How Much Did LAPD Get Defunded? A Detailed Analysis

The recent wave of police brutality incidents across the United States has sparked widespread outrage about structural racism and police reform. One of the most prominent outcomes of this crisis has been the movement to defund the police, which calls for massive cuts to police budgets in order to allocate resources to social services and community outreach. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has been at the forefront of this movement, and recently, the department suffered a major blow to its budget as defund efforts have increased across the city.

Specifically, the LAPD lost $150 million in funding following the city council’s approval of the Fiscal Year 2021 budget. This represents a significant reduction in the department’s overall budget, which previously stood at over $1.8 billion. The funding cuts will impact a variety of programs, including hiring, overtime, and new equipment purchases. This decision was met with a mixed response from the public, with some arguing that it was not enough and others maintaining that it was a necessary measure to reallocate resources.

While it remains to be seen how these funding cuts will impact the LAPD’s operations in the long term, it has certainly sparked heated debates about the role of policing in society and how best to address issues of systemic racism and police brutality. As the conversation around defunding the police continues to gain traction, it is clear that the consequences of these decisions will be far-reaching and will have a lasting impact on our communities.

LAPD Budget Reduction

Recently, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has been at the forefront of discussions about police reform and defunding. This stems from the department’s involvement in controversial incidents, such as the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests that occurred around the country.

In the wake of these events, there has been a growing movement to overhaul police departments and reallocate funds to other areas that can better serve the community. This has led to significant budget reductions for the LAPD.

  • In June 2020, the LA City Council approved a $150 million budget cut for the LAPD, representing a 9% reduction from the department’s original budget.
  • Some of the programs affected by this cut include youth programs and community relations initiatives, which many argue are needed to build trust between the police and the community.
  • Additionally, the LAPD’s overtime budget was slashed by $50 million, with city leaders calling for a more measured approach to police overtime spending.

Despite the significant budget reduction, LAPD officials have stated that they can still provide effective policing services to the residents of Los Angeles. However, the effects of the budget cut remain to be seen and will be monitored in the coming months and years.

Impact on Policing

Many advocates for police reform argue that reallocating funds from law enforcement to social programs can lead to better outcomes for communities. This is because studies have shown that investing in areas like education, housing, and healthcare can provide long-term benefits for society.

On the other hand, some argue that budget cuts can harm police departments’ ability to serve their communities effectively. This is because budget restrictions can limit training opportunities, equipment upgrades, and other investments that can improve law enforcement’s ability to do their job.

Ultimately, the impact of the LAPD’s budget reduction will depend on how the funds are reallocated and how well the department adapts to the new budgetary constraints.

LAPD’s Budget Priorities

The LAPD’s budget priorities have been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years. Advocates for police reform argue that the department’s budget should be shifted away from more militarized programs, such as the SWAT team and armored vehicles, and towards community initiatives.

However, the LAPD has argued that these programs are necessary to effectively police high-crime areas and that their allocation of funds is based on crime data and other factors.

Program 2019-2020 Budget Allocation (in millions)
Patrol Operations $1,520.3
Investigations and Support $349.3
Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau $125.1
Force Investigation Division $14.2

As the police reform movement continues to grow, it remains to be seen whether the LAPD will change its budget priorities and allocate more funding to areas such as community policing and social programs.

Police Department Funding

The topic of defunding the police has been a contentious one, and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has not escaped the scrutiny. In 2020, amid nationwide protests fueled by the killing of George Floyd, the City of Los Angeles made the decision to reduce the LAPD’s budget. In this article, we will discuss the LAPD’s budget and how much it was defunded.

  • Understanding the LAPD’s budget: The LAPD’s budget is mainly funded by the City of Los Angeles. In 2020, the LAPD’s budget was approximately $1.8 billion, which represented nearly 54% of the city’s general fund. This budget covers the costs of personnel, equipment, and training.
  • The defunding of the LAPD: In July 2020, the Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to cut the LAPD’s budget by $150 million. This represented a significant reduction of nearly 9% of its overall budget. The funds were then redirected to other programs, such as youth development, mental health services, and job programs for underserved communities.
  • The impact of defunding: The decision to defund the LAPD was met with both support and criticism. Some argued that it was a necessary step to address the systemic issues of police brutality and racial inequality. Others feared that it would lead to a rise in crime and negatively impact public safety.

Despite the controversy surrounding the defunding of the LAPD, it is undeniable that it has prompted a much-needed conversation about the role of law enforcement in our communities and the need for reform. Only time will tell if the decision to reduce the LAPD’s budget will have a positive or negative impact on the safety and well-being of the city’s residents.

