Who Has Shot a 59 in Golf? Discover the Legendary Golfers Who Have Achieved this Incredible Feat

Who’s the real king of golf? It’s a question that has been asked by fans of the sport for generations, with no clear answer in sight. But one record that continues to stand the test of time is the elusive score of 59. Only a select few players in the history of the game have managed to achieve this incredible feat, and the latest name to join this exclusive club is none other than… well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

It’s no secret that golf is a game of precision, patience, and perseverance. Every shot counts, and a single mistake can spell disaster for even the most skilled players. But for a lucky few, everything seems to click into place on a given day, and they go on to achieve something truly special. Shooting a 59 is the ultimate symbol of golfing excellence, a feat that requires not just a flawless round but also a bit of luck and good fortune. It’s a rare feat that few golfers will ever get close to, let alone achieve.

So, who are the golfers who have been lucky enough to achieve this incredible score of 59? From legends like Al Geiberger and Chip Beck to modern-day greats like Justin Thomas and Adam Hadwin, the list is short but sweet. Each player has a story to tell, a tale of skill, strategy, and a little bit of magic that led them to that magic number. And now, there’s a new name to add to the list of all-time greats, a player who has achieved what many others never will. Stay tuned to find out who it is!

Lowest Scores in Golf

Golf is a sport that requires skill, precision, and patience. One of the greatest achievements a golfer can make is achieving a low score. In particular, shooting a score of 59 is considered a rare feat that only a few skilled professionals have managed to accomplish. This article will dive into the golfers who have shot a 59 and other notable lowest scores in golf.

Golfers who have Shot a 59

  • Al Geiberger: Al Geiberger is considered the first golfer to shoot a score of 59 during a PGA Tour event. He accomplished this feat during the 1977 Memphis Classic.
  • Chip Beck: In 1991, Chip Beck matched Geiberger’s record by shooting a 59 during the Las Vegas Invitational.
  • David Duval: During the 1999 Bob Hope Classic, David Duval became the third golfer to shoot a score of 59.
  • Paul Goydos: Paul Goydos made history in 2010 when he shot a 59 during the John Deere Classic, becoming the fourth golfer to shoot that score during a PGA Tour event.

These golfers have established themselves as some of the most skilled professionals to ever play the game. Shooting a 59 requires an incredible level of accuracy and focus, and it is a remarkable achievement that is celebrated by the entire golfing community.

Other Notable Lowest Scores in Golf

While shooting a 59 is rare, there have been some notable low scores in golf history that deserve recognition. One of the most famous of these scores is a 58, which has been shot twice in professional events. In 2016, Jim Furyk shot a 58 during the Travelers Championship, and in 2019, Rhein Gibson also shot a 58 during a Korn Ferry Tour event.

Other noteworthy scores include a 60, which has been shot over 20 times during PGA Tour events, as well as a 61, which has been shot over 50 times. These scores are still considered impressive and are a testament to the skill and precision required to play golf at a professional level.

Player Tournament Lowest Score
Jim Furyk Travelers Championship (2016) 58
Rhein Gibson Korn Ferry Tour (2019) 58
Phil Mickelson Phoenix Open (2013) 60
Brandt Snedeker Wyndham Championship (2018) 59

These low scores are a testament to the talent and hard work of professional golfers. While shooting a 59 or lower requires immense skill, it is important to remember that golf is a game of consistency and perseverance. Regardless of the score, it is the love of the game that keeps golfers coming back to the course time and time again.

Golf Courses Known for Low Scores

Shooting a score of 59 in golf is an impressive achievement that only a select few players have ever accomplished. It requires an exceptional combination of skill, focus, and luck. Some golf courses are known for producing low scores due to their unique features, such as wide-open fairways, receptive greens, and easy pin positions. In this article, we will explore some of the golf courses that are famous for low scores and have witnessed some of the most remarkable rounds of golf in history.

