Who Does Evan Marry in Royal Pains? The Ultimate Guide to Evan and Paige’s Wedding

Evan Lawson is a lovable character from the hit television series, Royal Pains. The show, which premiered in 2009, tells the story of a doctor who starts his own concierge medical business in the Hamptons. Over the course of eight seasons, Evan grows from a minor supporting character to a fan favorite. And, of course, we can’t forget about his love life. So, who does Evan marry in Royal Pains?

The answer to that question is a bit complicated. Throughout the series, Evan has several romantic interests. He even gets married once, but the marriage doesn’t last long. However, towards the end of the show, Evan finds himself falling for a new character. Without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say that their relationship blossoms and eventually leads to a wedding. Fans were thrilled to see Evan finally settle down and find happiness with someone special.

If you’re a fan of Royal Pains and Evan’s character, you’re not alone. After all, he’s charming, witty, and always manages to steal the scene. But, perhaps what fans love most about him is his capacity for love. Throughout the series, Evan shows that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to find the right person and make a relationship work. So, who does Evan marry in Royal Pains? You’ll just have to watch and see for yourself.

Characters in Royal Pains

Royal Pains is a medical drama series that aired for eight seasons on USA Network. The show features a talented cast of actors who bring to life a diverse range of characters. Here is a breakdown of the main characters in Royal Pains:

  • Dr. Hank Lawson: He is the lead character of the series and is played by Mark Feuerstein. Hank is a skilled emergency room physician who becomes a concierge doctor after he is unfairly fired from his job.
  • Evan R. Lawson: Evan is Hank’s younger brother, played by Paulo Costanzo. He is a savvy businessman who helps his brother run their medical practice.
  • Jill Casey: Jill is a hospital administrator and love interest of Hank, played by Jill Flint.
  • Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz: He is a wealthy benefactor and patient of Hank, played by Campbell Scott.
  • Jeremiah Sacani: Jeremiah is a physician assistant and employee of Hank and Evan, played by Ben Shenkman.

Aside from the main characters, Royal Pains features a host of recurring characters who contribute to the drama and humor of the series.

Evan R. Lawson Character Profile

One of the main characters in the hit TV series Royal Pains is Evan R. Lawson, portrayed by actor Paulo Costanzo. Evan is the younger brother of the lead character, Hank Lawson, and plays a vital role in helping the doctor run his concierge medical practice in the Hamptons. Here is a closer look at Evan R. Lawson’s character profile:

Personality Traits

  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Driven and ambitious
  • Confident and charismatic

Evan is known for his high energy and enthusiastic approach to life. He is always looking for new opportunities to grow and expand the business, and is willing to take risks to achieve success. Despite his ambitious nature, Evan has a big heart and always puts the needs of his patients and loved ones first.


Throughout the series, Evan has several romantic relationships, but ultimately ends up marrying a woman named Paige Collins, played by actress Brooke D’Orsay. Paige is a journalist who initially comes to the Hamptons to write an expose on Hank’s practice, but ends up falling in love with Evan instead. The two get married in the seventh and final season of the show.

Professional Life

Evan serves as the business manager for Hank’s medical practice, and is responsible for everything from securing new clients to managing the budget. He has a deep understanding of finance and marketing, and is always looking for ways to increase profitability and grow the practice. Despite his occasional missteps, Evan’s dedication and hard work help make HankMed a success.

Skills and Abilities

Skill/Ability Description
Marketing Evan has a natural talent for branding and promotion, and is able to secure new clients and partnerships through his persuasive abilities.
Finance Evan has a strong understanding of budgeting, accounting, and investment, and is able to manage the finances of the practice with ease.
Networking Evan has the ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and is able to use his wide circle of contacts to benefit the practice.

Evan R. Lawson is a dynamic and multifaceted character in Royal Pains, and is a key player in the success of the show. His energetic personality, strong work ethic, and interpersonal skills make him a fan favorite and a memorable character in the history of television.

Marriage in Royal Pains

Marriage has been a recurring theme in the USA Network’s series, Royal Pains, which centers around Dr. Hank Lawson, a concierge medicine physician based in the Hamptons. Fans have been invested in the relationships of the show’s characters, and the significant others they end up with!

Evan’s Marriage in Royal Pains

One of the main characters, Evan R. Lawson (played by Paulo Costanzo), is Hank’s younger brother and his business partner. Throughout the show, Evan has maintained a rocky relationship with his long-time on-and-off girlfriend, Paige Collins (Brooke D’Orsay). After years of going back and forth, Evan finally proposes to Paige in Season 7, and they eventually tie the knot in the series finale, “Uninterrupted”.

Other Marriages in Royal Pains

  • Hank eventually gets together with his love interest, Dr. Emily Peck (Anastasia Griffith), but they do not get married on the show.
  • Divya Katdare (Reshma Shetty), Hank’s physician assistant, marries her former fiancĂ©, Rafa (Khotan Fernandez), in Season 6.
  • Jill Casey (Jill Flint), Hank’s former girlfriend and the hospital administrator of Hamptons Heritage, gets together with her ex-husband in the series finale.

