Is Laurie Hernandez Still Doing Gymnastics? An Update on Her Career

Laurie Hernandez may be one of the most recognizable faces in gymnastics. The talented young athlete made headlines when she won gold and silver medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her impressive performance drew the attention of millions of viewers around the world, and turned her into a national sensation. But now, three years later, fans are wondering: is Laurie Hernandez still doing gymnastics?

For many athletes, competing at the Olympic level is the pinnacle of their career. But for Hernandez, it was just the beginning. The young gymnast has continued training and competing in the years since Rio, despite facing some setbacks and injuries along the way. She’s also branched out into other areas, like television appearances and public speaking engagements. But for those who’ve been following her story, the burning question remains: is Laurie Hernandez still doing gymnastics, and can we expect to see her back on the world stage anytime soon?

As Hernandez herself has said, gymnastics is a sport that requires both physical and mental stamina. It’s not enough to just have the talent and skill; you also need the drive and passion to keep going, even in the face of challenges and setbacks. For Hernandez, that drive seems to still be burning strong. Though she’s had to take some time off for injuries and personal reasons, it seems clear that the young athlete is not ready to abandon the sport that made her a household name. So, is Laurie Hernandez still doing gymnastics? The answer, it seems, is a resounding yes.

Laurie Hernandez’s Gymnastics Journey

Laurie Hernandez is a name that needs no introduction in the world of gymnastics. Born on June 9, 2000, in New Jersey, Laurie started her gymnastics journey at the tender age of five. She quickly progressed in the sport, and by the age of just twelve, she had already earned national recognition. Laurie showed great promise and potential, and it wasn’t long before she became a household name in the gymnastics community.

  • Laurie’s early years in gymnastics were marked by incredible dedication and hard work. From the very beginning, she was a fierce competitor with a strong work ethic that set her apart from her peers.
  • In 2011, at the age of just 11, Laurie competed in her first major gymnastics event, the U.S. Classic. She placed 11th all-around, an impressive feat for someone so young and inexperienced.
  • Over the next few years, Laurie continued to make waves in the gymnastics world. She competed in several national competitions, earning medals and accolades along the way.

However, Laurie’s breakout moment came in 2016, when she was selected to represent the United States at the Rio Olympics. It was here that she truly made a name for herself, winning a gold medal in the team competition and a silver medal on the balance beam.

After the Olympics, many wondered if Laurie would continue to compete in gymnastics. She took a brief hiatus from the sport but returned in 2019, competing in several events throughout the year. While she has not yet announced whether she plans to compete in the next Olympics, it is clear that Laurie is still dedicated to the sport she loves.

Year Event Medal
2014 U.S. Classic Gold (floor exercise); bronze (balance beam)
2015 Pacific Rim Championships Gold (team); silver (balance beam); bronze (floor exercise, uneven bars)
2016 Olympic Games Gold (team); silver (balance beam)

Laurie’s gymnastics journey is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. She has overcome obstacles and challenges along the way, and she continues to inspire young gymnasts around the world. Whether or not she competes in the next Olympics, there is no doubt that Laurie’s impact on the sport of gymnastics will be felt for years to come.

Olympic Success of Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez is a gymnast who rose to fame during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where she won two medals. Hernandez was a member of the US women’s gymnastics team, also referred to as the “Final Five.” She became the first Puerto Rican to represent the United States in gymnastics in the Olympics.

  • Hernandez won a gold medal as part of the US women’s gymnastics team. She contributed to the team’s total score by performing an impressive routine on the balance beam. The US team dominated the competition, finishing eight points ahead of the second-place Russian team.
  • In addition to the team medal, Hernandez also won a silver medal in the individual balance beam event. She executed an excellent routine, earning high scores for her originality and execution.
  • Hernandez’s success at the Olympics brought her fame and recognition. She became known for her infectious personality, expressive performances, and her signature “wink” at the judges during her floor exercise routine.

Hernandez’s Olympic success put her on the path to becoming a household name. It also opened the door for her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Hernandez has made appearances on popular television shows, including Dancing with the Stars and the Masked Dancer. She has also become an advocate for mental health, sharing her own struggles with anxiety and depression.

Overall, Laurie Hernandez’s Olympic success was a huge milestone in her gymnastics career. She earned not one, but two medals and helped the US women’s gymnastics team capture gold. Her performance on and off the competition floor has made her an inspiration to many young fans.

Medal Event
Gold Team all-around
Silver Balance beam

Even though Hernandez has been vocal about taking a break from gymnastics to focus on her mental health, fans are eager to see her return to the sport. Some speculate that she may make a comeback for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Whatever her future may hold, there is no denying that Hernandez’s Olympic success has left a lasting impact on the world of gymnastics.

