Unveiling the Mystery of What Does a Pegomastax Do in Ark: Insights and Tips

Are you into the survival video game, Ark: Survival Evolved? If so, you might have come across a small and feisty creature called Pegomastax. Despite its small size and seemingly harmless appearance, this little critter can give you quite the headache if you’re not careful. So, what does a Pegomastax do in Ark? Well, let me tell you all about it.

Pegomastax is a dinosaur-like creature in Ark that roams the world in search of food. It is known for its unique ability to steal things from its prey and other nearby creatures. Yes, you heard that right—it steals things! Whether it’s food, tools, or even weapons, this mischievous creature won’t hesitate to snatch them from you, leaving you unarmed and defenseless.

Aside from its thieving tendencies, Pegomastax can also be a nuisance to deal with. Its sharp teeth and powerful jaws can cause significant damage to its victims. If you’re not careful, this little thief can leave you empty-handed and severely injured. So, if you’re ever in the company of one, keep your distance, and make sure to protect your valuable possessions!

Features of Pegomastax in Ark

One of the unique creatures that players can encounter in ARK: Survival Evolved is the Pegomastax. This small dinosaur-like creature, also known as the “thief of the island,” has several unique features that set it apart from other creatures in the game.

  • The Pegomastax is a small herbivore that can be found on nearly all of the ARK’s islands. Despite its small size, this creature can be quite dangerous as it has a tendency to steal from unwary survivors. Its long, sharp beak can also be used to inflict significant damage.
  • One of the most interesting features of the Pegomastax is its ability to steal items from players. When the dinosaur encounters a player, it will often attempt to steal any items that are in the player’s inventory. This can be incredibly frustrating for players, but it can also make the Pegomastax a valuable addition to any tribe that wants to engage in raids or PvP combat.
  • The Pegomastax is a fairly weak creature in terms of health and damage output. However, its ability to steal items can make it a valuable tool for players who are looking to gather resources. By equipping the Pegomastax with a saddle and sending it out to gather materials, players can avoid the need to manually collect resources themselves.

Despite its quirks, the Pegomastax can be a valuable addition to any survivor’s arsenal. Its ability to steal items can make it a valuable tool for players who are looking to gather resources or engage in PvP combat. However, players should be careful when encountering these creatures as they can be quite aggressive and will not hesitate to attack if they feel threatened.

Below is a table outlining some of the basic stats and characteristics of the Pegomastax:

Stat Value
Health 90
Stamina 110
Oxygen 150
Food 350
Weight 60
Damage 10
Speed 115

Overall, the Pegomastax is a unique and fascinating creature that can add a lot to the gameplay experience in ARK: Survival Evolved. Whether players are using it to gather resources, raid enemy bases, or simply as a novelty creature to show off to their friends, the Pegomastax is sure to provide an interesting and entertaining experience.

How to Tame a Pegomastax in Ark

If you’re looking for a unique and somewhat challenging tame in Ark, the Pegomastax might be just what you’re after. These small, mischievous creatures are known for stealing items from players and running away, but with a bit of patience and know-how, you can turn them into loyal companions. Here’s how to tame a Pegomastax in Ark:

  • Step 1: Locate a Pegomastax
  • Step 2: Sedate the Pegomastax
  • Step 3: Feed the Pegomastax

Let’s break down each step in more detail:

Step 1: Locate a Pegomastax

The first step in taming any creature in Ark is to find it. Pegomastax can be found in various locations throughout the game, but they are most commonly found in the redwood forests on The Island map. Keep an eye out for their small size and unique appearance – they have a distinctive frill around their necks and a spiky tail.

Step 2: Sedate the Pegomastax

Once you’ve located a Pegomastax, the next step is to sedate it. This can be done with a variety of weapons, but the most effective option is the tranq dart. Aim for the head to minimize damage to the creature, and be careful not to kill it.

Step 3: Feed the Pegomastax

Now that the Pegomastax is sedated, it’s time to feed it. Pegomastax have a unique diet – they prefer to eat rare mushrooms, which can be found in various locations throughout the game. You can also try feeding them flowers or mejo berries if you don’t have any rare mushrooms on hand. Keep feeding the Pegomastax until it’s tamed.

It’s worth noting that Pegomastax have a fast taming time compared to other creatures in Ark, but their taming effectiveness can be quite low if you don’t use the correct food. Be patient and persistent, and you’ll soon have a loyal Pegomastax companion by your side.


1. Locate a Pegomastax in the redwood forests on The Island map.

2. Sedate the Pegomastax with a tranq dart.

3. Feed the Pegomastax rare mushrooms, flowers, or mejo berries until it’s tamed.

Taming a Pegomastax in Ark may be a bit tricky, but it’s certainly worth the effort for those looking for a unique and entertaining tame.

