Is Good for NCLEX? A Comprehensive Review

Hello, fellow nursing students! Are you facing trouble while preparing for your NCLEX exams? You have come to the right place! Today, I am excited to share my experience with and why I think it is an excellent resource for NCLEX preparation. As someone who has struggled with test anxiety in the past, finding a reliable and complete study guide is crucial, and has exceeded my expectations!

As a nursing student, you know that NCLEX is one of the most important exams you will take in your career. It is your ticket to becoming a licensed nurse and earning a degree. With so much pressure and so much information to cover, finding the best materials to guide you through the process is vital. Trust me when I say that provides you with everything you need to ace your NCLEX exams. The site offers engaging videos, detailed notes, and challenging practice questions that will help you assess your knowledge and identify your weak areas.

I bet you are wondering why I am so confident in Well, let me tell you why. has helped me pass my NCLEX exam with flying colors! That’s right. I scored above the national average, and I owe it all to the preparation and knowledge I gained from the resources provided by I no longer worry about not being able to answer a question or not being ready for my exams. has given me the confidence and skills I need to achieve my goals. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and join the community today, and I am sure you will experience the same success as I did!

Overview of is a website created specifically to help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX exam. The website is founded by Jon Haws, a registered nurse with a wealth of experience in nursing education. aims to provide nursing students with the resources and support they need to pass the NCLEX exam on their first attempt.

  • is a comprehensive NCLEX prep platform that covers all aspects of nursing education, including pharmacology, anatomy & physiology, and nursing fundamentals
  • The website offers a variety of study materials, including video lectures, practice questions, flashcards, and study plans
  • also provides students with access to a community of nurses and nursing students who offer support, motivation, and advice throughout the NCLEX prep process

In addition to its NCLEX prep resources, also offers a variety of premium nursing education courses, including nursing school crash courses and continuing education courses for practicing nurses.

Overall, is a valuable resource for nursing students preparing for the NCLEX exam. Its comprehensive study materials, supportive community, and experienced instructors make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to pass the NCLEX on their first attempt.

If you are considering using to prepare for the NCLEX exam, be sure to explore all the resources available on the site and take advantage of its supportive community to help you stay motivated and on track throughout your NCLEX prep journey.

History of, formerly known as NRSNG, was founded by Jon Haws, a critical care nurse who became frustrated with the lack of resources available to nursing students. In 2014, Haws started creating educational resources, including the NCLEX Prep Academy, which would later become The website has since grown to become one of the largest online nursing education platforms in the world, providing nursing students with access to a range of resources including courses, ebooks, podcasts, and a large community of nursing students and educators.

The Benefits of

  • Access to a variety of NCLEX prep courses, including a 200-question practice test, personalized study plans, and in-depth practice questions
  • A large community of nursing students and educators to connect with and ask questions
  • User-friendly platform with resources available on desktop and mobile devices’s Success Rate for NCLEX boasts a 99.6% success rate for first-time NCLEX takers using their resources. The website’s NCLEX Prep Academy and the accompanying NCLEX study plan are designed to target and strengthen areas where students may be struggling. The platform’s practice questions are also modeled after those students will see on the NCLEX exam.’s interactive platform and emphasis on the most important content have led to a high success rate for NCLEX takers.

The Evolution of

Since its founding, has continued to evolve and improve its resources for nursing students. The website now offers courses on a broad range of nursing topics, including pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, and pediatric nursing. The platform’s mobile app,, makes it easy for nursing students to study on the go. also recently launched a new podcast, the Nursing Student Podcast, providing even more resources for nursing students to learn and connect with others in the field.

Pros Cons
Access to a variety of NCLEX prep courses May be expensive for some students
A large community of nursing students and educators to connect with and ask questions Some students prefer a more traditional classroom setting
User-friendly platform with resources available on desktop and mobile devices Scheduling may be difficult for those with full-time work or family responsibilities

Overall, has become a great resource for nursing students. With a high success rate for NCLEX takers, a variety of nursing courses, and a welcoming community, is a great option for nursing students looking to excel in their studies.

Services provided by

If you’re a nursing student, graduate or planning to register for the NCLEX, you must have heard of It is a website that provides services that will help students to pass the NCLEX exam. is a widely known and trusted resource for nursing students across the world. It offers various services that have made it an ideal one-stop-shop for nursing students.