Laurie Hernandez’s Gymnastics Achievements

Laurie Hernandez is a well-known American gymnast who has made notable achievements in her career. She has been active in the sport since she was a child, and her passion and hard work have led to many accomplishments.

Top 3 Gymnastics Achievements of Laurie Hernandez:

  • 2016 Olympic Games
  • 2016 Rio Olympics
  • Dancing with the Stars Victory

One of her most significant achievements is her performance at the 2016 Olympic Games. She represented the United States and played a significant role in the success of the team. She won a gold medal in the team all-around event and a silver medal in the balance beam event.

Another notable achievement of Hernandez is her participation in the 2016 Rio Olympics. She was part of the Team USA that won the gold medal in the team all-around event. She also competed in the balance beam and floor exercise events, finishing in second place in the balance beam event.

Aside from her Olympic success, Hernandez also made an impact in other competitions. She was the winner of the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars, partnered with professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy. They impressed viewers and judges with their amazing dances, showcasing her athleticism, grace, and charm.

Laurie Hernandez’s Gymnastics Record

Aside from the achievements mentioned above, Hernandez has also racked up impressive records in gymnastics. At a young age, she won several national competitions and represented the US in international events. In 2015, she was part of the gold medal-winning team at the Pan American Games and won a silver medal in the balance beam event.

Event Year Medal
US Classic 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Gold
US National Championships 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 Gold
Pan American Games 2015 Gold (Team), Silver (Balance Beam)

Laurie Hernandez is an exceptional gymnast who continues to inspire young athletes worldwide. Her accomplishments in the sport have solidified her place in gymnastics history, and her journey serves as a testament to the value of hard work, dedication, and passion.

Laurie Hernandez’s Gymnastics Technique

Laurie Hernandez is a notable gymnast who has taken the world by storm with her incredible acrobatic feats and impeccable technique. Her skills and talent have consistently made her stand out in the world of gymnastics, and it’s no surprise that fans around the world are curious about her current status in the sport.

What Makes Laurie Hernandez’s Technique Stand Out?

  • Balance: Laurie has exceptional balance, which allows her to perform some of the most challenging maneuvers with ease.
  • Flexibility: Her flexibility is a crucial aspect of her technique, allowing her to contort her body in ways that most gymnasts could only dream of.
  • Power: Laurie’s power is another defining feature of her technique. She’s not afraid to take risks and push her limits to achieve the best possible performance.

Laurie’s Approach to Training

Laurie is an incredibly disciplined athlete who understands the importance of training and preparation. She’s known for her rigorous training sessions that help her stay in top form. Her approach to training is based on a combination of strength building, endurance training, and technical practice. She often works on perfecting her form, focusing on small details that can make a big difference in her performance.

One of the most impressive aspects of Laurie’s technique is her consistency. Her ability to execute her routines with precision and grace is a testament to her meticulous training regimen.

Laurie Hernandez’s Signature Moves

Laurie has several signature moves that have become fan favorites over the years. One of her most famous moves is her wolf turn, which she executes with incredible speed and precision. She also has a unique back handspring to full twisting layout, which she performs flawlessly every time.

In addition to her signature moves, Laurie has a knack for creating new combinations that showcase her skills and technique. Her routines are always exciting and dynamic, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Laurie’s Future in Gymnastics

As of 2021, Laurie Hernandez is still actively involved in gymnastics. She is a member of the US National team and has her sights set on competing in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. While she took a break from competition after the 2016 Olympics, Laurie has returned to the sport with renewed energy and passion.

Date Event Place
2016 Olympic Games Gold Medalist (Team)
2017 US Nationals 1st Place (Beam)
2018 US Classic 1st Place (Beam)

With all that she has accomplished in the sport thus far, it’s clear that Laurie has a bright future ahead of her. Fans around the world are excited to see what she’ll achieve next as she continues to hone her technique and take on new challenges.

Laurie Hernandez’s Gymnastics Training

As one of the most promising young gymnasts in the United States, Laurie Hernandez has been dedicated to her training from a very young age. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, as she became a member of the United States women’s gymnastics team at just 16 years old.

  • Hernandez’s training regimen involves hours of practice every day, including working on skills, conditioning, and routines.
  • She is known for her incredible balance, strength, and precision on the balance beam and uses a variety of exercises and drills to continue developing these skills.
  • Hernandez also spends time working on her floor routine, including perfecting her tumbling passes and dance moves.

While most gymnasts retire after the Olympics, Hernandez has continued to train and compete at a high level.

Since the 2016 Olympics, Hernandez has taken a break from gymnastics to focus on other aspects of her life, including pursuing a career in entertainment. However, she has made it clear that she intends to make a comeback and compete at the highest level once again.