Pros Cons
Fast taming time Low taming effectiveness
Unique appearance and behavior Can be difficult to locate
Effective at stealing items from other players or creatures Not particularly useful in combat

Overall, taming a Pegomastax in Ark can be a fun and rewarding experience for those willing to put in the effort. With their unique appearance and quirky behavior, these little creatures are sure to add some personality to your collection of tamed creatures.

The Role of Pegomastax in Ark Ecosystem

As one of the lesser-known creatures in the Ark universe, the Pegomastax might seem insignificant at first glance. But despite its small size, this dinosaur plays an important role in the game’s ecosystem. Here’s a closer look at what this creature does in Ark:

  • Resource collection: Pegomastax are natural gatherers, with a knack for finding and collecting berries, seeds, and other small items. While their inventory space may be limited, they’re a useful tool for players who need to quickly gather resources in a pinch.
  • Item theft: Unfortunately, the Pegomastax has a bit of a mischievous streak. These dinos are known to steal items from players and other creatures they come across. While it can be frustrating to lose valuable loot, be careful not to underestimate these tiny thieves – they can pack quite a punch when provoked.
  • Dino distraction: In a pinch, the Pegomastax can also be used as a distraction tool. Their small size and quick movements make them a useful decoy to lure predators away from larger, more vulnerable creatures.

So while the Pegomastax may not be the most glamorous or powerful creature in Ark, it still plays an important part in the game’s ecosystem. Whether you’re using it to gather resources, pulling tricks on unsuspecting players, or distracting predators, this little dino is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

If you’re looking to add a Pegomastax to your collection, keep in mind that they prefer to live in hot, dry environments like deserts and savannas. And while they may be small, they’re also surprisingly tough – so make sure you bring your A-game if you’re planning on taming one!


Despite their diminutive size, Pegomastax are an important part of the Ark ecosystem. From resource gathering to item theft, and even acting as a distraction tool, these tiny dinos have a lot to offer for players willing to give them a chance.

Pros Cons
Efficient resource gatherers Have a habit of stealing items from players and other dinos
Effective distraction tools for luring predators Small inventory space
Surprisingly tough for their size Prefer hot, dry environments

All in all, the Pegomastax is a unique and interesting addition to the Ark universe, and definitely worth considering as part of your dino collection.

Strategies for Surviving a Pegomastax Attack in Ark

When facing a Pegomastax in Ark, it’s important to have a plan. These small, but deceptively dangerous creatures can quickly steal your items, leaving you defenseless. Here are some strategies for surviving a Pegomastax attack:

  • Bring a tamed dino: A tamed dinosaur can help defend you from a Pegomastax attack. They can quickly dispatch the creature, leaving your items safe.
  • Keep a distance: Pegomastax are small and quick, making them difficult to hit. It’s best to keep a safe distance and use ranged weapons or tamed dinos to attack them.
  • Be prepared to fight: If you must engage in close combat, make sure you have a weapon at the ready. A strong melee weapon or stun gun can quickly dispatch a Pegomastax.

Additionally, here are some other tips to keep in mind:

• Be aware of your surroundings. Pegomastax are often found near rocky areas and forests.

• Don’t carry anything valuable if you can help it. The Pegomastax is attracted to shiny objects, so keep your most valuable items in a secure location.

• Keep an eye on your surroundings. If you see a Pegomastax approaching, be prepared to defend yourself or retreat.

Here is a table of the Pegomastax’s statistics:

Attribute Value
Health 180
Stamina 180
Oxygen 150
Food 450
Weight 195
Melee Damage 6
Movement Speed 150%

Now that you know more about the Pegomastax and how to survive its attacks, you can explore Ark with greater confidence. Happy hunting!

Differences between Pegomastax and other Ark creatures

As one of the smaller creatures in Ark, the Pegomastax has some unique features that set it apart from other creatures:

  • Ability to steal items from players or creatures – the Pegomastax is the only creature in Ark that can pickpocket players and steal their items. It can also steal items from other creatures, making it a valuable addition to any raiding party.
  • Small size – the Pegomastax is one of the smallest creatures in Ark, which makes it difficult to hit with ranged attacks. This, combined with its ability to steal items, makes it a formidable opponent in certain situations.
  • Low health and damage – while the Pegomastax has some unique abilities, it is not a particularly strong creature in terms of health and damage output. It is best used as a support creature rather than a primary attacker.

Here is a comparison table of the Pegomastax with other similar creatures:

Creature Health Damage Speed Special Abilities
Pegomastax 150 20 200% Ability to pickpocket items from players and creatures
Compy 75 6 130% Ability to jump and latch onto creatures
Dilophosaur 315 40 150% Ability to spit venom at enemies

As you can see, the Pegomastax has lower health and damage output compared to similar creatures like the dilophosaur. However, its unique ability to steal items makes it a valuable addition to any team. Players should consider adding a Pegomastax to their team if they need an elusive and crafty support creature.