For more information about the LAPD’s budget and the defunding movement, check out the table below:

Year LAPD Budget ($ millions) Percentage of General Fund
2016-2017 1,209 44.8%
2017-2018 1,244 46.2%
2018-2019 1,393 50.9%
2019-2020 1,867 54.7%
2020-2021 1,717 50.8%


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Los Angeles Police Department Defunding

In response to nationwide protests against police brutality, the Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to reduce the police department’s budget by $150 million for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

  • The cut includes reducing the number of police officers by 300 through attrition and slashing overtime expenses.
  • The council also allocated $250 million for community programs, including mental health and homeless services, to be primarily administered by entities outside of the police department.
  • However, it should be noted that this amount only represents a small fraction of the LAPD’s overall budget, which remains around $3 billion.

Despite criticism from some members of the community who argue that the cuts don’t go far enough, others worry that the move will lead to more crime and undermine public safety.

In contrast, proponents of defunding the police argue that reinvesting funds into social programs and alternative forms of public safety, such as mental health crisis response teams, can ultimately reduce crime and create a more just society.

The Future of LAPD

It remains to be seen how the LAPD will adapt to the budget cuts, and whether it will result in any significant changes in how the department operates.

Some critics argue that the cuts are merely cosmetic and do not address deeper issues of police violence and systemic racism. Meanwhile, supporters see the move as a step in the right direction toward reimagining public safety.

LAPD Budget Breakdown

For context, here is a breakdown of the LAPD’s budget allocation for the 2020-2021 fiscal year:

Category Amount
Salaries and Benefits $1.7 billion
Overtime Expenses $224 million
Equipment and Supplies $242 million
Capital Expenditures $149 million
Other Expenses $320 million
Total $3 billion

As you can see, salaries and benefits account for the largest portion of the LAPD’s budget, followed by other expenses such as technology and maintenance costs.

Ultimately, the debate over police defunding in Los Angeles and beyond is an ongoing one, with strong opinions and valid concerns on both sides. Only time will tell what the future holds for the LAPD and how the city will prioritize public safety moving forward.

City council budget cuts

In June 2020, the Los Angeles City Council pass a budget that included a $150 million cut from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) budget. This move was in response to the Black Lives Matter protests that were happening nationwide after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. The budget cut was a significant victory for the activists, who had been pushing for defunding of the police for years.

However, the budget cut was not as significant as many activists had hoped for. Many had called for a minimum of $1 billion to be cut from the LAPD budget, which at the time was $3.1 billion. The $150 million cut only represented 5% of the LAPD’s budget.

Impact of budget cuts

  • The budget cut resulted in the cancellation of LAPD’s new recruiting class which would have added 350 officers to the force.
  • Budget cuts also resulted in the cessation of overtime pay for officers.
  • Special programs such as the unarmed response to certain mental health calls were scaled back due to the budget cuts.

Reactions to the budget cuts

The budget cuts received mixed reactions from various groups. Activists were disappointed that the budget cut was not as significant as they had hoped for. Some members of the city council were criticized for not doing enough to defund the police.

On the other hand, some law enforcement groups criticized the budget cut, stating that it would affect public safety. Critics argued that fewer officers on the streets would make communities less safe.

Reallocation of budget cuts

Some city council members proposed that the budget cuts be reallocated to communities that have been historically disinvested in. The cut funds were believed to be used for investments in areas such as economic development, housing, and education, which were essential in addressing poverty, which has been identified as the cause of high crime rates in these communities.

Reallocation of budget cuts to other programs Amount in millions
Economic development $130M
Housing $100M
Education $50M

The reallocation of budget cuts was seen as a step towards addressing systemic inequalities and providing resources for communities that have suffered from disinvestment and neglect.

In conclusion, while the $150 million budget cut was a significant victory for activists, it fell short of their demands. The cut had an impact on the LAPD, resulting in the cessation of overtime pay for officers and the cancellation of a new recruiting class. Law enforcement groups expressed concerns regarding public safety. The reallocation of the budget cuts was seen as a positive move towards addressing systemic inequalities and reinvesting in communities that have suffered from disinvestment and neglect.

Public Safety Funding

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is the largest law enforcement agency in the United States, with over 9,000 sworn officers and almost 3,000 civilian staff. The department’s budget is funded by the city of Los Angeles, which allocates funds for public safety through the annual budget process.

Many activists and community members have raised concerns over the number of police officers and the amount of funding allocated to the LAPD. In response, the City Council voted to cut $150 million from the LAPD’s budget in June 2020.

  • The $150 million budget cut represents a 9% reduction in the LAPD’s budget.
  • The funds were redirected towards programs aimed at improving the lives of Black and Brown communities and addressing issues related to systemic racism.
  • The cuts included reductions in overtime pay and the elimination of the LAPD’s mounted platoon and robbery-homicide division.

