What is the Difference Between Aldor and Scryers? Explained

Are you looking to level up your World of Warcraft gameplay? If so, you’re probably familiar with two factions in game: the Aldor and the Scryers. But what sets these two groups apart and which one should you align with? Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the Aldor and the Scryers.

First, let’s talk about reputation. The Aldor and the Scryers have separate reputation systems, so if you choose to align with one, your reputation with the other will naturally decrease. The Aldor are the more traditional and devout of the two, with a focus on attaining spiritual purity. The Scryers, on the other hand, are a secretive group of blood elves who dabble in the arcane arts. Their main goal is to gain knowledge and power through their magic.

One of the biggest differences between the two factions is the gear and rewards they offer. The Aldor specialize in weapons and armor, while the Scryers offer more trinkets and potions. The Aldor also have access to unique flight paths and daily quests, while the Scryers have a powerful ally in the form of their own dragon mount. Ultimately, the decision of which faction to align with is up to personal preference and playstyle.

Aldor and Scryers Faction NPC Locations

One of the big decisions that players must make when playing World of Warcraft is whether to align themselves with the Aldor or Scryers factions. This decision can have a major impact on gameplay, including which NPCs are available to interact with. Here is an in-depth look at where to find Aldor and Scryers faction NPCs:

  • The Aldor faction has their main hub located in Shattrath City in the western portion of the city. Most of the faction’s primary NPCs, including Quartermaster Endarin and the Grand Master Enchanters, can be found here.
  • Meanwhile, the Scryers faction has their main hub in the eastern portion of Shattrath City. Their most prominent NPCs include Quartermaster Enuril and the Grand Master Inscription trainers.
  • Players should also be aware that each faction has a few NPCs located in other parts of Outland. For example, the Aldor have a representative in Honor Hold while the Scryers have a presence in Area 52.

Aldor and Scryers Faction NPC Services

Now that we know where to find Aldor and Scryers faction NPCs, let’s take a closer look at what services they offer:

The Aldor faction offers Paladin and Priest trainers, as well as access to several powerful crafting recipes. Additionally, players who reach revered or higher with the Aldor will have access to unique shoulder enchants that can offer significant benefits.

The Scryers faction, on the other hand, offers Shaman and Mage trainers, as well as some excellent Enchanting supplies and recipes. Players who are revered or higher with the Scryers will have access to neck enchants that can be swapped out depending on the situation.

Aldor and Scryers Reputation Grinds

Finally, it’s worth noting that players will need to grind reputation with their chosen faction in order to unlock access to some of these NPCs and their services. Here’s a breakdown of how these reputation grinds work:

Faction Name Reputation Grind Rewards
The Aldor Killing specific demons throughout Outland Access to shoulder enchantments, crafting recipes, Paladin and Priest trainers
The Scryers Killing specific Arakkoa throughout Outland Access to neck enchantments, Enchanting supplies and recipes, Shaman and Mage trainers

Overall, choosing between the Aldor and Scryers factions can have a major impact on how players experience World of Warcraft. With this guide on NPC locations, services, and reputation grinds, players should have the information they need to make an informed decision.

Role Variations of Aldor and Scryers

When it comes to the Aldor and Scryers, there are some notable differences in their roles and responsibilities. Let’s take a closer look at each faction and their respective roles.

  • The Aldor: The Aldor is a faction that is revered by the draenei. They are a group of priests who are dedicated to serving the Naaru, a collection of sentient energy beings that are worshipped by the draenei. The Aldor is known for their knowledge of the Light and their willingness to share that knowledge with others. They are also responsible for training new priests and paladins, as well as guiding the draenei people in matters of faith and spirituality.
  • The Scryers: The Scryers, on the other hand, are a group of blood elves who broke away from their people’s alliance with the Burning Legion. They are known for their expertise in magic, particularly in the arcane and divination arts. The Scryers are responsible for gathering intelligence and using their magical abilities to predict the future. They are also adept at crafting and enchanting items, making them valuable allies to anyone seeking to improve their gear or weapons.
  • Role Variations: While the Aldor and Scryers have distinct roles and responsibilities, there is some overlap between the two factions. For example, both factions are responsible for defending the Isle of Quel’Danas against attacks from the Burning Legion and other threats. Additionally, both factions have access to a number of unique quests and rewards, making them attractive options for players looking to engage in specific activities.

