How Much Money Did the Guys from Jackass Make? The Shocking Wealth Behind Their Pranks

The guys from Jackass are known for their insane and often dangerous antics, but what people are less familiar with is just how much money these guys have made from their stunts. From their earliest days on MTV to their big-screen debuts, these guys have pulled in some serious cash over the years. Whether they were putting themselves in harm’s way or simply goofing off in front of the camera, the members of Jackass have built up an impressive net worth.

So just how much money did the guys from Jackass make? The answer might surprise you. While the exact figures are hard to come by, it’s estimated that the main cast members pulled in millions of dollars each over the course of the show’s run. Some of them even managed to parlay their fame into successful careers outside of the show, raking in even more cash along the way. Whether you loved or hated their brand of humor, there’s no denying that these guys were some of the most successful TV personalities of their time.

So what is it about Jackass that made it such a hit with audiences? Was it the outrageous stunts, the silly costumes, or the crude humor? It’s hard to say for sure, but one thing’s for certain: these guys knew how to entertain. Whether they were getting themselves into ludicrous situations or simply goofing off, they managed to capture the attention of millions of fans. And as their net worth demonstrates, they were handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

Net Worth of the Jackass Crew

Jackass, the MTV reality stunt show, was a cultural phenomenon in the early 2000s that spawned several spin-off movies and earned its cast massive fame and fortune. Here’s a breakdown of the estimated net worth of the Jackass crew members:

  • Johnny Knoxville – $75 million
  • Steve-O – $2.5 million
  • Bam Margera – $20 million
  • Chris Pontius – $6 million
  • Dave England – $2.5 million
  • Ryan Dunn – $6 million (at the time of his death in 2011)

As per reports, Johnny Knoxville is the richest of all the members and has a net worth of $75 million. The Kentucky-born actor, whose real name is Philip John Clapp, has acted in several films and TV shows besides being co-creator and star of Jackass. The show’s success helped him make huge sums of money from his acting career, commercials, and brand endorsements.

On the other hand, Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, has a net worth of $2.5 million. Despite struggling with addiction in the past, Steve-O has kept his career going and has appeared in various movies, TV shows, and reality competitions. Similarly, Bam Margera, the skateboarder and Jackass crew member, has a net worth of $20 million thanks to his contribution to the show, his skateboard company, and his various other multimedia ventures.

These estimated net worth figures are just a guess and information may vary depending on multiple sources. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the Jackass crew has made a good amount of money from their outrageous stunts and the popularity it brought along with it.

Johnny Knoxville$75 million
Steve-O$2.5 million
Bam Margera$20 million
Chris Pontius$6 million
Dave England$2.5 million
Ryan Dunn$6 million (at the time of his death in 2011)

Some fan-favorite Jackass cast members like Preston Lacy, Wee Man, and Ehren McGhehey also had a significant contribution towards the success of the show, but their net worth is estimated to be substantially lower than the primary cast. Overall, the Jackass crew members are among the richest reality television stars, and their contribution towards the reality TV genre will be remembered for years to come.

Top money-making stunts from Jackass

In addition to being a hilarious and boundary-pushing show, Jackass also made a lot of money for its cast members. Here are some of the top money-making stunts from the show:

  • The Human Dartboard: In this stunt, Johnny Knoxville dressed up in protective gear and launched himself at a giant Velcro dartboard. The stunt was reportedly sold for $55,000 to television network MTV.
  • The Butt X-Ray: In this stunt, Steve-O swallowed a toy car and then had an X-ray to see it pass through his digestive system. The stunt was sold to MTV for a reported $210,000.
  • The Electric Avenue: In this stunt, the Jackass crew played a game of human pinball using stun guns instead of paddles. The segment reportedly sold for $75,000 to MTV.

These stunts were just a few of the ways that the Jackass crew made money from their show. In addition to television rights, they also sold DVDs and merchandise, and went on tour with a live show.

The Jackass Effect

While the individual stunts on Jackass may have made good money for the show’s stars, the real money-maker was the show itself. Jackass became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring spin-off shows, a movie franchise, and merchandise sales.

The first Jackass movie alone grossed over $79 million worldwide. Merchandise sales reportedly totaled $30 million by 2004, and the show’s popularity inspired the creation of spin-off series like Wildboyz and Viva La Bam. Additionally, the show’s stars made paid appearances and endorsements, further adding to their wealth.

