Unlocking the Mystery: What Job Does Pippa Middleton Do?

If you’re a fan of the British royal family or just the fashionable elite, you’re likely familiar with the name Pippa Middleton. But what does she do, exactly? Middleton has had a variety of career pursuits, including event planning and writing, but her primary job is as a freelance writer and editor. She’s written for publications such as The Telegraph, Vanity Fair, and Waitrose Weekend, and she’s even authored two books of her own.

But Middleton’s love of literature and language extends beyond journalism and book authorship. She’s also an editor for her parents’ party planning magazine, Party Times, where she puts her keen eye for detail to work helping readers create perfect events. Additionally, she’s a style columnist for the prestigious British magazine, Waitrose Weekend, where she shares her expertise on fashion and trends. With her passion for writing and flair for design and style, it’s no surprise that Middleton has found success and satisfaction in these creative pursuits.

Pippa Middleton’s Career Overview

Pippa Middleton, younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is a well-known socialite, author, columnist, and entrepreneur. While she might not be a member of the royal family, she has managed to create a name for herself in the world of fashion and journalism.

  • Author: In 2012, Pippa published her first book, “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends,” which was aimed at providing readers with tips and tricks for planning successful parties and events. Though it was not a commercial success, she did receive a reported $600,000 advance for the book.
  • Columnist: Pippa has also served as a columnist for several publications, both print and online. She wrote a column called “Sport and Social,” for The Spectator, and has contributed articles to publications like The Telegraph, Vanity Fair, and Waitrose Weekend.
  • Entrepreneur: In 2013, Pippa founded her own company, “PXM Enterprises,” which offered party planning services and provided clients with bespoke events for any occasion.

Though Pippa has never held a traditional 9-to-5 job, she has managed to build a career for herself that utilizes her skills and passions. She has also become a sought-after speaker, and has appeared at several events and conferences to talk about her work and personal experiences.

Overall, Pippa has shown that with hard work, dedication, and a bit of creativity, it is possible to forge your own path and make a name for yourself, no matter your background or connections.

Pippa Middleton’s Education and Work History

Pippa Middleton is known for her affluent lifestyle and her royal connections as the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister. Her education and work history offer a glimpse of her journey from a regular student to a successful career woman.

Education Background

  • Pippa Middleton attended St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne, Berkshire, just like her siblings, Kate and James.
  • She then went to Marlborough College for high school where she played sports and participated in school activities.
  • After completing her high school education, she went to the University of Edinburgh where she earned a degree in English literature.

Work History

Pippa Middleton’s work history is varied, with experiences ranging from event planning to journalism.

  • After graduating from university, she worked for a few months in public relations for a company called Table Talk.
  • In 2008, she started working at her family’s company, Party Pieces, where she is still a director today.
  • Pippa worked as a part-time columnist for The Spectator from 2013 to 2014, sharing her views on sports and social events.
  • She has also written for Vanity Fair, Waitrose Weekend, and The Daily Telegraph.
  • In 2016, Pippa Middleton published a book titled “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends,” which was well received by readers and critics alike.


Pippa Middleton’s education and work history showcase her versatility as a professional. She explored various fields before carving her niche as an author and event planner. From working in public relations to writing columns for reputable publications, she has built a career that reflects her interests and talents.

Educational Qualification Work Experience
St. Andrew’s School, Pangbourne, Berkshire Table Talk
Marlborough College Party Pieces
University of Edinburgh The Spectator
Vanity Fair
Waitrose Weekend
The Daily Telegraph
Author of “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends”

Pippa Middleton’s education and work history showcase her versatility as a professional. She explored various fields before carving her niche as an author and event planner. From working in public relations to writing columns for reputable publications, she has built a career that reflects her interests and talents.

Pippa Middleton’s Role in the Event Planning Industry

As the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton gained international attention for her role as a bridesmaid at the Royal Wedding in 2011. Since then, she has established herself as a successful event planner and has organized numerous events in the UK and abroad.

Pippa Middleton’s Event Planning Company

  • Pippa Middleton founded her own event planning company, called “PXM Enterprises Limited,” in 2013.
  • The company offers a range of event planning services, including organizing weddings, corporate events, and private parties.
  • Pippa works closely with her team of event planners and suppliers to ensure that every event is executed to perfection.

The Importance of Attention to Detail

One of the key factors that sets Pippa Middleton’s event planning company apart is her attention to detail. Pippa believes that every element of an event should be carefully considered, from the color scheme and floral arrangements to the food and music.

She often works with local suppliers to incorporate regional specialties and ensure that every aspect of an event reflects the local culture and traditions.

Pippa’s commitment to attention to detail has earned her a reputation as one of the UK’s top event planners and has led to numerous high-profile clients, including celebrities and members of the royal family.

