What is a Good Gift for a Hairstylist? Unique Ideas and Tips

If you have a hairstylist in your life, chances are they’ve made you look and feel absolutely fantastic at some point. So, it’s only natural that you would want to return the favor by giving them a great gift. But what, exactly, makes a good gift for a hairstylist?

First off, you’ll want to think about what a hairstylist might actually need or use in their line of work. Things like professional-level tools, high-quality hair care products, or educational materials could all make great presents. Beyond that, you’ll want to consider their personal style and interests. Maybe they’re a creative type who would enjoy a painting or a unique piece of jewelry, or perhaps they’re more practical and would appreciate a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Ultimately, the key to finding a good gift for a hairstylist is to balance practicality and personalization. You want to choose something that will be genuinely useful to them, but also shows that you care about them as an individual. With a little bit of thought and consideration, you’re sure to find a gift that your hairstylist will love.

Why giving a gift to a hairstylist is important

Hairstylists are often overlooked when it comes to expressing gratitude for their services. However, a simple gift can go a long way in showing your appreciation for their hard work. Here are some reasons why giving a gift to a hairstylist is important:

  • It acknowledges their hard work: Hairstylists stay on their feet for long hours every day, working hard to ensure that their clients leave the salon looking and feeling their best. A thoughtful gift shows them that you recognize their efforts.
  • It strengthens your relationship with them: Giving a gift is a gesture of kindness that can help build a deeper connection with your hairstylist. By showing that you value their work, you also create a sense of trust and loyalty between you.
  • It encourages them to continue to provide the best service possible: A gift can serve as a form of positive reinforcement, letting your hairstylist know that you appreciate their skills and the care they take to provide you with the best possible service. This can motivate them to continue to give their all in the future.

How to choose a gift that a hairstylist will appreciate

Choosing a gift for a hairstylist can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any experience with hair styling tools or equipment. However, with a little bit of research and understanding of a hairstylist’s needs, you can choose a gift that they will appreciate and find useful.

  • Consider their interests: Before selecting a gift for your hairstylist, evaluate what they are interested in outside of work. This will give you an idea of their hobbies, favorite music, or any particular products that they like. This may also include any hair styling techniques they prefer or the products they use.
  • Find out what they need: Try to find out what your hairstylist needs or what tools they are missing. This can be done through casual conversation or asking their colleagues. This can help you choose a gift that will be beneficial to them and show that you care about their work.
  • Quality over quantity: When it comes to purchasing hair styling tools, it’s important to choose quality over quantity. This means selecting items that are durable and will last a long time, instead of purchasing cheap tools that will break easily. Look for items made from good quality materials and known brands.

Once you have an idea of what your hairstylist needs, you can start looking for the right gift. If you’re unsure, here are some ideas for gifts that every hairstylist will appreciate:

Gift Ideas:

Gift Description
Professional Hair Dryer A hair dryer is an essential tool for hairstylists. Consider purchasing one that is lightweight and has different heat settings.
Hair Shears High-quality hair shears can make a hair stylist’s job much easier and more enjoyable. Look for ones with sharp blades and comfortable handles.
Salon-Quality Hair Products Hairstylists use a variety of hair products, including shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays. Look for salon-quality products that will keep their clients’ hair looking healthy and shiny.
Portable Steamer Portable steamers are a great gift for mobile hairstylists. They can be used to smooth out wrinkles in clothing or to clean and sanitize tools and equipment.

Remember that the most important aspect of choosing a gift is to show your appreciation and gratitude towards your hairstylist. With a little bit of thought and consideration, you can find the perfect gift that they will appreciate and use for years to come.

The Best Time to Give a Gift to a Hairstylist

Choosing the right time to give a gift to your hairstylist is just as important as choosing the gift itself. Here are some factors to consider:

  • End of Year: Many people choose to give gifts to their hairstylists at the end of the year, as a way to show appreciation for a year of great haircuts and styles.
  • Birthday: Another great time to give a gift to a hairstylist is on their birthday. It’s a personal and thoughtful gesture that shows you care enough to remember their special day.
  • Special Occasions: If your hairstylist is celebrating a special occasion, such as a wedding or the birth of a child, a gift is a great way to show your support and congratulations.

