What’s the Difference Between Normal and Abnormal Titans? A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of Attack on Titans, we’ve encountered two types of titans – Normal and Abnormal. These humanoid creatures are massive, some towering over 60 feet, and tend to have a hunger for human flesh. But, what differentiates the two? What makes one Titan “normal” and the other “abnormal”? It’s a question that has left many fans wondering, and today, I’m here to clear things up.

Now, before I dive into the specifics, let me clarify one thing – by no means are these Titans “normal” in the traditional sense of the word. They are both terrifying to behold and pose a serious threat to the citizens of Paradis Island. However, there is a difference between the two. Normal Titans tend to follow a specific set of rules and patterns, while Abnormal Titans tend to break them.

For example, your average Normal Titan will mindlessly wander around until they detect a human, at which point they will attack. Abnormal Titans, on the other hand, tend to exhibit traits that are not in line with their basic instincts. Maybe they’re faster, more cunning, or have a different way of attacking. While neither Titan should be taken lightly, understanding the differences between Normal and Abnormal Titans could mean the difference between life and death for those living within the Walls.

Introduction to Titans in Attack on Titan

In the world of Attack on Titan, Titans are colossal beings that tower over human beings. They are the main antagonist and the source of terror in the anime. Titans are depicted to be mindless, terrifying creatures that devour humans without any particular reason. There are many different types of Titans in the series, and each one poses a unique threat to the human defenders.

  • The first and common type of Titans is the “Normal Titans.”
  • The second type is the “Abnormal Titans,” which is a rare type of Titans.

Normal Titans and Abnormal Titans are two different classes that differ in their behaviors and characteristics. Understanding these distinctions is crucial in comprehending the events in Attack on Titan and appraising the threats to the human contingency. Let’s look at the difference between these two types of Titans.

Anatomy of Titans

Before diving into the differences between normal and abnormal titans, it’s essential to understand the anatomy of these formidable creatures. Titans are humanoids that vary in size, ranging from 3 to 15 meters tall. They possess digitigrade legs, giving them the ability to move quickly and agilely. Their skin is tough and difficult to penetrate, except for the nape of their neck, which is their only known vulnerable spot. Titans also lack reproductive organs, making their means of reproduction still unknown.

  • Head: The head of a titan is disproportionally large in comparison to its body. It houses a set of razor-sharp teeth and a monstrous jaw capable of biting through almost anything.
  • Abdomen: The abdomen of a titan is protected by a layer of tough skin, making it difficult to kill them via the gut. The only way to do so is by using the omni-directional mobility gear and striking their nape.
  • Limbs: Titans possess massive and muscular limbs, proportionate to the rest of their body. Their hands contain three fingers not including their thumbs, which are set apart from the other digits. Their feet consist of two toes that end in sharp claws.

Titans also have a unique ability known as “Regeneration,” allowing them to heal any injury except for damage to their nape. They also exhibit an inexplicable hunger for human flesh, and it isn’t clear why they developed such a trait.

All titans possess the same anatomy and abilities, whether normal or abnormal. The difference between the two lies in their behavior and appearance.

Normal titans are typically 3-7 meters in height and exhibit animalistic behaviors, such as mindlessly wandering around, attacking any human within their vicinity. Their appearance is typically plain and inhuman, with pale skin and empty eyes. They are the most common and encountered by the Survey Corps.

Abnormal titans, on the other hand, are much less predictable in their behavior. They display a higher level of intelligence and exhibit noticeable deviations from the standard titan behavior. Abnormal titans are usually larger in size, and their appearances tend to be more grotesque and human-like. They are distinguishable from their normal counterparts by their unique abilities, such as crawling on all fours or jumping on houses.

Normal Titans Abnormal Titans
Animalistic behavior Intelligent behavior
3-7 meters in height Larger in size
Plain and inhuman appearance Grotesque and sometimes human-like appearance

Overall, the anatomy of titans is unique and fascinating. Understanding their physiology and abilities is crucial to fighting against them, as each encounter with a titan can mean the difference between life and death.

Types of Normal Titans

Titans, humanoid creatures that are the main threats to humanity in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, come in different types. Some of them are larger and more dangerous than others. Normal Titans, also known as Pure Titans, are the most common and basic types of Titans. Unlike abnormal Titans, normal Titans avoid combat with humans unless they detect them or anything that resembles humans, such as their scent. In this article, we will delve into the different types of Normal Titans.

Number 1. Pure Titans

  • The majority of Titans in the series are Pure Titans.
  • They stand at around 3-15 meters tall and have a range of appearances, from child-like to muscular or obese builds.
  • They lack intelligence, memories, or free will, and are driven only by a desire to eat humans.
  • They regenerate quickly and can only be killed if their nape is severed.