The Long-Term Impact

Even though the show ended in 2002, the impact of Jackass can still be felt today. In addition to being a cultural phenomenon, it also helped pave the way for other outrageous and boundary-pushing reality shows in the years to come. Shows like Fear Factor, Wipeout, and even newer programs like American Ninja Warrior owe a debt to Jackass for pushing the envelope and proving that audiences are hungry for increasingly outrageous content.

Cast MemberNet Worth
Johnny Knoxville$75 million
Bam Margera$20 million
Steve-O$4 million
Chris Pontius$6 million
Ryan Dunn$6 million

Overall, Jackass was a huge financial success for its cast members, inspiring numerous spin-offs and paving the way for future boundary-pushing reality shows. While some of the stunts may have been painful to watch, they certainly paid off for the show’s stars.

Jackass movie franchise earnings

The Jackass franchise has become a cultural phenomenon since its inception in the early 2000s. The group, consisting of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, and others, started out as a TV show on MTV and quickly gained a following with their outrageous stunts and pranks. It wasn’t long before they took their antics to the big screen, and the Jackass movie franchise was born.

  • The first Jackass movie, released in 2002, grossed over $79 million worldwide.
  • The second movie, released in 2006, grossed over $84 million worldwide.
  • The third movie, released in 2010, grossed over $170 million worldwide.

It’s important to note that these numbers only take into account box office revenue, and do not include DVD and Blu-ray sales, pay-per-view earnings, or merchandise sales.

The Jackass crew also released an additional movie in 2013, titled “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa”, which grossed over $151 million worldwide. This movie was a bit of a departure from the typical Jackass format, as it followed the character of Irving Zisman (played by Knoxville) on a road trip with his “grandson” (played by child actor Jackson Nicoll).

Jackass MovieBox Office Gross (Worldwide)Release Year
Jackass: The Movie$79.5 million2002
Jackass Number Two$84.6 million2006
Jackass 3D$171.7 million2010
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa$151.8 million2013

Overall, the Jackass movie franchise has earned over $487 million at the box office alone, not including additional revenue streams. It’s clear that their outrageous stunts and pranks have resonated with audiences around the world, and the Jackass crew has definitely profited from their wild antics.

Salary of Jackass Cast Members

The Jackass franchise, which originated as a television show in 2000 and evolved into a series of feature films, has made a significant impact on pop culture. Not only have the stunts performed by the cast members been the subject of watercooler conversations, but the salaries they earned for their efforts have also been a topic of interest for fans.

  • Johnny Knoxville: As the face of the franchise, Knoxville’s earnings have been the subject of much speculation. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth an estimated $75 million. Much of his wealth is attributed to his role in Jackass and its various spin-offs.
  • Bam Margera: Another prominent cast member of Jackass, Bam Margera’s earnings were reportedly around $5 million per film. However, his net worth has taken a hit in recent years due to personal struggles and legal issues.
  • Steve-O: Known for his daring stunts and self-destructive behavior, Steve-O reportedly earned $200,000 per episode during the show’s run. He also made additional money through live performances and merchandise sales.

It’s worth noting that not all Jackass cast members have had the same level of financial success. Some, such as Chris Pontius and Dave England, have had more modest earnings despite their contributions to the franchise.

Here’s a breakdown of the reported earnings for some of the most prominent Jackass cast members:

Cast MemberEstimated Net WorthEarnings per Film/Episode
Johnny Knoxville$75 millionN/A
Bam Margera$10 million$5 million
Steve-O$2.5 million$200,000 per episode
Chris Pontius$3 millionN/A
Dave England$2 millionN/A

Overall, the Jackass cast members have earned significant amounts of money through their participation in the franchise. While some have been more successful than others, their contributions to the series have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both their audiences and their bank accounts.

Merchandise sales and revenue for Jackass

Merchandise sales have played a significant role in the revenue stream for the Jackass franchise. Throughout their run, the Jackass crew released a range of merchandise items, including clothing, DVDs, toys, and even energy drinks. Their merchandise has become incredibly popular over the years, with fans eager to get their hands on anything related to the show.

  • The Jackass crew has sold over 20 million DVDs, generating over $300 million in revenue.
  • Their clothing line, which includes everything from t-shirts to hoodies, has generated over $20 million in revenue.
  • The Jackass movie soundtracks have sold over 300,000 copies, bringing in roughly $3 million.

Overall, it’s estimated that the Jackass merchandise sales have generated upwards of $500 million. The popularity of the show and the merchandise has only continued to grow over the years, with many fans still clamoring for new releases and products.

In addition to merchandise sales, the Jackass franchise has also earned revenue through various partnerships and endorsements. They’ve worked with brands like Pepsi, Nestle, and K-Swiss, and have even released their own energy drink, which has brought in significant revenue as well.