Keep in mind that it’s always appropriate to give your hairstylist a gift when you feel they have gone above and beyond in their service. This could be a particularly transformative haircut, or excellent customer service.

Ultimately, the best time to give a gift to your hairstylist is when it feels right for you and your relationship. A gift is a great way to show your appreciation and strengthen your connection with your stylist.

Pros Cons
Shows appreciation for great service Can be seen as bribery for better service
Strengthens relationship with stylist May make stylist feel uncomfortable or indebted
Can be a thoughtful gesture for special occasions May not be affordable or feasible for everyone

With these considerations in mind, you can give a meaningful and appropriate gift that will be appreciated by your hairstylist.

DIY Gift Ideas for Hairstylists

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your hairstylist, it can be tricky to figure out what they might appreciate the most. Whether it’s for their birthday, a holiday, or just a way to say thank you for their amazing work, there are plenty of meaningful and creative gifts that won’t break the bank. DIY gifts are a great option because they show that you put in the time and effort to create something unique just for them. Here are some fun and thoughtful DIY gift ideas for hairstylists:

  • Customized Clay Cutout: Make a small, personalized clay cutout of a hairbrush, scissors, or even their name. You can attach a magnet to the back, so they can display it in their workspace.
  • Hair Accessory Holder: Create a cute and functional hair accessory holder by decorating a wooden plank or canvas board with decorative touches such as ribbons, crystals, and other hair accessories. Your hairstylist can use it to store all the hair clips, bands, and other hair accessories that they use on their clients.
  • Personalized Mug: You can never go wrong with a customized mug. Add their name, a fun hair pun, or a quote related to their profession to a plain white mug using a permanent marker. They’ll enjoy sipping their coffee or tea in personalized style.

If you’re looking for an easy yet creative DIY gift that doesn’t require a lot of effort, consider packaging some homemade treats or baking them a tray of cookies or cupcakes. Tie it up with a ribbon and a personalised thank you note for a thoughtful surprise that is sure to brighten their day.

If you want to go the extra mile and make something a little more elaborate, you could create a well-decorated customised apron, complete with pockets, embroidery, and patches. Check our table below for some ideas and inspiration.

Materials to Consider Ideas and Inspiration
Canvas Apron Sequin, fabric paint ribbon, stickers and patches
Fabric Paint Use stencils or freehand design for adding a unique message or a personalized design to the apron
Pockets Customise pockets by cutting and sewing similar art related designs making sure to not interfere with the functionality of apron pockets.

DIY gifts are perfect for displaying your creativity and telling your hairstylist that you appreciate their efforts while keeping your expenses in checks. However, it is important that you also take into account the recipient’s preferences and dislikes when making them customised gifts. These efforts may go a long way in rewarding their time and energy and boost their morale.

What not to give hairstylists as gifts

Choosing a gift for a hairstylist can be challenging. While you may want to show your appreciation for their skills, there are certain gifts that you should avoid. Here are five things you should not give hairstylists as gifts:

  • Personal care products: While it may seem like a good idea to give a hairstylist a gift such as perfume or lotion, they likely have their own preferences when it comes to these products. Additionally, some hairstylists may have allergies or sensitivities to certain scents or ingredients.
  • Cheap tools: Good hairstyling tools can be expensive, and a hairstylist may rely on high-quality tools to do their job effectively. Cheap tools may be poorly made and could even break during use.
  • Food and drinks: While food and drinks may seem like a thoughtful gift, they can be problematic for hairstylists who are busy with clients all day. They may not have time to eat or drink during their shift, and certain foods or drinks could even stain their uniform or cause strong odors.
  • Clothing: You may think that a cute t-shirt or apron with a salon-related saying would make a great gift, but a hairstylist may prefer to wear their own clothing or uniform to work. Additionally, sizing can be tricky, and you don’t want to inadvertently give a gift that doesn’t fit well.
  • Knick-knacks and ornaments: While a cute desk ornament or trinket may seem like a good option, many hairstylists work in small spaces that can quickly become cluttered. Plus, they may have their own style preferences when it comes to decor.