The Evolutionary History of Pegomastax in Ark

There are over 100 creatures that players can tame in ARK: Survival Evolved, and one of the most unique is the small herbivore Pegomastax. With its distinct crest of feathers and sharp beak-like jaws, this creature is a fascinating addition to the game, and its evolutionary history is just as intriguing.

Here are some key facts about the Pegomastax:

  • The Pegomastax lived during the early Cretaceous period, around 130 million years ago.
  • It was originally discovered in South Africa in 1966, and was described by paleontologist Lev Nesov in 1982.
  • Its name means “thick jaw,” and refers to its sturdy, beak-like jaws, which were likely used to crack open tough plants.

So how does this prehistoric creature fit in with the world of ARK: Survival Evolved? In the game, Pegomastax are small herbivores that can be found in a variety of locations, from dense forests to sandy beaches. They are known for their ability to gather valuable resources such as berries, thatch, and seeds, and can carry them in their saddle packs.

While the real-life Pegomastax may have roamed the earth millions of years before humans, in ARK: Survival Evolved, players can interact with this creature in unique and exciting ways. They can tame it, use it to gather resources, and even ride it into battle. With its fascinating evolutionary history and unique abilities, the Pegomastax is a beloved creature among ARK players.

Species Time Period Location
Pegomastax Early Cretaceous South Africa

Overall, the Pegomastax is a fascinating creature with a rich evolutionary history. Whether you’re playing ARK: Survival Evolved or studying paleontology, there’s no denying the unique appeal of this small herbivore with its distinctive crest of feathers and beak-like jaws.

Benefits and drawbacks of having a Pegomastax as a pet in Ark

As one of the smallest and cutest creatures in Ark, the Pegomastax may seem like an ideal pet. However, like any other pet, it comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.


  • Pickpocketing – The Pegomastax is renowned for stealing items from other creatures, including players. This can be incredibly useful when out on resource-gathering missions, as the Pegomastax can often score you rare resources that would otherwise be difficult to come across.
  • Easy to Tame – Pegomastax are incredibly easy to tame, requiring only a handful of mejo berries to gain their trust. This makes them a great starter pet for new players who are still learning the ropes.
  • Compact Size – As one of the smallest creatures in Ark, the Pegomastax is incredibly easy to carry around. This makes them ideal for players who are constantly on the move and need a pet that can keep up.


While the Pegomastax offers some great benefits, there are also a few drawbacks to consider before making it your go-to pet:

  • Fragile – The Pegomastax is incredibly fragile and can be taken down easily by common predators such as raptors. This means that players need to keep a constant eye on their pet and make sure it doesn’t get itself into trouble.
  • Stealing from Players – While pickpocketing can be useful in certain situations, players need to be careful not to accidentally tame their Pegomastax to pickpocket them. This can lead to an endless cycle of losing resources, which can be frustrating for players who are trying to progress in the game.
  • Limited Utility – While the Pegomastax can help players gather resources, it doesn’t offer much else in terms of usability. This means players may eventually outgrow their Pegomastax and need to find a more versatile pet to assist them.


Overall, the Pegomastax can be a great pet for beginners and experienced players alike, as long as its limitations are taken into account. While its ability to pickpocket may seem like its main draw, players need to be mindful of the risks involved in letting their pet steal from other creatures and players.

As with any pet in Ark, players need to ensure they give their Pegomastax the care and attention it needs to thrive and stay out of harm’s way.

Benefits Drawbacks
Steals rare resources Fragile and can be easily defeated
Easy to tame May pickpocket its owner
Small and easy to carry Offers limited utility

When properly cared for, a Pegomastax can make for a fun and loyal companion in the vast world of Ark.

FAQs about What Does a Pegomastax Do in Ark

1. What is a Pegomastax?

A Pegomastax is a small, aggressive creature found in the game Ark. It resembles a dinosaur and is known for its ability to steal items from players.

2. What does a Pegomastax do?

A Pegomastax is known for stealing items from players, such as food, weapons, and tools. It can also be used as a source of hide and meat.

3. How do I tame a Pegomastax?

To tame a Pegomastax, players must use spoiled meat or other unusual food items. Once tamed, it can provide players with useful benefits, such as increased loot drops.

4. Is a Pegomastax a good pet to have?

Although a Pegomastax can provide players with benefits, it is not the best pet to have due to its aggressive nature and tendency to steal from players.

5. Where can I find a Pegomastax?

Pegomastax can be found in various locations throughout the game, including jungles, beaches, and forests. They can also be obtained through breeding or by purchasing from other players.

6. How should I defend myself against a Pegomastax?

To defend against a Pegomastax, players should always carry a weapon and be aware of their surroundings. Additionally, players can tame other creatures to help protect them from the Pegomastax’s attacks.


Now that you know what a Pegomastax is and what it does in Ark, you can take the necessary precautions to defend yourself against its attacks. While not the best pet to have, it can provide players with useful benefits if tamed correctly. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit us again for more exciting Ark content!

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