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Olympique Lyonnais is one of the most famous soccer clubs in France. Based in the province of Lyon, it plays in the Ligue 1 (first division) of that country. 

It is also known as Olympique de Lyon, or “Les Gones,” which also has a women’s team, won three “Challenge de France” titles. So, here is the printable Olympique Lyonnais Coloring Pages.

Free Olympique Lyonnais Coloring Pages 

After the second world war, in 1950, Olympique Lyonnais was created to make it a real professional soccer club. 

The ’60s are relatively successful for Olympique Lyonnais with players like Di Nallo, Nestor, and Combin. They title the team upwards by winning several French cups and finishing several times in the Top 5 of the D1 championship. 

In 1980, the city council of Lyon participated in the club’s financing, which involved a game of musical chairs at the level of the presidency and the coach of the OL. 

Fatally, Lyon goes down in 1982 in D2 and spends four years there, often ending up on the doormat of the D1.

In June 1987, a Lyon businessman, Jean-Michel Aulas, takes over the club and finds the elite in 1989 after announcing that Lyon will play Europe within four years.

Lyon finally reached the top of the French championship in 1995 by finishing in second place with Jean Tigana as coach and players like Maurice, Gava, Giuly, and consort (who is this consort). 

Despite this good result, Jean Tigana was replaced by Guy Stephan, who was replaced in 1997 by the eminence grise of JMA, Bernard Lacombe, associated with José Brossart. 

In 1997, Gregory Coupet replaced the whimsical Pascal Olmetta, who was asked to leave the club with Jean-Michel Sassus because of their relational or extra-marital problems.

At the end of the ’90s and during the 2000s, Lyon built itself up little by little to become a competitive team at the highest European level with the arrival of Brazilians like Sonny Anderson.

It was the most significant transfer in the French championship, Edmilson, Caçapa, Nilmar, Juninho, Cris, Fred, Cleber Anderson, or more recently Ederson. 

Lyon is now a team among the ten biggest European clubs, in the process of buying a big stadium worthy of the greatest, and qualified for the Champions League for seven years thanks to its performances in the French championship.

In the 1/8th, it will often reach several times the 1/4 finals of the queen competition without overtaking them by a hair and by being most often eliminated by the future winner. 

A kind, of course, must be passed by the club whose president now emblematic and influential dream of the cup with big ears. 

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