When it comes to giving gifts to hairstylists, it’s important to be thoughtful and practical. Avoid items that may not be useful or are too personal in nature. Consider giving gifts such as high-quality hair products or salon accessories that can help a hairstylist do their job with ease. These gifts will not only be appreciated, but they’ll also help ensure that your hairstylist is able to provide top-notch services to all of their clients.

Personalized gift ideas for hairstylists

Looking for a gift for your hairstylist? Why not get them something personalized? Personalized gifts show how much thought and effort you put into your present, and they are always appreciated. Here are some personalized gift ideas for hairstylists:

  • Monogrammed hair tools: Stylists use their tools every day, so why not get them monogrammed? Personalized scissors, combs, and brushes are not only practical but also unique. Your hairstylist will appreciate the extra touch.
  • Personalized salon apron: Stylists wear aprons all day long, so a personalized one will make a great gift. You can have their name or salon name embroidered on it, or even include a funny phrase that relates to their job.
  • Customized salon sign: If your hairstylist has their own salon, a customized sign with their name or logo will make a great addition. It shows that you support their business and believe in their talent.

Another personalized gift idea for hairstylists is to create a gift basket with items that cater to their profession. You can include:

  • High-quality hair products: Hair professionals always appreciate high-quality hair products. Look for salon-grade shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.
  • Coffee or tea: Stylists work long hours on their feet, and sometimes a caffeine boost is just what they need. A bag of their favorite coffee or tea will be appreciated.
  • Comfortable salon shoes: Standing on your feet all day can take a toll on your body, and salon professionals need comfortable footwear. Find a pair of supportive and stylish shoes.

If you’re looking for a more unique and personalized gift, you can create a customized gift basket with items that reflect your hairstylist’s personality and interests. For example, if your hairstylist loves to travel, add a travel-inspired item like a passport cover or luggage tag. Or if they’re a foodie, you can include a cookbook or a food-related gift card.

Gift Idea Personalization
Monogrammed hair tools Engrave hairstylist’s name on tools
Personalized salon apron Embroider salon name or funny phrase
Customized salon sign Include salon name or logo

Whatever personalized gift you choose, make sure to include a heartfelt note expressing your appreciation for your hairstylist’s hard work and dedication. They will cherish your gift and sentiment for years to come.

Practical gift ideas for hairstylists

When thinking of a gift for a hairstylist, it’s important to consider something that is both useful in their profession and shows your appreciation for their work. Here are some practical gift ideas:

  • Professional Hair Cutting Scissors: Every hairstylist needs a quality pair of scissors. Consider purchasing a durable and sharp pair of shears that will last for years.
  • Stylist Tool Belt: A tool belt provides a convenient way to keep all of their tools organized and within reach during a busy day of cutting, styling, and coloring.
  • Hot Tools: Invest in a high-end flat iron or curling iron that will allow them to create the perfect look for their clients. Look for one with adjustable temperature controls and tourmaline or ceramic plates.

One of the best things about giving practical gifts is that they are often items that a person will use regularly and appreciate for years to come. Practical gifts for hairstylists can range from specialized hair accessories to trendy salon furniture. Other practical gift ideas for hairstylists include:

  • Salon-quality haircare products: Set your hairstylist up for success with high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that will keep their clients looking and feeling their best.
  • Professional Makeup Kit: Most hairstylists also do makeup, especially if they work in a salon or at weddings. Investing in a professional makeup kit that includes everything they need, from brushes to eyeshadows, can be a great gift.
  • Stylish aprons: A stylish and comfortable apron is a must-have for any hair stylist. Look for one with multiple pockets and adjustable straps that will fit comfortably over their clothing during long days of work.