The Significance of Marriage in Royal Pains

Episodes of Royal Pains often focus on the relationships between the characters, especially when it comes to their romantic lives. Marriage is portrayed as a milestone that many characters aspire to achieve, but it is also shown to require hard work and compromises to sustain a successful partnership.


Character Partner Married?
Evan R. Lawson Paige Collins Yes
Dr. Hank Lawson Dr. Emily Peck No
Divya Katdare Rafa Yes
Jill Casey Ex-husband Yes (again)

Marriage may not be the most common topic for a medical drama, but Royal Pains manages to weave it into the show’s overarching theme of family and relationships. Whether you’re rooting for Evan and Paige’s fairytale ending or just here for the medical drama, the show’s portrayal of marriage is a refreshing addition to a beloved series!

Hank Lawson Character Profile

Hank Lawson is the protagonist in the USA Network television series, Royal Pains. As a former ER doctor, Hank was wrongfully blamed for the death of a patient and subsequently fired from his job. As a result, he struggled to find steady work until he found himself in the Hamptons, treating the wealthy. This is where he met and fell in love with several of the show’s female characters, but ultimately found the love of his life in the show’s finale.

Who Does Evan Marry in Royal Pains?

  • Evan R. Lawson is Hank’s younger brother, who he brought along to the Hamptons to help him run his new concierge medical practice. Evan is the CFO of HankMed, and he uses his business acumen to help the company with its finances and operations.
  • Throughout the show, Evan dates and becomes engaged to Paige Collins, a Hamptons resident who is working for a non-profit organization. Despite some ups and downs in their relationship, they ultimately get married in the series finale. The couple had a beautiful beachside wedding, surrounded by their friends and family, including Hank as the best man.
  • Paige is played by actress Brooke D’Orsay, while Evan is portrayed by actor Paulo Costanzo.

Hank’s Relationships on Royal Pains

Aside from his professional relationships, Hank formed several close personal relationships with the show’s female characters throughout the series:

  • Jill Casey – Hank’s first love interest on the show, who he meets on his first day in the Hamptons. She is a hospital administrator and a cancer survivor, and their relationship is one of the central storylines of the show.
  • Emily Peck – A documentary filmmaker who Hank saves from drowning. They have a brief fling, but ultimately decide they are better off as friends.
  • Paige Collins – Evan’s fiancĂ©e, who Hank originally meets when he treats her for an allergic reaction. They become close friends, and she is there for Hank during some of his darkest moments.
  • Charlotte Hanson – A wildlife veterinarian who comes to the Hamptons to establish a practice.

Hank Lawson’s Legacy

While fans were sad to see the show come to an end, Hank’s legacy inspired many viewers to pursue careers in medicine and healthcare. The show highlighted the importance of quality healthcare for all, regardless of social status or wealth, and demonstrated the immense impact physicians and other healthcare professionals have on the lives of their patients.

Actor Character
Mark Feuerstein Hank Lawson
Paulo Costanzo Evan R. Lawson
Jill Flint Jill Casey
Brooke D’Orsay Paige Collins

Through his work and personal relationships, Hank left a lasting impact on the Hamptons and the healthcare industry, reminding viewers of the importance of kindness, empathy, and treating every patient with the same level of care and attention.

Evan and Paige’s Love Story

One of the most beloved storylines on Royal Pains involves the blossoming romance between Evan Lawson and Paige Collins. From their initial meeting to their eventual wedding, fans were captivated by their love story and eagerly rooted for them throughout the series.

  • The First Meeting: Evan and Paige first meet in Season 2, when Paige comes to HankMed seeking medical attention for her injured ankle. Evan is immediately smitten with her, and the two quickly hit it off.
  • The Courtship: Over the course of the next few seasons, Evan and Paige’s relationship slowly evolves from friendship to romance. They begin dating officially in Season 4, and Evan even moves in with Paige and her family.
  • The Proposal: In the Season 6 premiere, Evan proposes to Paige in an elaborate scavenger hunt that takes her all around the Hamptons. Paige tearfully accepts, and the couple begins planning their wedding.

As Evan and Paige’s wedding day approached, fans were on the edge of their seats wondering whether everything would go smoothly. But despite a few hiccups along the way, the couple finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony that took place in the Season 7 finale.

Below is a table listing some of the most memorable moments from Evan and Paige’s love story:

Season Milestone
2 Evan and Paige meet for the first time
4 Evan and Paige start dating
6 Evan proposes
7 Evan and Paige get married

Overall, Evan and Paige’s love story was one of the most heartwarming and memorable plotlines on Royal Pains, and it continues to be one of the most beloved aspects of the show among fans.