Merchandise ItemEstimated Revenue
DVDs$300 million
Clothing$20 million
Soundtracks$3 million

Overall, the Jackass franchise has been incredibly successful when it comes to generating revenue through merchandise sales and partnerships. While the crew has faced some controversies over the years, there’s no denying the impact they’ve had on both the comedy and merchandise industries.

Impact of Jackass on MTV’s profitability

Jackass has undoubtedly been one of the most profitable shows for MTV, transforming the channel’s fortunes and skyrocketing its ratings. Here are some insights into the financial impact of Jackass on MTV.

  • Increased viewership and ad revenue: The absurdity of Jackass was an instant hit among young audiences, and it helped MTV to attract a wider viewership. The show’s massive popularity brought in lucrative ad deals and partnerships with major brands, inducing feature films, merchandise sales, and live events.
  • International syndication: Thanks to the success of Jackass, MTV was able to syndicate the show internationally. The show was a big hit in several countries, helping the channel generate additional income from foreign markets.
  • Spin-off shows: Jackass’s success allowed MTV to spin-off several shows, including Viva La Bam, Wildboyz, and Nitro Circus. These shows became major hits in their own right and added to MTV’s profitability.

According to an article published by Forbes, the show’s cast had an estimated net worth of $45 million collectively by 2011. This includes earnings from the show, films, merchandise, and live tours. However, in terms of MTV’s profitability, the channel earned over $4 billion from Jackass: The Movie alone.

To understand how significant Jackass was in MTV’s business strategy, here is a table of the channel’s topline performance before and after the show’s release:

YearRevenue in millionsNet Income in millions

The correlation between the debut of Jackass in 2000 and the significant growth of MTV’s revenue and profits is evident, highlighting the incredible impact that the show had on the channel’s profitability.

Future financial ventures for the Jackass crew

Despite their initial success with the Jackass franchise, the crew members have continued to pursue various business ventures to increase their financial wealth. Here are some of their latest and upcoming projects:

  • Jeff Tremaine’s production company – Tremaine (the creator and director of Jackass) has founded a production company called Gorilla Flicks, which has produced several successful movies, including Bad Grandpa and Action Point. He also directed the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt.
  • Steve-O’s comedy tour – Steve-O has been touring the country with his stand-up comedy act, which includes stories about his wild stunts and experiences on Jackass. He has also released a comedy special called Gnarly.
  • Bam Margera’s skateboard company – Margera (one of the breakout stars of Jackass) has a skateboarding company called Element that sells boards, shoes, and apparel. He has also released several solo skateboarding videos.

In addition to these individual ventures, the crew has also reunited for various Jackass revival projects, including a fourth movie and a new television series for MTV. The success of these projects will likely increase their overall net worth.

Here is a breakdown of the estimated net worth for each of the Jackass crew members:

NameNet Worth
Johnny Knoxville$75 million
Bam Margera$20 million
Steve-O$2.5 million
Chris Pontius$6 million
Jason “Wee Man” Acuña$8 million
Preston Lacy$3 million
Ehren McGhehey$3.5 million

It’s clear that the Jackass crew members have been able to parlay their success into various business ventures and continue to capitalize on their wild and irreverent personalities. With their enduring popularity, it’s likely that we’ll see even more financial success from these guys in the coming years.

How much money did the guys from Jackass make?

1. What was the net worth of Johnny Knoxville?
As of 2021, Johnny Knoxville’s net worth is estimated to be around $75 million, making him the wealthiest member of the Jackass crew.

2. What was Bam Margera’s net worth?
Despite having some financial troubles, Bam Margera’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

3. What was the net worth of Steve-O?
Steve-O’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. He has also been involved in various other ventures such as stand-up comedy and TV hosting.

4. Did the cast make a lot of money from the Jackass movies?
Yes, the Jackass movies were highly successful and the cast members were paid handsomely for their work. The first Jackass movie grossed over $80 million worldwide.

5. Did the cast members have any other sources of income?
Many of the Jackass cast members have been involved in various other projects such as TV shows, films, music, and comedy tours, which have contributed to their overall net worth.

6. How much money did the Jackass franchise make overall?
The Jackass franchise has been highly successful, with the films grossing over $330 million worldwide. Additionally, the TV show and spin-off series have also brought in a significant amount of revenue.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this article has helped answer any questions you had about how much money the guys from Jackass made. It’s clear that the franchise was incredibly successful and the cast members were able to build significant wealth from their work. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more interesting articles!