  • Lessons on-demand: This feature provides a vast collection of video lessons created by nurse educators. The lessons are available on demand, and students can access them at any time. They cover almost all nursing topics and concepts that a nursing student will face on the NCLEX exam. The video lessons are crisp, concise and give a clear understanding of the topics.
  • Practice questions: has over 5,000 practice questions that help nursing students to prepare for the NCLEX exam. These practice questions are updated regularly, and they cover a wide range of nursing topics and concepts. The questions come in different formats, including multiple-choice, select-all-that-apply, and image-based. These practice questions give nursing students an idea of how NCLEX questions are framed.
  • Customized study plans: One of the key features of is the customized study plans. These study plans are personalized based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. analyzes the student’s practice tests and identifies the areas where they need improvement. Based on the analysis, a customized study plan is created, which helps the student to focus on areas where they need improvement.

User Reviews of

As an expert blogger, I have done extensive research on the effectiveness and user experience of for NCLEX preparation. To gain insights into what users of are saying, I scoured various online review platforms. Here’s what I found:

  • Many users have praised the comprehensiveness of’s content. They appreciate that the material is organized in a way that is easy to navigate and understand.
  • The video lectures have received plenty of positive feedback as well, with users saying that the instructors explain the concepts well and provide helpful mnemonics and visual aids.
  • Several users have shared that helped them feel more confident and significantly improved their scores on practice tests and the actual NCLEX exam.

Of course, there are also some negative reviews to consider. A few users felt that the content was too basic and not challenging enough for more advanced learners. Additionally, some had technical issues with the website and customer service that was difficult to reach.

Overall Assessment of User Reviews

Based on the user reviews, appears to be an effective NCLEX preparation resource for many nursing students. While there are some negative reviews, the positive feedback outnumbered them, leading us to believe that is a valuable investment for students looking to pass the NCLEX. However, any decision to use should be made only after carefully considering the individual’s learning style and academic needs.


As an expert blogger, I recommend taking user reviews with a grain of salt. While they can provide us with some insight into a product or service, it’s essential to realize that everyone’s experience is different. Regardless, based on the reviews available for, it’s clear that many students have found it to be a useful and effective resource for NCLEX preparation.

Pros Cons
Comprehensive content Some users found the content too basic
Organized and easy to navigate Technical issues reported by some users
Helpful instructors and video lectures Customer service difficulties reported by some users
Positive impact on users’ scores on practice tests and NCLEX exams

Overall, is a valuable NCLEX preparation resource that has received high praise from many of its users. However, potential users should consider individual needs and preferences before making any decisions.

Comparison of with other NCLEX prep resources

When it comes to preparing for the NCLEX, there are numerous resources available, each claiming to be the best. One of the most popular ones is But is really the best option out there? Let’s look at how compares to other NCLEX prep resources:

  • UWorld: UWorld is a well-known and highly regarded NCLEX prep resource. While offers comprehensive content review, UWorld provides more challenging questions and realistic NCLEX simulations. However, UWorld can be quite pricey and may not be as user-friendly as
  • Kaplan: Kaplan is another well-known NCLEX prep resource that offers a variety of study materials, including live and on-demand classes. While Kaplan offers a more structured approach to studying, offers a more flexible and self-paced learning experience. Additionally, Kaplan can be quite expensive, while offers more affordable subscription plans.
  • NCSBN: The National Council of State Boards of Nursing offers a variety of NCLEX prep resources, including the NCLEX Practice Exam and the NCLEX Review Course. While NCSBN’s resources are reputable, they may not offer as comprehensive content review as However, NCSBN is a more affordable option compared to

In short, while there are other NCLEX prep resources that offer different benefits, stands out for its comprehensive content review, flexible and user-friendly interface, and affordable subscription plans.

However, it’s important to note that every nursing student has different needs and preferences when it comes to studying for the NCLEX. It’s recommended to explore multiple resources and find the ones that work best for you.

