Is Mining Rune Ore Good Money? Learn the Pros and Cons

Is mining rune ore good money? That’s a question that many people who play RuneScape have wondered at some point. And understandably so: RuneScape is a video game that involves lots of grinding, and players are always looking for ways to make money quickly and efficiently. Mining rune ore might seem like a good way to do just that. After all, rune ore is pretty valuable compared to other types of ore, and it can be mined fairly quickly with the right equipment. But is it really worth the effort?

Before we can answer that question, it’s important to understand a little more about RuneScape and how its economy works. RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG for short. That means that players interact with each other in a virtual world, and the items and currency that they trade with each other have real-world value. In other words, the gold pieces that you earn in RuneScape can be sold for real money on various websites. Because of this, the economy of RuneScape is in a constant state of flux, and what’s profitable one day might not be profitable the next.

So, with all of that in mind, is mining rune ore good money? The short answer is…it depends. If you’re a low-level player looking to make a quick buck, then mining rune ore probably isn’t worth your time. It requires a high mining level and some pretty expensive equipment, and the ore is located in dangerous areas that are often populated by other players who are also after the precious metal. However, if you’re a high-level player with lots of experience mining and plenty of resources at your disposal, then mining rune ore can be a very profitable venture indeed.

Where to Mine Rune Ore

For those looking to make good money through mining, rune ore is a valuable resource worth pursuing. Here are some of the best places to mine rune ore:

  • Heroes’ Guild Mine: This is a popular spot for mining rune ore due to its close proximity to a bank in Burthorpe. It also has a low competition rate, making it easy to access and mine.
  • Falador Dungeon: Located beneath Falador city, this area contains a number of runite rocks. However, it is a highly contested area with other players competing to mine the resources.
  • Mining Guild: Accessible to players with level 60 mining, this area contains several runite rocks in close proximity. Additionally, it also has a deposit box available for quick and easy banking.

When choosing where to mine for rune ore, it’s important to consider not only the location’s proximity to a bank but also the competition rate. Lower competition can make for a smoother and more profitable mining experience.

Rune Ore Mining Requirements

Mining Rune Ore can be a profitable way to make money in Old School RuneScape. However, it requires a substantial amount of preparation and resources. Here are the requirements that you should meet before you start mining Rune Ore:

  • Level 85 Mining
  • Access to the Mining Guild or the ability to enter the Mining Guild using a Dwarven Stout
  • Good combat skills to defend against aggressive monsters in the Guild
  • At least a Rune Pickaxe, although an Infernal Pickaxe or Crystal Pickaxe is recommended for faster mining and increased profitability
  • Optional: Varrock Armour for extra Rune Ore chance and experience boost

Strategies for Mining Rune Ore

Once you have met the requirements, it’s time to start mining Rune Ore. Here are some strategies to maximize your profit:

1. Use a location with a high density of Rune Ore rocks, such as the Mining Guild or Wilderness Resource Area.

2. Use the best pickaxe available to you.

3. Equip Varrock Armour for the chance to mine more Rune Ore and gain extra experience.

4. Bring food and potions to defend against aggressive monsters in the Mining Guild or Wilderness Resource Area.

Rune Ore Mining Profitability

Rune Ore mining can be a highly profitable method of making money in Old School RuneScape. The following table shows the estimated profit per hour based on current Grand Exchange prices:

Pickaxe Location Estimated Profit/Hour
Rune Pickaxe Mining Guild 700k-1m
Infernal Pickaxe Mining Guild 800k-1.2m
Crystal Pickaxe Mining Guild or Wilderness Resource Area 1.1m-1.6m

Keep in mind that these values can fluctuate due to market conditions and player behavior. Nonetheless, with the proper preparation and strategies, mining Rune Ore can be a lucrative way to make money in Old School RuneScape.

Methods of Mining Rune Ore

Runite ore is undoubtedly one of the most valuable ores in Old School RuneScape. It can be mined at level 85 Mining and can earn players a ton of gold. However, not all methods of mining Rune Ore are created equal. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective methods of mining this precious ore.

Mining Rune Ores in the Wilderness

This is arguably the most popular method of mining Rune Ores, as it is the most profitable one. However, it is also the riskiest, as mining in the Wilderness often means encountering other players who may attack you. If you’re looking to mine Rune Ores in the Wilderness, a good tactic is to hop between worlds to find one that’s relatively empty. In addition, always be prepared to run and protect yourself.