If you’re still not sure what to get your hairstylist, consider giving them a gift card to their favorite beauty or salon supply store. This will give them the freedom to choose exactly what they need, whether it’s a new set of shears or a trendy hairstyle book. Whatever gift you choose, make sure to express your gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

Pros Cons
Practical gifts are often long-lasting and useful. They may not have the “wow factor” of a more creative or personalized gift.
They show that you understand and appreciate the hairstylist’s profession and needs. Some practical gifts, like hair cutting scissors, can be quite expensive.
Practical gifts are often versatile and can be used by almost any hairstylist. There is a risk that the hairstylist may already have the item you choose as a gift.

Overall, practical gifts are a great option for hairstylists. Just remember to keep the stylist’s preferences in mind when selecting a gift, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from other hairstylists or industry professionals.

Unique Gift Ideas for Hairstylists

When it comes to showing appreciation to your hairstylist, finding the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming. You want to find something unique and thoughtful that shows how grateful you are for their talent and dedication to your hair. Here are eight unique gift ideas that your hairstylist is bound to love:

  • Personalized Apron – A personalized apron is a great way to show your hairstylist that you see and appreciate the hard work they put into creating your perfect look. You can have their name or a favorite quote embroidered onto the apron to add a personal touch.
  • Hair Styling Tools – Every hairstylist loves to have the latest and greatest tools of the trade. Consider gifting them with a new set of styling tools like a high-quality hair straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer.
  • Spa Gift Card – After standing on their feet all day, a spa treatment is the perfect way for your hairstylist to unwind and relax. A gift card to a local spa or salon will allow them to treat themselves to a massage, facial, or other pampering services.
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser – Aromatherapy is a great way to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in any salon. An aromatherapy diffuser with a set of essential oils can help your hairstylist set the mood for their clients and create a calming environment.
  • Coffee or Tea Subscription Box – Long hours mean a lot of caffeine for many hairstylists. Consider gifting your stylist with a coffee or tea subscription box that will send them a new and exciting blend each month.
  • Professional Development Courses – Continuing to learn new techniques and trends is essential for any hairstylist looking to stay at the top of their game. Consider gifting them with a professional development course that will help them hone their skills and stay current with the latest trends in the industry.
  • Customized Tote Bag – Every hairstylist needs a reliable bag to carry their tools and products. A customized tote bag with their name or a fun design is a great way to show your hairstylist that you know and appreciate their daily routine.
  • Personalized Thank You Note – Sometimes the most meaningful gift is the simplest one. Taking the time to write a heartfelt thank you note and expressing your gratitude for your hairstylist’s hard work, dedication, and talent will go a long way in making them feel appreciated.


When it comes to showing your hairstylist your appreciation, there are many unique and thoughtful gift options available. Whether it’s a customized apron, a spa gift card, or a professional development course, your hairstylist is sure to appreciate the gesture. Whatever you choose, it’s the thought and gratitude behind the gift that counts the most.

Gift Idea Description
Personalized Apron A customized apron with their name or a personalized message.
Hair Styling Tools A new set of high-quality styling tools like a straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer.
Spa Gift Card A gift card to a local spa or salon for a relaxing massage, facial, or other pampering services.
Aromatherapy Diffuser An aromatherapy diffuser with a set of essential oils to create a calming atmosphere in the salon.
Coffee or Tea Subscription Box A monthly subscription box that sends a new and exciting blend of coffee or tea each month.
Professional Development Courses Courses to help hairstylists stay current with the latest trends and hone their skills.
Customized Tote Bag A personalized tote bag with their name or a fun design to carry their tools and products.
Personalized Thank You Note A heartfelt thank you note expressing your gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

No matter what you choose to gift your hairstylist, remember that it’s the thought and appreciation behind the gesture that counts the most. Choose a gift that is thoughtful and unique, and your hairstylist is sure to feel appreciated and valued.