Golf Courses with Low Scores

  • TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course
  • TPC Las Vegas
  • TPC River Highlands

TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course is a par-71, 7,261-yard championship golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish. The course is famous for hosting the Waste Management Phoenix Open, which is the PGA Tour’s most well-attended event. The course is known for its wide-open fairways, large greens, and water hazards that come into play on four holes. The course record of 60 was set by Phil Mickelson in the first round of the 2005 Phoenix Open. Furthermore, the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale is known as the “Coliseum,” and it provides a unique stadium-like atmosphere for golfers that can be both intimidating and exhilarating.

TPC Las Vegas

TPC Las Vegas is a par-71, 7,104-yard golf course located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The course was designed by Bobby Weed and Raymond Floyd and offers spectacular views of the Red Rock Canyon. The course features undulating fairways, rugged desert terrain, and greens that are receptive to approach shots. The course record of 60 was set by Chip Beck in the third round of the 1991 Las Vegas Invitational. The par-3 14th hole is one of the standout holes on the course, measuring 174 yards and playing over a large water hazard to a green that is protected by bunkers on both sides.

TPC River Highlands

TPC River Highlands is a par-70, 6,841-yard golf course located in Cromwell, Connecticut. The course was designed by Pete Dye and Bobby Weed and has hosted the Travelers Championship since 1984. The course features a mix of tree-lined fairways, elevated greens, and water hazards that come into play on several holes. The course record of 58 was shot by Jim Furyk in the final round of the 2016 Travelers Championship. The par-4 15th hole is considered one of the most challenging holes on the course, measuring 296 yards and featuring a narrow fairway and deep bunkers guarding the green.


Golf courses that produce low scores are often characterized by unique features such as wide-open fairways, receptive greens, and easy pin positions. TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course, TPC Las Vegas, and TPC River Highlands are three golf courses that have produced some of the lowest scores in golf history. These courses are recognized as some of the best golf courses in the world and are worth checking out if you’re looking to test your golf skills and make history in the process.

Golf Course Score Golfer Tournament
TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course 59 Adam Hadwin 2017 Waste Management Phoenix Open
TPC Las Vegas 60 Chip Beck 1991 Las Vegas Invitational
TPC River Highlands 58 Jim Furyk 2016 Travelers Championship

Note: Scores as of August 2021

Players Who Have Shot Sub-60 Rounds

Scoring a round of 59 or lower is an incredible feat in the game of golf, and only a select few have accomplished this miraculous feat. Here are three of the most notable players to have shot sub-60 rounds:

  • Al Geiberger: Known as “Mr. 59,” Geiberger was the first player in PGA Tour history to complete a round in 59 strokes. He accomplished this feat at the 1977 Memphis Classic, sinking an incredible 13 birdies and one eagle on the par-72 course.
  • Chip Beck: In 1991, Beck shot a 59 at the Las Vegas Invitational, becoming the second player in PGA Tour history to do so. He started his round with seven straight birdies, then added an eagle and seven more birdies to finish the day at 13-under.
  • David Duval: Duval joined the 59 club in 1999 at the Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs. He overcame a bogey on his second hole to shoot a flawless round, making 11 birdies and an eagle to finish with a score of 13-under par.

Other Players That Have Shot 59 Or Lower

While these three players are some of the most notable names to have shot rounds of 59 or lower, there have been many others who have accomplished this incredible feat. Here are a few more players who have joined the 59 club:

  • Stuart Appleby
  • Jim Furyk
  • Paul Goydos
  • Justin Thomas
  • Adam Hadwin
  • Brandt Snedeker

What It Takes To Shoot A Sub-60 Round

Scoring a round of 59 or lower requires a combination of skill, focus, and a bit of luck. Players must have a solid short game and be accurate and consistent with their drives and iron shots. They also need to be mentally tough, able to stay calm and focused under pressure.

