and an even better community. Joining the club is more than just playing golf; it’s a lifestyle change, and it will surely provide a place to thrive for years.

Uplands Golf Course Facilities and Amenities

Uplands Golf Course is a premier golf destination in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The course presents a beautiful and serene environment with its well-manicured greens, lush fairways, and stunning views. The golf course has an array of facilities and amenities that cater to the needs of all types of golfers.


  • Driving Range: The driving range at Uplands Golf Course has 30 bays with both natural grass and artificial turf. This facility offers golfers an opportunity to practice their swing and drive with various clubs.
  • Putting Green: The putting green provides golfers with the chance to work on their short game skills. This area is adequately maintained and designed to replicate the greens on the course.
  • Chipping and Bunker Area: The chipping and bunker area offer golfers the chance to practice their shots from difficult lies and obstacles. This facility is designed to replicate the actual course conditions.


Uplands Golf Course provides various amenities that cater to the needs and comfort of all golfers visiting the course. These facilities include:

  • Pro Shop: The pro shop provides golfers with all the accessories and equipment needed for golfing, including golf clubs, apparel, shoes, and accessories.
  • Locker Room and Showers: The locker room and shower facilities provide golfers with a clean and comfortable environment to prepare for their game and unwind after their round.
  • Restaurant and Bar: The restaurant and bar offer golfers a selection of food and beverage options to enjoy while taking in the scenic views of the course. The restaurant also caters to private events and special occasions.

Golf Course Details

The Uplands Golf Course is a par 70, 18-hole course that is 6,256 yards long. The course is designed with various doglegs, well-placed bunkers, and water hazards that pose a challenge to golfers of all levels. The course is adequately maintained and considered one of the best-conditioned courses in British Columbia.

Hole Yards Par
1 338 4
2 382 4
3 458 4
4 200 3
5 329 4
6 516 5
7 347 4
8 459 4
9 392 4
Out 3421 36
10 415 4
11 237 3
12 418 4
13 366 4
14 512 5
15 363 4
16 166 3
17 410 4
18 494 5
In 3381 36
Total 6802 72

Uplands Golf Course Reviews and Ratings:

Uplands Golf Course is a well-maintained and challenging course that has received numerous positive reviews from golfers. The course is known for its stunning views of the mountains and ocean, as well as its impressive layout and design.

If you’re considering playing at Uplands Golf Course and want to know what others have to say, here are some reviews and ratings to keep in mind:

  • “Uplands is one of my favourite courses to play in the area. The views are breathtaking and the course is always in excellent condition. The layout is challenging but fair – a great test for any golfer.” – John F.
  • “The Uplands Golf Course has everything – amazing scenery, challenging holes, and friendly staff. I’ve played here several times over the years and it never disappoints.” – Sarah K.
  • “I played the Uplands Golf Course recently and was blown away by how well-maintained the course was. Each hole offers a new challenge and the views are worth the price of admission alone.” – Mark T.

As you can see, Uplands Golf Course receives consistently high ratings from golfers who have played it. If you’re looking for a challenging and scenic course, Uplands Golf Course is definitely worth checking out.

In addition to individual golfer reviews, Uplands Golf Course also receives high marks from various golf publications and organizations. The course has been named one of the “Best Golf Courses in Canada” by Golf Digest and has received numerous accolades over the years.

Publication/Organization Rating/Award
Golf Digest One of the Best Golf Courses in Canada
SCOREGolf One of the Best Public Golf Courses in Canada
Golfweek One of the Best Courses You Can Play in Canada

Overall, Uplands Golf Course is highly regarded by both golfers and golf publications. Its stunning scenery, challenging layout, and excellent maintenance make it a must-play course for anyone visiting the area.

FAQs About Who Owns Uplands Golf Course

1. Who owns Uplands Golf Course?

Uplands Golf Course is owned by Uplands Golf Club Ltd., a private organization that oversees the management and operations of the course.

2. Is Uplands Golf Course publicly owned?

No, Uplands Golf Course is not publicly owned. It is a private golf course exclusive to members and their guests.

3. Who can become a member of Uplands Golf Club Ltd.?

Membership to Uplands Golf Club is exclusive and requires an invitation from a current member or application through the club’s Membership Committee.

4. Does the city or government have any ownership in Uplands Golf Course?

No, the city or government has no ownership or financial involvement with Uplands Golf Course.

5. Who manages the day-to-day operations of Uplands Golf Course?

The Uplands Golf Club Ltd. Board of Directors hires a management team to oversee the day-to-day operations of Uplands Golf Course.

6. Can non-members play at Uplands Golf Course?

Non-members can play at Uplands Golf Course as a guest of a member or through the club’s limited public play program.

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