Event 2016 Olympic Results
Team All-Around Gold Medal
Balance Beam Silver Medal

With her passion for the sport and her incredible talent, it’s clear that Laurie Hernandez’s gymnastics training will continue to play a significant role in her life for years to come.

Laurie Hernandez’s Return to Gymnastics

Laurie Hernandez, the Olympic gold medalist, took a break from gymnastics after the 2016 Olympics to focus on her mental and physical health. But in 2018, she announced her return to the sport, much to the delight of her fans.

Since her return, Hernandez has been training with her former coach, Maggie Haney, at the MG Elite Gymnastics Club in New Jersey. She has been working hard to get back in shape and improve her routines.

  • In August 2018, Hernandez competed in her first meet since the Olympics. She won the all-around title at the U.S. Classic, beating out some of the top gymnasts in the country.
  • In November 2018, she competed at the World Championships and helped Team USA win a team gold medal.
  • In March 2019, Hernandez competed at the American Cup and placed third in the all-around, behind Simone Biles and Grace McCallum.

Hernandez’s return to gymnastics has not been easy. She has had to deal with injuries, including a torn patella tendon, which required surgery. But Hernandez is resilient and determined, and she is focused on making a comeback in the gymnastics world.

Her fans are eagerly awaiting her return to competition, and there is no doubt that she will continue to inspire young gymnasts around the world.

Date Event Result
August 2018 U.S. Classic 1st All-Around
November 2018 World Championships Team Gold Medal
March 2019 American Cup 3rd All-Around

Overall, Laurie Hernandez’s return to gymnastics has been a success so far. She has proven that she still has what it takes to compete at the highest level, and she continues to inspire young gymnasts around the world.

Laurie Hernandez’s Future in Gymnastics

After making a huge impact in the gymnastics world with her gold and silver medal wins at the 2016 Rio Olympics, many fans are wondering if Laurie Hernandez is still doing gymnastics competitively. Here’s a look at her future in the sport.

Potential Comeback

After taking a break from gymnastics to focus on other projects, including her Dancing with the Stars win and her book release, Hernandez has expressed interest in returning to gymnastics. She has been training at least 3-4 times a week and has been spotted at national team camps. While she has not confirmed anything yet, there is a possibility that she may come out of retirement and compete again.


  • If Hernandez does decide to come out of retirement, her goals would likely be centered around the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She has spoken about wanting to compete at the Olympics again and has been working towards that goal.
  • In addition to the Olympics, Hernandez has also mentioned wanting to compete at the NCAA level and potentially attend college as a student-athlete.
  • Outside of gymnastics, Hernandez has also expressed interest in pursuing a career in acting and entertainment.


Like any athlete, returning to gymnastics after a break presents a number of challenges. Hernandez will have to work hard to regain her strength, flexibility, and skills. In addition, the gymnastics field has become much more competitive since her Rio days, with new and younger talent emerging.

Another challenge Hernandez may face is time-management. Balancing training with other commitments, such as school, acting, and traveling for appearances and events, can be difficult.

Current Training

While Hernandez has not confirmed any competition plans yet, she has been keeping up with her training. In addition to regular gymnastics training, she has also been incorporating dance and acro training into her routine. Hernandez has shared on social media that she has been working on new skills and combinations, indicating that she is serious about her potential return to the sport.

Training Schedule Training Focus
3-4 times a week Gymnastics, dance, acro
Attends national team camps Receiving feedback and guidance from coaches

Overall, Laurie Hernandez’s future in gymnastics is still uncertain, but there is certainly a possibility that she may make a comeback. She is an incredibly talented athlete and has been putting in the work to potentially return to competition. Only time will tell what Hernandez’s next move in the gymnastics world will be.

Is Laurie Hernandez Still Doing Gymnastics? FAQs

1. Is Laurie Hernandez still competing in gymnastics competitions?
As of now, Laurie Hernandez is taking a break from competitive gymnastics.

2. Has Laurie Hernandez retired from gymnastics?
Laurie Hernandez has not announced any official retirement from gymnastics.

3. Is Laurie Hernandez still training in gymnastics?
Yes, Laurie Hernandez is still training in gymnastics and working on new skills.

4. Will Laurie Hernandez compete in the upcoming Olympic Games?
It is still unclear if Laurie Hernandez will compete in the 2021 Olympic Games.

5. Why did Laurie Hernandez take a break from gymnastics?
Laurie Hernandez took a break from gymnastics to focus on her mental health and to give herself time to recover from injuries.

6. Will Laurie Hernandez return to competitive gymnastics in the future?
There is no clear answer as to whether or not Laurie Hernandez will return to competitive gymnastics in the future.

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