Category Al Geiberger Chip Beck David Duval
Overall Score 59 59 59
Birdies 13 13 11
Eagles 1 1 1
Pars 4 4 7
Bogeys 0 0 0

As the table above shows, these three players had remarkably similar rounds. Each made 13 birdies, one eagle, and no bogeys. However, their overall number of pars differed, with Geiberger making the fewest at just four and Duval making the most at seven. Despite these minor differences, all three rounds were examples of exceptional golfing skill and precision.

PGA Tour Records and Milestones

Golf is a sport that is all about the numbers. The scores, the distances, and the stats are all tracked diligently. The PGA Tour keeps records of the most impressive feats in golf history, and shooting a 59 is one of the most impressive accomplishments a golfer can achieve.

  • The first player to shoot a 59 on the PGA Tour was Al Geiberger in the 1977 Memphis Classic.
  • Since then, 11 players have accomplished this feat, with Jim Furyk doing so twice.
  • The lowest round recorded in a major championship is a 63, which has been shot 30 times.

However, it’s not just shooting a 59 that’s impressive. Golfers can also earn their place in the history books with other incredible accomplishments. Some of the most noteworthy milestones in the PGA Tour include:

  • Breaking 60: Shoot a round of 59 or lower on the PGA Tour.
  • Scoring 63 in a major: This has only been accomplished 30 times in major championship history.
  • Winning a grand slam: Winning all four major championships in a single year is known as the grand slam.

There are also plenty of other records that are kept on the PGA Tour, covering everything from career earnings to the longest putt ever made. Here is a table of some of the most notable records:

Record Player Number
Most PGA Tour Wins Sam Snead 82
Lowest Season Scoring Average Tiger Woods 67.79
Longest Drive in Competition Michael Hoke Austin 515 yards
Most Money Won in a Season Tiger Woods $12,917,052

Golf is a sport that is rich in history and tradition, and the PGA Tour records and milestones are a reflection of that. From shooting a 59 to winning a grand slam, these accomplishments will go down in golf history forever.

Techniques for Shooting Lower Scores

Shooting a 59 in golf is an incredible feat that only a handful of players have achieved. It requires a combination of skill, strategy, and mental toughness. While every golfer’s game is unique, there are certain techniques that can help lower scores and increase the likelihood of shooting a sub-60 round.

Course Management

  • Study the course layout and identify potential trouble areas
  • Avoid risky shots and aim for the center of the fairway or green
  • Play to your strengths and minimize weaknesses


To shoot a low score, consistency is key. This includes:

  • Consistent swing tempo and rhythm
  • Consistent ball-striking and distance control
  • Consistent putting stroke and green reading

Short Game Skills

The short game can account for a significant portion of your score. Improving these skills can help lower your scores:

  • Chipping and pitching to get up and down from just off the green
  • Effective bunker play
  • Putting from different distances and slopes

Mental Game

Golf is not just a physical game, but a mental one as well. Here are some mental techniques that can help you shoot lower scores:

  • Maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on the present shot
  • Visualization and mental imagery to help visualize shots
  • Breathing techniques and mindfulness to stay calm and relaxed under pressure

Statistical Analysis

By keeping track of your stats, you can identify areas of your game that need improvement and set goals for improvement. This includes:

Statistic Importance
Greens in Regulation (GIR) Percentage of times you reach the green in the regulation number of shots
Driving Accuracy Percentage of fairways hit off the tee
Putting Average Number of putts per round
Scrambling Percentage of times you save par or make birdie after missing the green in regulation

By focusing on these techniques and tracking your stats, you can start to shoot lower scores and work towards that sub-60 round.

Mental Strategies for Golf Performance

Golf is a game of inches, and mental strategies play a crucial role in the success of any golfer. Here we will discuss some of the mental strategies that have helped some of the golfers who have shot a 59 on the PGA Tour.