Number 2. Abnormal Titans

Abnormal Titans are a subcategory of normal Titans that exhibit behavior not typical of their kind. They are also called Deviant Titans or Irregular Titans. As compared to their comrades, Abnormal Titans are much more dangerous and unpredictable.

  • They are less numerous than Pure Titans.
  • Abnormal Titans’ movements are more erratic, swifter, and skilled than other Titans.
  • They show interest in items other than humans, such as buildings and trees, and even display curiosity towards other Titans and the environment that surrounds them.
  • Unlike Pure Titans who attack anything that resembles humans, Abnormal Titans often exhibit a preference for certain targets.

Number 3. Wall Titans

Wall Titans are a special type of Pure Titans that reside within the walls encircling the human territory. According to the story, the Titans are frozen bodies that are used to create the walls as a means of defense from approaching Titans, following a plan created by the first king of the Walls.

Characteristics Description
Size Wall Titans are massive and can be up to 60 meter tall, which is why the walls are enormous as well.
Appearance The Titans appear as partial figures with varying numbers of limbs and faces.
Ability The Wall Titans’ primary purpose is to maintain the structural integrity of the walls by hiding themselves within it.
Weakness They are vulnerable to having their napes destroyed, much like other Titans.

Understanding the different types of Normal Titans, especially the Wall Titans that are protecting humanity, adds intrigue to the complexity of the Attack on Titan series.

Behaviors of Normal Titans

Normal Titans, also known as Pure Titans, are the ones that are created when a human is injected with Titan serum. Here are some of the typical behaviors of these Titans:

  • They mindlessly roam around, searching for humans to consume. They have no specific target and are simply driven by an insatiable hunger.
  • They are attracted to high concentrations of humans, making cities and towns their preferred hunting ground.
  • They are sensitive to sunlight and are more active during the day. They become sluggish and less aggressive at night.
  • They have a regenerative ability that allows them to heal any injuries, except for their napes, which is the only vulnerable spot on their bodies.

Normal Titans also exhibit interesting physical features that make them unique from one another. Here’s a table showcasing some of these differences:

Titan name Height (meters) Weight (tons) Appearance
Colossal Titan 60 60 A giant humanoid with exposed muscles and flesh, emitting steam from its body.
Armored Titan 15 50 A heavily armored humanoid with hardened plates covering its entire body.
Female Titan 14 ?? A lean and muscular humanoid with feminine features and incredible agility.

Despite their terrifying appearances and destructive tendencies, Normal Titans are simply creatures that act according to their instincts. It’s the actions of humans that often bring out the worst in them.

Deformities of Abnormal Titans

Abnormal Titans are distinguished from normal Titans by their deformed characteristics. The deformities of these Titans make them more dangerous and unpredictable compared to regular Titans.

  • Abnormal Size: Unlike the regular Titans, abnormal Titans have a size that exceeds the standard size range. They could be smaller or larger than the average size, or sometimes take entirely different shapes and sizes altogether.
  • Multiple Body Parts: Abnormal Titans often have more than the required number of body parts. They may have multiple heads, arms or legs. The additional body parts make them even more menacing than the regular Titans as they possess unique advantages like independent movements, better speed, or flexibility.
  • Titans with animalistic Traits: Some Titans exhibit animalistic traits that make them resemble real world animals. For example, the beast Titan has a striking resemblance to a silverback gorilla. The resemblance increases the Titan’s strength and makes it more intelligent than the average Titan.
  • Metallic or Colored Skin: Abnormal Titans are often unique in their skin colors. They possess metallic or reflective skin, or their skin is seemingly translucent. These traits make them hard to spot from far away and are partially responsible for their dangerous and unpredictable nature.
  • Crawling Titans: Some Abnormal Titans crawl and move on all fours, which allows them to blend in better with their surroundings as they move. Their unique movements make them even harder to identify and track, increasing their deadliness.

These deformities give the abnormal Titans an advantage over the regular Titans. They make the Abnormal Titans more dangerous and unpredictable, making them more challenging for the soldiers of the Survey Corps to deal with.

Here is an excerpt from the official handbook of Titans showing some of the deformities found in abnormal Titans:

Abnormal Titan Deformity Description
Beast Titan Animalistic Traits A striking resemblance to a silverback gorilla which makes it more intelligent and powerful than regular Titans.
Colossal Titan Abnormal Size The Colossal Titan is the largest Titan, towering at over 60 meters tall, thousands of times bigger than the average Titan.
Crawling Titan Crawling on all Four Moving on all fours, it is much harder to spot crawling Titans, and they can blend in easily with their surroundings.
Jaw Titan Extraordinarily Sharp Teeth The Jaw Titan has an extremely sharp and pointed teeth, which is significantly stronger than that of other Titans.
Floating Titan Translucent Skin Distinctly visible blood vessels are running under its translucent skin making it unique among other Titans.