Pippa Middleton’s Notable Events

Pippa Middleton has organized numerous memorable and highly-publicized events, including:

Event Description Location
James Matthews and Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Pippa’s own wedding to James Matthews, which featured a beautiful English country theme. Berkshire, UK
Winter Wonderlunch Charity Event A Christmas-themed charity event organized by Pippa to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. London, UK
Birthday Party for Princess Eugenie Pippa helped organize Princess Eugenie’s 18th birthday party, which featured a tropical beach theme. St. Tropez, France

Each of these events was unique and tailored to the individual client’s preferences, showcase Pippa’s strong event planning skills and creativity.

Pippa Middleton’s Book Publishing and Writing Career

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has made her mark in the publishing world with her numerous books and columns. She established her career as a writer in 2012 when she published her first book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends. The book was a guide to entertaining and celebrating throughout the year.

Since then, Middleton has published several other books, including Heartfelt: Over 40 Flexible and Stylish Knitting Patterns and Celebrate: A Christmas Handbook. Her writing style is characterized by a warm and friendly tone that makes her books accessible to a wide range of readers.

  • Middleton’s books are known for their practical tips and creative ideas for entertaining
  • She has a strong interest in fashion and has written many columns for different magazines
  • She has also written articles for mind and body wellness

Middleton’s writing career has not been without controversy. Her book Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends received mixed reviews, with some critics describing it as “obvious” and “useless.” However, Middleton has remained undeterred and continues to write on topics that interest her.

Middleton has also taken on other roles in the publishing industry. In 2013, she became a contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine, where she wrote on topics such as travel and fashion. She has also penned columns for The Sunday Telegraph and Waitrose Weekend.

Books Year Published
Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends 2012
Heartfelt: Over 40 Flexible and Stylish Knitting Patterns 2015
Celebrate: A Christmas Handbook 2016

Even with a busy writing and publishing schedule, Middleton continues to be involved in charitable endeavors. She is an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation and regularly participates in charity events.

Pippa Middleton’s Philanthropic Efforts

As a member of the royal family, Pippa Middleton has used her platform to make a difference in the world. Over the years, she has been involved in various charitable organizations that seek to alleviate social issues and promote a better quality of life for people. Here are some of her philanthropic efforts:

  • The British Heart Foundation – in 2014, Pippa ran a 50-mile race in Scotland to raise money for the organization. The British Heart Foundation focuses on funding research and education to prevent heart disease and stroke, and provides support and care for those affected by these illnesses.
  • The Mary Hare School for Deaf Children – Pippa is an ambassador for this school, which provides education and support for deaf children. In 2016, she attended a charity auction that raised money for the school, and she has also donated items to be auctioned off.
  • The British Red Cross – Pippa has been a member of the British Red Cross since 2012, and has been involved in various events and campaigns for the organization. In 2013, she participated in the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant to raise awareness for the charity.

Pippa’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond her involvement in these particular organizations. She has participated in several charity runs, including the Great Wall Marathon in China, and she has also written articles and given speeches on the importance of charity and giving back to the community.

Pippa Middleton’s Participation in Endurance Sports

In addition to her philanthropic efforts, Pippa is known for her participation in endurance sports. She has completed several long-distance races, including marathons and triathlons. Pippa has said that she enjoys the challenge of these races and the sense of accomplishment that comes after completing them.

One of her most notable endurance events was the Engadin Ski Marathon, a cross-country skiing race in Switzerland. Pippa trained for several months leading up to the race, and finished with a time of two hours and 48 minutes.

Pippa Middleton’s Writing Career

Pippa has also made a name for herself as a writer, with several articles and books to her name. In 2012, she wrote a party-planning book called “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.” The book contains tips and ideas for hosting various types of parties, from Christmas dinners to Halloween gatherings.

In addition to her book, Pippa has also written articles for various publications, including The Daily Telegraph and Vanity Fair. Her articles cover a range of topics, from fashion and travel to charity and philanthropy.

Pippa Middleton’s Professional Career

Despite being a member of the royal family, Pippa has maintained a career outside of her royal obligations. She has worked as an events planner and a columnist, and has even started her own business. In 2013, she launched a company called “PXM Enterprises,” which focuses on publishing and design.

Year Professional Work
2013 Launched PXM Enterprises
2015-2016 Columnist for Waitrose Weekend magazine
2016-present Brand ambassador for NordicTrack

Pippa’s professional career demonstrates her commitment to pursuing her own interests and passions, while also using her platform for philanthropic work and raising awareness for social issues.

Pippa Middleton’s Fashion Business Ventures

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is not only known for her elegance and style but also for her fashion business ventures. Her involvement in the fashion industry has been a part of her passion and love for creativity and style.