Comparison of Rewards

One of the main reasons players may choose to align themselves with either the Aldor or Scryers is the unique rewards that each faction offers. Here is a breakdown of the rewards that players can expect to receive from each faction:

Ultimately, whether you choose to align with the Aldor or Scryers will depend on your personal preferences and gameplay style. Both factions offer unique rewards, quests, and opportunities that can enhance your experience in the game.

Aldor and Scryers Reputation Farming

One of the main differences between Aldor and Scryers is their reputation. Reputation with these factions is required to access certain quests, gear, and items in the game. Here is an in-depth explanation of how to gain reputation with these factions:

  • Quests: Both factions offer quests that grant reputation when completed. These quests can be found in various locations throughout Outland, but some are only available once certain requirements are met.
  • Kills: Killing mobs associated with either faction will grant reputation points to the opposing faction. For example, killing demons will grant reputation with Aldor while killing arakkoa will grant reputation with Scryers.
  • Items: There are specific items that can be turned in for reputation with either Aldor or Scryers. These items can be obtained through various means, including drops from mobs, completing quests, or purchasing them from vendors.

In addition to gaining reputation, it’s important to choose which faction to align with based on the rewards they offer. Each faction offers unique gear, buffs, and quests. It’s also worth noting that choosing one faction will result in a decrease in reputation with the other, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Here is a comparison table of the rewards each faction offers:

Aldor Rewards Scryers Rewards

Access to the Aldor Bank Access to the Scryers Bank
Access to unique quests and rewards Access to unique quests and rewards
Opportunities to craft and obtain powerful gear Opportunities to craft and obtain powerful gear
The ability to train as a priest or paladin The ability to train as a mage or warlock
Faction Reward
Aldor Spellfire Robe (mage), Lightwarden’s Band (paladin), several blacksmithing recipes
Scryers Whispering Blade of Slaying (rogue), Scryer’s Bloodgem (caster DPS), several tailoring recipes

It’s important to note that some rewards may be more beneficial than others depending on your class and playstyle. Be sure to research and consider all options before deciding which faction to align with.

The Differences in Aldor and Scryers Questlines

The questlines for the Aldor and the Scryers vary greatly in content, objectives, and storylines. While both are factions within the World of Warcraft game, they each have their unique questlines that players can follow. Here, we will take a closer look at the differences between the Aldor and Scryers questlines.

Objectives of the Questlines

  • The Aldor questline focuses on eradicating the demonic forces that have corrupted the city of Shattrath. Players must help the Aldor gather resources, reclaim sacred artifacts to help protect the city, and defeat the demonic armies that threaten it.
  • The Scryers questline, on the other hand, focuses on working with the Aldor’s rival faction to help them establish a presence in the city. Players must help the Scryers gather information, spy on the Aldor’s activities, and thwart their plans to keep the Scryers from gaining power.


The Aldor and Scryers questlines have different storylines that are reflected in the different objectives and quests that players undertake. The Aldor questline is focused on the greater good and fighting the forces of evil. The Scryers questline is focused on power and self-preservation.

The Aldor are the protectors of the city, and in their questline, players get to witness the demons threatening the safety of the city firsthand. The Scryers, however, are looking for knowledge and power, and their questline involves spying on the Aldor and gathering information to further their own objectives.

Quest Rewards and Reputation

The rewards players receive for completing quests for each faction also vary significantly. Aldor quest rewards often focus on increasing combat abilities or obtaining rare equipment. The Scryers offer more opportunities to gain magical items or learn new spells.

Additionally, players will earn faction reputation by completing quests for each group. Choosing one faction over the other to ally with in the questline will impact how other factions perceive you. The Aldor are naturally inclined towards Light and will reward players with Holy spells and abilities, while the Scryers are oriented towards Arcane energy and will reward players with powerful Arcane-themed items.


While both Aldor and Scryers questlines are interesting and engaging in their own right, it’s worth noting that the differences in their objectives, storylines, and quest rewards make for a varied gameplay experience. Choosing to follow one faction over the other will not only affect the quests available to players but also how they are perceived in the larger game world.