Overall, the abnormal Titans are more unpredictable and elusive than the typical Titans due to their unique characteristics and deformities.

Special Abilities of Abnormal Titans

Abnormal Titans are known to possess special skills that normal Titans don’t have. These abilities are what make them a bigger threat to humanity. Below are some of the abilities of Abnormal Titans that you should take note of:

  • Increased speed: Abnormal Titans are usually faster than normal Titans. They can move at an incredible speed, making it difficult for anyone to escape their grasp.
  • Enhanced senses: Abnormal Titans have highly developed senses, which allow them to detect their prey from far away. They can spot their victims even in the dark, making it almost impossible to hide from them.
  • Better control: Abnormal Titans tend to have better control over their movements. They can change direction quickly, jump higher and even change their speed without much effort. This makes them more agile and unpredictable in battle.

These are some of the abilities that help Abnormal Titans become a greater threat towards humanity. However, there are also some unique abilities that only a certain type of Abnormal Titan can possess:

Hardening: Some Abnormal Titans are capable of hardening their skin, making it impossible for anyone to penetrate their defense. This ability makes them almost invincible in battle and poses a great danger to humanity.

Size: There are some Abnormal Titans that are much larger than the regular Titans. These behemoths are more difficult to take down and cause more damage than the smaller Titans.

Type of Abnormal Titan Special Ability
Armored Titan Hardening Ability
Beast Titan Ability to throw objects with great accuracy and speed
Colossal Titan Enormous size and can release a lot of steam

Abnormal Titans are a force to be reckoned with, and their special abilities make them even more deadly. Humans must be cautious and prepared when dealing with these creatures to avoid any unwanted casualties.

Strategies to Fight Normal and Abnormal Titans

Titans come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are a threat to humanity. To protect themselves, the soldiers in Attack on Titan must learn how to fight against both normal and abnormal Titans.

  • Use ODM gear to maneuver around them. ODM (Omni-Directional Mobility) gear allows soldiers to fly through the air and move around Titans quickly. This is particularly useful when fighting normal Titans, which are slower and less agile than abnormal Titans.
  • Target Titans’ weak spots. All Titans have a weak spot at the nape of their neck. This is where their spinal cord is located. A successful attack to this spot will kill the Titan. However, abnormal Titans can move in unexpected ways, making it more challenging to get a clear shot at their weak spot.
  • Work together as a team. When fighting Titans, it’s essential to have a coordinated attack plan. Each soldier should have a specific role, whether it’s distracting the Titans or landing the killing blow. This teamwork becomes even more critical when fighting abnormal Titans, who have unpredictable behavior.

However, not all Titans are created equal. Abnormal Titans behave differently from their normal counterparts. Here are some specific strategies for fighting each type:

Normal Titans: Normal Titans are slow-moving and predictable, making them easier to take down than abnormal Titans. However, they still pose a threat, especially when they are in large groups.

Abnormal Titans: Abnormal Titans are faster and more agile than normal Titans. They can also exhibit unusual behavior, such as crawling on all fours or jumping long distances. When fighting abnormal Titans, soldiers must be extra cautious and adapt to their behavior quickly.

Normal Titans Abnormal Titans
Slow-moving and predictable Fast and agile
Attack in groups Can exhibit unusual behavior
Easier to take down Require extra caution and quick adaptation

By using these strategies, soldiers in Attack on Titan can better protect themselves and fight against both normal and abnormal Titans.

What’s the Difference Between Normal and Abnormal Titans?

1. What makes a titan “normal”?
Normal titans are the typical humanoid titans typically seen around the walls of Paradis Island. They are around 3-15 meters tall and possess a limited level of intelligence, mainly just behaving on instinct and consuming humans.

2. How are abnormal titans different?
Abnormal titans are much rarer than normal titans and tend to have much more disturbing and erratic behavior. They move rapidly and with more agility and usually prioritize killing humans over consuming them.

3. Are there physical differences between the two types of titans?
Aside from behavior patterns, there are not many physical differences between normal and abnormal titans. However, abnormal titans tend to have more grotesque and unsettling appearances.

4. Can a normal titan become an abnormal titan?
It is unclear whether a normal titan could become abnormal. However, it is suggested that abnormal titans may have originally been normal titans that underwent some form of transformation.

5. Can Eren Yeager control both normal and abnormal titans?
Yes, Eren Yeager has the ability to control both normal and abnormal titans through his Founding Titan power.

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