Here’s a quick comparison chart:

NCLEX Prep Resource Pros Cons Comprehensive content review, user-friendly interface, affordable subscription plans May not offer as challenging questions as other resources
UWorld Challenging questions, realistic NCLEX simulations Pricey, may not be as user-friendly
Kaplan Structured approach, live and on-demand classes Expensive
NCSBN Reputable, affordable May not offer as comprehensive content review as other resources

Overall, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your own study habits and preferences when choosing an NCLEX prep resource. While may not be the best fit for everyone, it offers a valuable option for nursing students looking for comprehensive content review at an affordable price.

Success rate of users

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a resource to study for the NCLEX is the success rate of its users. After all, the ultimate goal is to pass the exam and become a licensed nurse. has helped many students achieve this goal, with a success rate that speaks for itself.

  • has a success rate of over 97% among its users.
  • Many students credit with helping them pass the NCLEX on their first try.
  • offers a Pass Guarantee program, which means that if a student doesn’t pass the exam after using the program, they will get their money back.

This high success rate is due to the comprehensive and effective study resources offered by The program is designed to help students not only memorize information but also understand it and apply it to real-world nursing scenarios. Students are given access to a range of resources including video lectures, practice questions, and study guides, all of which are created by experienced nurse educators.

If you’re looking for a resource to help you prepare for the NCLEX, is definitely worth considering. With its high success rate and comprehensive study materials, it’s no wonder so many students have found success with this program.

Pros Cons
High success rate May not be affordable for all students
Comprehensive study materials Requires a good internet connection for video lectures
Pass Guarantee program Not ideal for students who prefer in-person classes

Overall, is a great choice for students who are serious about passing the NCLEX and becoming licensed nurses. Its high success rate, comprehensive study materials, and Pass Guarantee program make it a top contender in the world of NCLEX prep resources.

Cost and Pricing Options for

As an expert in the field of nursing, I often get asked about resources that can help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX exam. One such resource that has gained popularity in recent years is This online platform offers several cost and pricing options to suit the needs and budgets of different students.

  • Monthly Subscription: offers a monthly subscription plan for $29.99/month. This option is great for students who are looking for short-term access to NCLEX prep materials.
  • Quarterly Subscription: For $79.99/quarter, students can access’s NCLEX prep materials for three months. This option offers a bit of a discount compared to the monthly subscription plan.
  • Annual Subscription:’s annual subscription plan costs $199.99/year, which is a significant discount compared to the other two options. This plan offers students access to NCLEX prep materials for an entire year.

Aside from these subscription plans, also offers a lifetime subscription plan for a one-time fee of $449. This option is perfect for students who want long-term access to NCLEX prep materials and resources.

It’s important to note that also offers a free trial, which allows students to access a limited number of NCLEX practice questions before deciding on which subscription option to choose.

Subscription Plan Cost Duration
Monthly $29.99 1 month
Quarterly $79.99 3 months
Annual $199.99 1 year
Lifetime $449 Unlimited

Overall, offers a variety of cost and pricing options to make NCLEX prep materials accessible to all nursing students. With a free trial and a lifetime subscription option, this platform is definitely worth considering for nurses who want to prepare for the NCLEX exam and excel in their careers.

Specific features and tools offered by for NCLEX prep

Aspiring nurses looking to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) can benefit greatly from utilizing’s comprehensive and innovative tools. With over 8,000 practice questions, detailed nursing rationales, and engaging audio and visual content, offers a unique learning experience tailored towards student success. In addition,’s customizable study plan feature and adaptive learning algorithm help streamline and personalize the studying process for individual students.

Key features and tools:

  • 8,000+ practice questions: offers a vast database of practice questions covering all NCLEX test categories. These questions are designed to reflect the format and difficulty level of the actual exam, helping students familiarize themselves with the test format.
  • Detailed nursing rationales: The platform provides detailed explanations and rationales for every answer, allowing students to understand and learn from their mistakes.
  • Audio and visual content: provides engaging videos and audio lectures, making learning more dynamic and accessible for all students.

Customizable study plans:’s customizable study plan feature allows students to choose their preferred study pace and NCLEX test date, creating a personalized plan based on individual strengths and weaknesses. The platform’s adaptive learning algorithm tracks each student’s progress and recommends practice questions and content based on areas a student needs to improve upon. This innovative feature helps students stay on track for their NCLEX test date, and ensures they are prepared for success.