There are three locations where you can find Rune Ore in the Wilderness:

  • The Frozen Waste Plateau – Level 50 Wilderness, South-East of the Lava Maze.
  • The Lava Maze Dungeon – Level 42 Wilderness, accessed through the Lava Maze. You’ll need a dusty key to enter.
  • The Hobgoblin Mine – Level 30 Wilderness, located in the North-Eastern corner of the Wilderness.

Banking Your Rune Ore

Banking your Rune Ore is a great way to maximize your profits. The easiest way to do this is by using the Falador West Bank. This bank is located right next to the Mining Guild, which is an excellent location for mining Rune Ore. After mining, you can quickly deposit your Rune Ore, using your Amulet of Glory to teleport back to the Mining Guild. This method is much safer than mining in the Wilderness, but yields slightly less profit.

Mining Rune Ores in the Mining Guild

Mining Rune Ore in the Mining Guild is another excellent alternative for players who are not interested in mining in the Wilderness. It is a safe and straightforward method that is relatively close to a bank. However, this method requires a Mining level of 85 and a membership to access. To get to the Mining Guild, simply teleport to Falador and go through the minigame portal.

Mining Guild Location Rune Ore Rarity Distance to Bank (steps)
East Wall Medium 6 (to the bank booth)
West Wall Low 9 (to the bank chest)

As you can see from the table, the distance to the bank is relatively short in the Mining Guild. Additionally, this method yields a moderate amount of Rune Ore, making it a decent method for relatively new players with an 85 Mining level.

In conclusion, there are several methods to mine Rune Ore in Old School RuneScape. While some of these methods offer higher profitability, they also entail a higher risk factor. Other methods, such as mining in the Mining Guild, require a higher Mining level but are safer and offer a relatively decent amount of Rune Ore. Ultimately, the choice of method comes down to your play style and level of risk tolerance.

Rune Ore Mining Efficiency Tips

Mining Rune Ore can be a very profitable activity for players in RuneScape. However, in order to maximize your profits, it’s important to follow these efficiency tips:

  • Use a Mining Guild resource dungeon: This will allow you to mine Rune Ore in a more concentrated area, which will result in higher profit per hour.
  • Boost your mining level: You can use potions or equipment to boost your mining level temporarily, which will allow you to mine Rune Ore faster.
  • Use the mining cape perk: If you have achieved level 99 in mining, you can use the mining cape perk to teleport directly to the Mining Guild, making it easier to access the resource dungeon.

Maximizing Your Experience per Hour

If you want to get the most experience and potential profit per hour while mining Rune Ore, there are a few ways to do so:

  • Use the best pickaxe available to you: The higher level your pickaxe, the faster you can mine Rune Ore.
  • Use a mining outfit: Wearing a complete mining outfit can provide a bonus to your mining experience, making it quicker to level up.
  • Mine in a full world: If you’re in a full world, you will be competing with more people for Rune Ore, but you’ll also have a higher chance of finding Rune Ore veins that respawn quicker.

Comparing Rune Ore Profits

While mining Rune Ore can be a very profitable activity, it’s worth noting that there are other mining methods that can provide similar or better profits per hour. The table below compares the profit per hour for mining different types of ore:

Ore Type Profit per Hour
Rune Ore 500,000-1,000,000 coins per hour
Amethyst 700,000-1,500,000 coins per hour
Volcanic Ash 1,000,000-2,000,000 coins per hour

While Rune Ore is still a profitable choice, it’s worth considering other mining methods to see if they suit your playstyle and profit goals better.

Average Income of Rune Ore Mining

Mining Rune Ore has always been a popular and profitable activity in Old School RuneScape. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the average income of Rune Ore mining.

  • The current price of Rune Ore is around 480 coins per ore.
  • Players can mine around 300-350 ores per hour with high-level equipment and skills.
  • This means players can expect an income between 144,000 to 168,000 coins per hour from mining Rune Ore.

Of course, these numbers can vary depending on various factors such as the player’s equipment, skills, and the location they choose to mine in. However, these averages should give players a good idea of what to expect from Rune Ore mining.

For comparison, let’s take a look at the average income of other popular money-making methods in Old School RuneScape:

Activity Average Income per Hour
Zulrah 2-3 million coins
God Wars Dungeon 2-3 million coins
Blast Furnace 800,000-1 million coins
Rune Ore Mining 144,000-168,000 coins

As you can see, Rune Ore mining may not be the most profitable activity in the game, but it can still provide a decent income for players who enjoy the activity. Plus, it’s a great way to train Mining and improve your skills while making some money on the side.