The Party Pieces

  • Party Pieces is an online party supply company that was founded by Pippa’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, in 1987.
  • Pippa has worked for her family’s company in the past and has used her experience to expand into the fashion sector.
  • She launched Party Pieces’ blog, which provides party tips and inspirational ideas for various occasions.

Pippa Middleton’s Collaboration

Pippa Middleton has collaborated with various fashion brands, promoting their products and campaigns. Here are some examples:

  • She partnered with Tabitha Webb, a British designer, to create limited edition silk dresses.
  • Pippa collaborated with designer and family friend, Alice Temperley, to create a personalized white shift dress.
  • She has also teamed up with Swiss sportswear company, Zpump, to produce running gear.

Pippa Middleton’s Book

In 2012, Pippa released her first book, “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.” It’s a party-planning book that includes tips and ideas for various occasions.

The book became a New York Times bestseller and was highly praised for its creativity, style, and practicality. It was considered as a perfect guide for anyone who wanted to throw a successful party.

The Fold

In 2018, Pippa Middleton became the ambassador of The Fold, a luxury women’s clothing brand that “tailors classic dressing to busy modern women.” The brand offers elegant workwear that is designed to make women look and feel confident in their workplace.

Features Details
Materials Used Sustainable fabrics that are ethically sourced.
Thefoldwoman.com The brand’s website that offers a wide range of clothing, including dresses, skirts, pants, and blouses.
Pippa’s Role Pippa’s role involves representing the brand through various campaigns and events. She has also designed a dress that was sold to raise funds for a hospital charity.

The Fold has gained a lot of popularity since Pippa’s partnership, and it continues to attract many women who are looking for stylish and comfortable workwear.

Pippa Middleton’s Personal Life and Family Connections

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been in the public eye since her sister’s wedding to Prince William in 2011. Though not a member of the royal family, Pippa has made a name for herself with her fashion sense and charitable endeavors.

In her personal life, Pippa has long been known for her love of fitness and sports. She has competed in marathons and triathlons, and has even written a book about healthy living. Pippa is also an avid skier and has traveled to some of the world’s most famous ski resorts.

As for her family connections, Pippa’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are successful business owners who founded Party Pieces, a mail-order party supplies company in the UK. Pippa’s brother, James, is also an entrepreneur, having founded a marshmallow-making business and a personalized gift company.

Pippa Middleton’s Philanthropic Activities

  • Pippa has been involved with a number of charities throughout her life, including the British Heart Foundation and Disability Snowsport UK.
  • She has also served as an ambassador for the Mary Hare School for the Deaf, and has organized charity events to raise money for the institution.
  • Pippa has also taken part in endurance events to raise money for charity, including cycling from London to Paris and skiing across Sweden.

Pippa Middleton’s Professional Life

After graduating university, Pippa worked as a party planner for her parents’ company, Party Pieces. She then went on to work for a number of different companies in the events and public relations industries.

In 2012, Pippa wrote a book called “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.” The book was a guide to planning and hosting all manner of parties and events. It received mixed reviews from critics, but nonetheless sold well.

More recently, Pippa has pursued a career as a freelance writer and has contributed articles to several publications, including Vanity Fair and The Telegraph.

Pippa Middleton’s Favorite Ski Resorts

As mentioned, Pippa is an enthusiastic skier and has visited some of the world’s most famous ski resorts. Here is a table listing some of her favorites:

Resort Country Notes
Zermatt Switzerland One of the most iconic and picturesque ski resorts in the world.
Courchevel France A luxurious and upscale resort in the heart of the French Alps.
St. Moritz Switzerland Another world-famous resort known for its glamour and sophistication.

Whether skiing the Alps or supporting charitable causes, Pippa Middleton is an accomplished and multi-talented individual who has made a name for herself in her own right.

FAQs: What Job Does Pippa Middleton Do?

1. What is Pippa Middleton’s profession?

Pippa Middleton is a writer, commentator, and author. She has written for several publications and has also authored two books.

2. What kind of writing does Pippa Middleton do?

Pippa Middleton writes about a variety of topics such as sports, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle. Her writing has been featured in publications such as Vanity Fair and The Telegraph.

3. Does Pippa Middleton have a full-time job?

Pippa Middleton does not have a full-time job. She is known to be involved in various charitable activities and is a keen sports enthusiast.

4. What is Pippa Middleton’s background?

Pippa Middleton comes from a wealthy family and has been involved in various business ventures. She is the younger sister of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

5. Is Pippa Middleton involved in any philanthropic work?

Yes, Pippa Middleton is actively involved in philanthropic work and supports several charities. She has completed various races and marathons for charity and is also a patron of the British Heart Foundation.

6. Does Pippa Middleton have any plans to enter politics?

No, there is no indication that Pippa Middleton has any plans to enter politics.

7. What are Pippa Middleton’s future plans?

Pippa Middleton has not disclosed her future plans. However, she is expected to continue her involvement in charitable activities and her writing.

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