6. Visualization

Visualization is a mental technique that involves creating a mental image of the desired outcome. This technique is used by many professional golfers to help them play their shots with greater accuracy. Visualization is used to create a mental image of the intended ball flight, trajectory, and target. When done correctly, visualization can help a golfer to stay focused, calm, and confident.

Visualization can be used to improve a variety of golf shots, from tee shots to chip shots. Before hitting a shot, a golfer should create a mental image of the ball flight and trajectory. This mental image should include details such as the ball’s height, distance, and direction. The golfer should then use this mental image to guide their swing.

  • Visualization can help a golfer to stay focused on their target and avoid distractions.
  • Visualization can help a golfer to stay calm and relaxed, even under pressure.
  • Visualization can increase a golfer’s confidence and belief in their ability to execute the shot successfully.
The Steps to Visualization:
1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
2. Create a mental image of the desired outcome.
3. Make the mental image as vivid and detailed as possible.
4. Use the mental image to guide your swing.

Visualization is a powerful mental strategy that can help golfers perform at their best. By creating a clear mental image of the desired outcome, golfers can stay focused, calm, and confident. This mental approach can help golfers to improve their accuracy and consistency, and ultimately shoot lower scores.

The Future of Golf Scoring and Records

In recent years, golf scoring has taken a significant shift towards lower numbers, with players achieving scores once thought impossible. As technology continues to improve and training methods become more advanced, we can expect to see even more record-breaking scores in the future.

One of the most impressive feats in golf is shooting a 59, which has only been accomplished a few times in professional play. Here is a list of the players who have achieved this incredible score:

  • Al Geiberger
  • Chip Beck
  • David Duval
  • Paul Goydos
  • Stuart Appleby
  • Jim Furyk
  • Justin Thomas

Each of these players demonstrated an exceptional combination of skill and precision throughout their rounds, making a 59 possible. While this score was once considered a rare accomplishment, it is now becoming more common as players continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the golf course.

As golf technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more record-breaking scores in the future. From more aerodynamic golf balls to advanced training techniques, players will have more tools than ever before to improve their game. With each passing year, golf scores will continue to drop and new records will be set.

Record Holder(s) Date Set
Lowest Single Round Score in a Major Henrik Stenson, Phil Mickelson July 17, 2016
Lowest 72-Hole Score in a Major Brooks Koepka August 12, 2018
Lowest Cumulative Score in a Major Henrik Stenson July 17, 2016

The future of golf scoring and records is bright, as golf continues to evolve and players continue to push their limits. Whether it’s a 59 or a new major championship record, we can expect to see more impressive feats in the years to come.

Who has shot a 59 in golf? FAQs

1. Who was the first person to shoot a 59 in a PGA Tour event?
Al Geiberger was the first person to shoot a 59 in a PGA Tour event, during the second round of the 1977 Memphis Classic.

2. How many players have shot a 59 in PGA Tour history?
There have been 12 players who have shot a 59 in PGA Tour history, with the most recent being Adam Hadwin in 2017.

3. Who has shot the most 59s in professional golf?
Jim Furyk is the only player to have shot two 59s in professional golf, once in 2013 and again in 2016.

4. Who has shot a 59 in a major championship?
No player has shot a 59 in a major championship. The lowest round in a major championship is 62, which has been achieved five times.

5. How many players have shot a 59 on the LPGA Tour?
There have been two players who have shot a 59 on the LPGA Tour, including Annika Sorenstam in 2001 and Kim Sei-young in 2018.

6. How rare is it to shoot a 59 in golf?
Shooting a 59 in golf is incredibly rare, with only a handful of players achieving the feat in professional golf history. It requires a nearly perfect round with no mistakes, making it a remarkable accomplishment.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading our guide on who has shot a 59 in golf. It’s clear that shooting a 59 is one of the most impressive feats in golf, and only the very best players have been able to achieve it. We hope you found this information interesting and informative. Please visit our site again for more golf news and analysis!