Royal Pains Season Premiere Episode

The Royal Pains Season Premiere Episode is a highly anticipated event for fans of the hit medical drama. One of the main questions on everyone’s mind is who Evan will marry. Here are some important subtopics to consider:

Who Does Evan Marry?

  • There has been much speculation about who Evan will marry since the show first premiered back in 2009.
  • Some fans have guessed that Evan will finally tie the knot with his long-time love interest, Paige Lawson.
  • Others believe that Evan may end up marrying someone entirely new who has yet to be introduced on the show.

The Wedding of the Year

Regardless of who Evan ends up marrying, one thing is for sure – this wedding is going to be the event of the year. Here are some reasons why:

  • The backdrop for the wedding is the stunning Hamptons, known for its luxurious homes and beautiful beaches.
  • Evan and his bride-to-be are sure to spare no expense when it comes to the wedding details. From the floral arrangements to the menu, everything will be top-notch.
  • The Guest List

    Another exciting aspect of Evan’s wedding will be the guest list.

    • Expect to see some familiar faces from the show, such as Hank and Divya, who have been close friends with Evan since the beginning.
    • There may also be some surprise guests, such as former patients or even celebrities who are fans of the show.
    • The guest list is sure to be as impressive as the event itself.

    The Dress Code

    Finally, one thing fans can’t wait to see is what everyone will be wearing to the wedding.

    Women’s Attire Men’s Attire
    Expect to see lots of elegant, flowing dresses in light, summery colors like blush, lavender, and mint. Men will likely be sporting light-colored suits or tuxedos with bow ties.
    Heels or dressy sandals will be the footwear of choice. Don’t be surprised if some of the male guests opt for loafers or boat shoes to keep things casual and summery.

    Overall, the Royal Pains Season Premiere Episode promises to be an unforgettable event for fans of the show. The anticipation is high as we wait to find out who Evan will marry and what drama will ensue leading up to the big day. Whatever happens, we’re sure it will be a wedding to remember.

    Supporting Cast in Royal Pains

    As much as Royal Pains is about Dr. Hank Lawson, there is no denying that the supporting cast is just as crucial to the show’s success. Here’s a breakdown of who’s who in the Hamptons:

    • Divya Katdare – Played by Reshma Shetty, Divya is Dr. Lawson’s physician assistant and one of his closest confidants. She eventually leaves HankMed to start her practice but remains a significant part of the show.
    • Eddie R. Lawson – Henry Winkler plays Hank’s estranged and shady father, who shows up in the Hamptons from time to time to cause trouble.
    • Jill Casey – Jill Flint portrays Hank’s on-again-off-again romantic interest and hospital administrator. Jill leaves the show after Season 6.
    • Paige Collins – Paige is Evan’s wife and the mother of their children. Campbell Scott plays her father, who also happens to be a wealthy entrepreneur.
    • Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz – Played by Campbell Scott, Boris is a mysterious and wealthy German businessman who pays for Hank’s medical services and often gets entangled in the Hamptons drama.
    • Jeremiah Sacani – portrayed by Ben Shenkman, Jeremiah is a physician assistant who joins HankMed in Season 2. He is socially awkward but a brilliant diagnostician and essential member of the team.
    • Evan R. Lawson – Paulo Costanzo plays Hank’s younger brother and the Chief Financial Officer of HankMed. He falls in love with and eventually marries Paige Collins, becoming a devoted husband and father.

    It’s worth mentioning that recurring guest stars like Christine Ebersole, Ana Ortiz, and Rupak Ginn add depth to the show’s plotlines and Hamptons community.

    Who does Evan marry in Royal Pains FAQs:

    1. Who is Evan’s love interest in Royal Pains?

    Evan’s love interest in Royal Pains is Paige Collins, a journalist who he meets in the Hamptons.

    2. Does Evan ever propose to Paige?

    Yes, Evan proposes to Paige in season six of the show.

    3. Did Paige accept Evan’s proposal?

    Yes, Paige did accept Evan’s proposal and they get married.

    4. What season does Evan and Paige get married?

    Evan and Paige get married in season eight of Royal Pains.

    5. Do Evan and Paige have any children?

    Yes, Evan and Paige have two children together named Emma and Edward.

    6. Was Evan faithful to Paige throughout the show?

    Yes, Evan is consistently portrayed as a devoted and faithful partner to Paige throughout the show.

    7. What happens to Evan and Paige in the final episode of Royal Pains?

    In the final episode of Royal Pains, Evan and Paige decide to leave the Hamptons and move to Buenos Aires with their children.

    The Final Word on Who does Evan Marry in Royal Pains:

    So there you have it, fans of Royal Pains! Evan gets together with journalist Paige Collins early on in the series, and they end up getting married in season eight of the show. The two have two children together and end up making a big move to Buenos Aires in the final episode. Thank you for reading this article and be sure to check back soon for more updates on your favorite shows!