Comparing Rune Ore Mining to Other Money-Making Methods in Runescape

Rune ore mining is one of the popular money-making methods in Runescape, but is it the best? In this section, we’ll compare it to some other methods to help you decide which one suits you the best.

  • Killing Dragons: Killing dragons can be a profitable method as they drop valuable items like dragon bones, hides, and even dragon equipment. However, it requires combat skills, which may not be the most popular choice for everyone.
  • Herb Running: Herb running is a farming method where players plant herb seeds and harvest them for profit. While it doesn’t require combat skills, it can be time-consuming and profits may vary depending on the market demand.
  • Flipping: Flipping involves buying and selling items in the market to make a profit. It requires knowledge of the game’s economy and market trends and can be done without any particular skill set.

Compared to these methods, rune ore mining requires mining skills and access to the wilderness area. While it may not be as profitable as some of the above methods, it is comparatively less risky and requires fewer resources. Moreover, mining skills are easy to acquire and can be trained while you are making money.

Assuming you can gather around 300-400 rune ores per hour, you can make around 700k-900k gp per hour. This not only makes mining rune ore the most reliable source of income for beginners but also a stable source of income for experienced players who are looking for a passive income source.

Method Profit Per Hour (in Gp)
Rune Ore Mining 700k – 900k
Killing Dragons 200k – 600k
Herb Running 50k – 300k
Flipping 100k – 500k

In conclusion, while there are many money-making methods in Runescape, Rune Ore Mining proves to be the most reliable and safe option. Not only does it require fewer resources, but it also offers passive income for experienced players, making it an overall better choice.

Factors That Affect Rune Ore Prices

As a popular resource in the world of RuneScape, Rune Ore is used widely in crafting and Smithing. And just like in real-life economies, the demand and supply of Rune Ore in the game significantly affects its price. But other than demand and supply, several other factors contribute to the fluctuation of Rune Ore prices. Below are some of the essential factors that affect the value of this valuable resource.

Subsection 7: Availability of High-Level Equipment

  • The introduction of high-level equipment that requires Rune Ore for Smithing directly impacts the price of this resource. The higher level the equipment, the more Rune Ore is required, resulting in increased demand and price.
  • The recent introduction of The Mining and Smithing Rework update, which saw a considerable overhaul of the Smithing mechanics, has made high-level equipment available earlier and more accessible. This availability has increased the demand for Rune Ore, making it more valuable than before.
  • Additionally, events and updates that target specific equipment can also drive up the demand and price of Rune Ore significantly. For instance, if a new boss is released that drops materials for a new high-level equipment set, it results in increased demand for Rune Ore and other resources that go into making that equipment.

The table below shows the Rune Ore prices for the previous 30 days, highlighting how the price fluctuates over time, reflecting its availability and demand.

Date Price
June 1, 2021 116,975
June 15, 2021 115,775
June 30, 2021 118,566

In conclusion, the availability of high-level equipment significantly affects the price of Rune Ore, and with the introduction of The Mining and Smithing Rework update, this valuable resource is more in demand now than ever before. Keeping an eye on the availability of high-level equipment and updates can help RuneScape players capitalize on the price fluctuations of Rune Ore and make a considerable profit.

FAQs about Is Mining Rune Ore Good Money

1. How much money can you make from mining rune ore?

It depends on your level and equipment. On average, you can make around 400k-500k/hr mining rune ore.

2. Where is the best place to mine rune ore?

The best place to mine rune ore is the Mining Guild in Falador. It has a high concentration of rocks and a bank nearby.

3. Can free-to-play players mine rune ore?

No, only members can mine rune ore.

4. Is it worth it to mine rune ore?

Yes, if you have the right level and equipment, mining rune ore can be a profitable activity.

5. Is there a competition to mine rune ore?

Yes, there may be competition from other players in popular mining spots like the Mining Guild.

6. What is the fastest way to level up your mining skill?

The fastest way to level up your mining skill is by power mining iron ore until level 60 and then mining granite until level 99.


We hope these FAQs helped you decide whether or not mining rune ore is good money. Remember to always check the Grand Exchange for the current prices before mining. Thank you for reading and visit us again for more tips and guides to enhance your gaming experience!

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