Feature Aldor Questline Scryers Questline
Objectives Defeat demonic forces, protect the city Establish Scryers presence, gain power
Storyline Focused on good and fighting evil Focused on power and self-preservation
Quest Rewards Better equipment and combat abilities Magical items and new spells
Reputation Increases Light spells and abilities Intensifies Arcane-energy items

In summary, the Aldor and Scryers questlines offer different experiences for players to engage with. Whether it’s rooting out demonic forces or gathering information to get ahead, each faction offers unique gameplay and rewards.

Lore Behind the Aldor and Scryers

In the world of Warcraft, the Aldor and Scryers are two rival factions who are based in the city of Shattrath. Both factions have a rich backstory that has evolved over the years and are an integral part of the game’s lore.

  • The Aldor: The Aldor are a group of Draenei priests who have dedicated their lives to the worship of the holy naaru. They are staunch defenders of the Light and seek to eradicate all darkness from the world. They are led by Prophet Velen, one of the most revered figures in Draenei society. The Aldor reside in the Aldor Rise, which is located in the northern part of Shattrath.
  • The Scryers: The Scryers, on the other hand, are a group of blood elves who were once loyal to Kael’thas Sunstrider. However, they broke away from him when they realized his true intentions and joined forces with the naaru and the Aldor to fight the Burning Legion. They reside in the Scryer’s Tier, which is located in the southern part of Shattrath.
  • The Rivalry: The Aldor and the Scryers’ rivalry stems from their philosophical differences. While the Aldor are focused on purging the world of darkness, the Scryers are more interested in acquiring wealth and power. As a result, the two factions are constantly at odds with one another.

The rivalry between the Aldor and Scryers is a central plot point in the Burning Crusade expansion pack. Players must choose which faction to align themselves with, and the choice affects the quests and rewards they receive. Each faction also has unique gear that can only be obtained by earning reputation with them.

Additionally, the city of Shattrath itself is an interesting location as it serves as a sort of sanctuary for players. It was once the capital of the Draenei civilization, and its architecture reflects that. However, it was destroyed in a battle and is now occupied by various factions, including the Aldor and Scryers.


The Aldor and Scryers are two factions that are deeply ingrained in World of Warcraft lore. Their philosophical differences and rivalry provide a rich backstory that adds depth to the game’s universe. Players who align themselves with one of these factions can enjoy unique quests, rewards, and gear. Shattrath City serves as an essential hub for players, and its history adds to the intrigue of the Aldor and Scryers’ conflict.

Choosing Between Aldor and Scryers

As a World of Warcraft player, one of the important decisions you’ll have to make is to choose between Aldor and Scryers. Both factions have their unique perks, and depending on your playstyle and goals, one may be better suited for you than the other. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you need to know before making your decision.

Benefits of Choosing Aldor

  • Access to Aldor’s reputation rewards, including powerful shoulder enchants and items that improve your overall health and damage.
  • Aldor has a lower-tier set of quest rewards, which means you can earn more gold and items by choosing them.
  • Aldor can start a questline that grants you a pet that can prove useful in pet battles.

Benefits of Choosing Scryers

  • Access to Scryer’s reputation rewards, including powerful shoulder enchants and items that improve your spell power and healing abilities.
  • Scryer’s tier set quest rewards are higher quality and better suited for casters and healers.
  • Scryers can start a questline that grants you an incredibly useful flying mount.

Factors to Consider

Ultimately, the choice between Aldor and Scryers will depend on what you hope to accomplish in the game. Here are some factors to consider before deciding:

  • Your character class and role in your guild or party. If you’re a healer, for example, Scryer’s spell power boost may be more useful for you than Aldor’s damage boost.
  • Your goals for reputation grinding. If you’re looking for top-tier quest rewards and don’t mind taking on slightly harder quests, then Scryers is the way to go. If you’re interested in a quick grind and strong shoulder enchantments, Aldor might be the better choice for you.
  • Your personal preference for mounts and pets.