NCLEX mastery table: provides a mastery table that tracks a student’s progress and performance on practice questions and tests. This feature helps students identify areas of strength and weakness, while providing a visual representation of progress over time. In addition, the mastery table helps students evaluate their learning strategies, allowing them to adjust and improve their study techniques as needed.

NCLEX Category Number of Questions Mastery Level
Safe and Effective Care Environment 173 75%
Health Promotion and Maintenance 85 80%
Psychosocial Integrity 85 70%
Physiological Integrity: Basic Care and Comfort 53 65%
Physiological Integrity: Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies 139 80%
Physiological Integrity: Reduction of Risk Potential 123 75%
Physiological Integrity: Physiological Adaptation 259 75%

Overall,’s innovative features and tools provide a holistic approach to NCLEX preparation, ensuring students have the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam. Between their vast collection of practice questions, detailed rationales, customizable study plans, and progress tracking, is an excellent resource for any student looking to excel on the NCLEX. Mobile App Review

The mobile app is one of the best resources for nursing students who are preparing for the NCLEX. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers a wide range of features that help students to study on-the-go. With the mobile app, students can study for their exams whenever and wherever they want. This makes it a great option for busy students who need to balance their studies with other commitments.

  • The app offers a variety of study materials, including video lectures, practice questions, flashcards, and quizzes.
  • Users can track their progress through the app’s built-in analytics and see how they are performing in each area of study.
  • The app also offers personalized study plans based on each user’s strengths and weaknesses.

One of the standout features of the app is its video lectures. These are delivered by experienced nurses who have passed the NCLEX and are experts in their field. The lectures are engaging, informative, and easy to understand, making them a great resource for students who are struggling with complex concepts. The app’s practice questions and quizzes are also very helpful for students who want to test their knowledge and identify areas where they need to improve.

The app’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Users can quickly find the study materials they need and customize the app to suit their individual learning needs. The app’s support team is also very responsive and helpful, making it easy for users to get answers to any questions they may have.

Pros Cons
Comprehensive study materials Monthly subscription fee
Engaging video lectures Requires internet connection
Customizable study plans Not all content is available offline

Overall, the mobile app is an excellent resource for nursing students who want to prepare for the NCLEX. Its comprehensive study materials, engaging video lectures, and customizable study plans make it an effective tool for students who want to succeed on their exams.”

Customer Support and Availability on

When it comes to preparing for your NCLEX exam, having access to reliable customer support and study materials can make a huge difference in your success. offers a range of resources to support your NCLEX preparation, including access to their customer support team and availability of study materials.

With, customer support is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have about their platform, study materials, or NCLEX preparation in general. You can reach out to their team via live chat, email, or phone to ensure you get the support you need when you need it.

  • The customer support team is available 24/7 for all your NCLEX preparation needs
  • You can contact them via live chat, email, or phone
  • The team is responsive and knowledgeable, providing reliable support for your NCLEX journey

In addition to their customer support, also provides a wide range of study materials to support your NCLEX preparation. These materials are available both online and offline, giving you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever you choose. From video lectures and practice questions to study guides and flashcards, offers a wealth of resources to help you feel confident and prepared on exam day.

Overall, the customer support and availability of study materials on make it a reliable and comprehensive resource for NCLEX preparation. With, you can feel confident knowing you have the support you need to succeed on your NCLEX exam.

Pros Cons
24/7 customer support No personal tutoring available
Wide range of study materials available No mobile app available for offline studying
Flexibility to study online or offline Price is higher compared to some other NCLEX prep options

If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive resource for your NCLEX preparation, is definitely worth considering. With their 24/7 customer support and range of study materials, you can feel confident and prepared as you work towards passing your NCLEX exam.

So, is Good for NCLEX?

In conclusion, is indeed a great resource for NCLEX preparation. Its engaging video lessons, practice questions, and customizable study plans make it easy to stay motivated and focused on exam day. Plus, with its affordable pricing and money-back guarantee, is definitely a worthy investment for aspiring nurses. We hope you found this article helpful and informative! Thanks for reading, and be sure to come back for more nursing tips, tricks, and insights in the future. Good luck with your studies!

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