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Hairstylists

Hairstylists are often overlooked when it comes to gift-giving. But as they make us look good and feel great, they deserve a little appreciation for all their hard work. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to show how much you care. Here are some budget-friendly gift ideas for hairstylists:

  • Coffee Mug: A mug is an affordable gift that is also practical. You can find unique and creative mugs that have a hairstylist’s favorite quote or funny saying printed on them.
  • Notebook: Notes are vital for hairstylists to jot down customer preferences or product inventories. A stylish notebook will go a long way in making their work efficient and organized.
  • Pen Set: A set of pens is an affordable gift that every hairstylist will appreciate. Look for pens with a comfortable grip to avoid hand fatigue.
  • Hand Cream: Hairstylists work with chemicals and products that can be harsh on their skin. Help them stay moisturized by giving them a nourishing hand cream or lotion.
  • Hair Accessories: Sometimes, the best gifts are things that they could use at work every day. Consider practical hair accessories like stylist clips, sectioning clips, or hair ties in fun colors.
  • Aroma Candles: Aroma candles bring relaxation and warmth to any room. And, a hairstylist would appreciate an aroma that covers the scent of chemicals. Choose a scent that is not overpowering like lavender, vanilla, or grapefruit.
  • Desk Plant: A desk plant is a thoughtful gift for a hairstylist to brighten up their workspace. Plus, indoor plants can help purify the air.
  • Scratch-Off Map: For the hairstylist who loves to explore the world, a scratch-off map is a perfect gift. They can scratch off the countries they have visited and plan for future travel.
  • Workout Gear: Many hairstylists like to keep fit or de-stress by working out. Gift them a gym bag, water bottle, or workout clothes to make their fitness routine more enjoyable.

Luxurious gift ideas for hairstylists

Hairstylists are experts in hair styling and are one of the primary reasons why people leave beauty salons feeling and looking their best. Being a hairstylist, they know how a good hair tool or accessory can make a big difference in their styling performance, which is why luxurious gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation for the hairstylist in your life.

  • High-quality scissors: A hairstylist most likely uses a pair of scissors every day, so getting them a high-quality pair of scissors will be a great investment. Japanese-made steel is known to make some of the best hair shears.
  • Hair dryer: A high-quality, professional-grade hair dryer can be a great gift for a hairstylist. Look for one with multiple heat and speed settings, as well as a diffuser attachment.
  • Flat iron: A flat iron is an essential tool for any hairstylist, so getting them a top-of-the-line model will make their life much easier. Choose one with ceramic or titanium plates for even heat distribution and minimal damage to the hair.

Another luxurious gift idea is a subscription to a high-end salon magazine, which can help hairstylists stay updated on the latest hair trends and techniques. Plus, it can be a source of inspiration for them to try out new hairstyles and techniques.

If you’re looking for something extra-special, consider a personalized gift such as a monogrammed set of hairbrushes or a hand-painted curling iron. These gifts show that you’ve put time and effort into finding something unique and tailored specifically to the hairstylist’s tastes and needs.

Gift Idea Description
Salon-quality shampoo & conditioner set A luxurious set of shampoo and conditioner made with high-quality ingredients will leave the hairstylist’s hair looking and feeling amazing.
Decorative hair accessory A beautiful hair accessory such as a bejeweled barrette or a silk headband can be a great addition to a stylist’s collection, and can add a touch of glamour to any hairstyle.
Leather apron or tool belt A durable, high-quality leather apron or tool belt can be a practical gift for a hairstylist, as it will help them stay organized and keep their tools within easy reach.

No matter which luxurious gift you choose, make sure it’s something that the hairstylist will find useful and appreciate. Investing in a quality gift will not only show them that you value their work but will also help them achieve their best work.

Thank You for Being a Good Reader

So there you have it, folks. These are some of the best gift ideas for your favorite hairstylist. Always remember, giving gifts is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to those who make your life easier. A thoughtful and personalized gift can do wonders when it comes to client-stylist relationships. We hope that this article has helped you in choosing the perfect present for your hairstylist. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and who knows, we might be back with more exciting articles in the future. Until then, stay tuned!