Aldor vs. Scryers Table Comparison

Factor Aldor Scryers
Shoulder Enchants Stat increases that benefit melee DPS Stat increases that benefit spellcasters/healers
Tier Set Rewards Lower quality, but quests are easier to complete Higher quality, but quests are more challenging
Unique Rewards Pet that assists in pet battles Flying mount that allows for faster travel

Ultimately, choosing between Aldor and Scryers comes down to personal preference and playstyle. Take the time to consider your goals and what you want to achieve in the game, and you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision.

Aldor and Scryers Rewards and Benefits

Choosing between the Aldor and the Scryers can be a difficult decision, as both factions offer unique rewards and benefits. Here’s a breakdown of what each of them has to offer:

  • Aldor Rewards: One of the most notable rewards for choosing the Aldor is access to their faction vendors, who offer a variety of unique items that are only available to their members. These vendors sell everything from rare ingredients for crafting to powerful trinkets and weapons. Additionally, completing quests for the Aldor will earn you reputation with the faction, which can eventually lead to higher ranks and even more rewards.
  • Scryers Rewards: Perhaps the most sought-after reward for choosing the Scryers is access to their unique player housing area, which is located in the heart of Shattrath City. This area is only accessible to Scryers members, and it offers a variety of useful services and amenities, including vendors, repair NPCs, and mailbox access. Additionally, Scryers members can earn reputation by completing quests for the faction, which can eventually lead to access to unique items and equipment.

While both factions offer unique rewards, there are some other key differences between them that may influence your decision:

Aldor vs. Scryers – Faction Benefits: When it comes to faction benefits, the Aldor are generally considered to be the more “pure” faction, as they are primarily concerned with fighting the Burning Legion and preserving the Light. As a result, they tend to have more support from the Alliance and other “good” factions. On the other hand, the Scryers are more sympathetic to the Burning Legion and are generally considered to be more of a “grey” faction. While this may make them less popular with some factions, it also means they have access to more powerful and dangerous magic, which can be invaluable in combat.

Aldor vs. Scryers – Reputation: Both factions offer reputation rewards for completing quests, but the Aldor tend to be a bit more strict when it comes to earning their trust. To reach higher levels of reputation with the Aldor, you’ll need to complete a larger number of quests, and some of them may require special items or restrictions. On the other hand, the Scryers are generally more lenient when it comes to reputation, and you can earn their trust more quickly by completing simpler tasks.

Aldor vs. Scryers – Faction Comparison
Aldor Scryers
Faction Focus Fighting Burning Legion, preserving the Light Understanding and harnessing dark magic
Faction Benefits More support from “good” factions Access to more powerful magic
Reputation More difficult to earn higher ranks Easier to earn trust with simpler tasks

Ultimately, the choice between the Aldor and the Scryers will depend on your personal play style and preferences. Consider your goals and priorities carefully, and don’t be afraid to try out both factions to see which one feels like the best fit for you.

What is the difference between Aldor and Scryers?

1. Who are Aldor and Scryers?

Aldor and Scryers are two factions in the World of Warcraft game. They both provide unique quests and rewards for players, but they have different beliefs and goals.

2. What is the main difference between Aldor and Scryers?

The main difference between Aldor and Scryers is their affiliation with different races and values. Aldor is associated with the Draenei and believes in the power of the Light. Scryers, on the other hand, are affiliated with the Blood Elves and believe in the power of magic.

3. Can players switch between Aldor and Scryers?

Yes, players can switch between Aldor and Scryers. However, switching factions will reset your reputation with the previous faction back to zero. Keep in mind that some quests and rewards are only available to one faction, so choose carefully.

4. What unique rewards do Aldor and Scryers offer?

Aldor and Scryers offer different rewards based on their beliefs and values. Aldor rewards players with Light-based spells and equipment, while Scryers provide Arcane-based rewards and equipment. Both factions also offer unique mounts and items for players to collect.

5. How do players gain reputation with Aldor and Scryers?

Players can gain reputation with either faction by completing quests and killing mobs associated with either Aldor or Scryers. Some quests give more reputation than others, and players can also increase their reputation by wearing faction-specific tabards while running dungeons.

Closing Thoughts:

Thanks for reading about the differences between Aldor and Scryers in the World of Warcraft game. Remember, each faction provides unique quests, rewards, and lore for players to explore. Choose your faction wisely and have fun playing! Don’t forget to visit us again soon for more gaming articles and updates.

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