While some have criticized the budget cuts as unsafe, others argue that reallocating police funding towards community programs and resources could improve public safety in the long term. It remains to be seen how the reduction in funding will affect the LAPD’s ability to provide public safety services to the city’s residents.

In addition to the budget cuts, the LAPD has also faced other challenges to its funding, including a decrease in revenue from parking citations and traffic fines during the COVID-19 pandemic. This loss of revenue may further impact the department’s ability to provide public safety services.

Year LAPD Budget
2018-2019 $1.71 billion
2019-2020 $1.86 billion
2020-2021 $1.76 billion

The table above shows the LAPD’s budget for the past three fiscal years. While the 2019-2020 budget saw an increase from the previous year, the 2020-2021 budget reflects the $150 million cut approved by the City Council.

Overall, public safety funding in Los Angeles is a complex and often controversial issue, with various stakeholders holding different opinions on the appropriate level of police funding. The budget cuts represent a significant shift in the city’s approach to public safety, and their impact may not be fully understood for some time.

Policing Budget Allocation

Following the city council’s decision to defund LAPD, one of the key issues that were brought to light was the policing budget allocation. The budget controversy involves reallocating funding from the Los Angeles Police Department towards public health and other community services. This was necessitated by social justice demands following the decades-long oppression of minorities, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Breakdown of LAPD’s Defunding

  • The 2020-2021 budget reduced LAPD’s allocation by $150 million, bringing the budget down to $1.86 billion.
  • The 2021-2022 budget further reduced the department’s funding by $88 million. The current budget for LAPD stands at $1.73 billion.
  • These cuts saw the total number of LAPD officers decline from 9,974 in 2020 to 9,750 in 2021, a 2.2% reduction.

LAPD’s Share of the City Budget

LAPD has historically been allocated a significant percentage of the city’s overall budget. The current budget of $1.73 billion accounts for over 50% of Los Angeles’ general fund. For perspective, the second-largest allocation goes to the department of transportation at $635 million, which is only 18% of the budget.

Many argue that allocating more funds to health and community services can help address the root causes of crime and ultimately reduce the need for excessive policing. This defunding move aims to create a more equitable approach to public safety in the city, ensuring that all citizens receive the critical public services they need.

Department 2021-2022 Budget Allocation (in millions) % of General Fund
Los Angeles Police Department $1,730 52%
Department of Transportation $635 18%
Public Works $523 16%
Recreation and Parks $266 8%
Fire Department $236 7%

Overall, the reduction of LAPD’s budget impacts the LAPD’s ability to provide services as they have in past years. Defunding LAPD’s budget is expected to be a long-term process that will need to be monitored, measured, and adjusted, depending on the results.

LAPD Budget Reallocation

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) received significant attention in 2020 due to widespread protests and increased demands for police reform. One of the significant changes proposed was the defunding of LAPD. While some wanted a complete defunding of LAPD, it was not feasible as the city needs police services. On 24th July 2020, the City Council voted to approve a budget that would reduce LAPD’s budget by $150 million. The reduction amounts to approximately 8% of the LAPD’s annual budget of $1.8 billion.

  • The budget cut was controversial, leading to debates on the need for police reform, the role of police in society, and the recruitment and retention of police officers.
  • It aimed to reallocate some of the funds to social programs such as housing, mental health, and community development programs.
  • The budget cut was a result of years of advocacy by multiple organizations to shift funding from policing and incarceration to education, healthcare, and other social services.

The budget cut did not take effect immediately. Instead, it was phased over several years. The plan would reduce LAPD’s authorized strength by 355 police officers and 283 civilian positions. The positions would be redirected to other city departments to address social programs’ needs.

According to Chief Michel Moore, the budget cut would have a significant impact on public safety in Los Angeles. The cut would mean that the LAPD would have to shift resources from quality-of-life crimes such as vandalism, petty theft, and drunk driving to violent crimes.

Year Amount Cut ($) Percentage Cut
2020-2021 150,000,000 8%
2021-2022 133,000,000 7%
2022-2023 142,000,000 7%

The budget cut’s aim was to take a holistic approach to public safety in the city of Los Angeles. It aimed to provide much-needed resources to communities that have been disproportionately affected by systemic racism, poverty, and crime. It is essential to note that the LAPD budget reallocation was only the first step towards police reform in Los Angeles. The city council is still deliberating on further proposals to address the need for police reform in the city.

FAQs about How Much Did LAPD Get Defunded?

1. What does “defund LAPD” mean?
Defunding LAPD means reallocating a portion of its budget to other public services such as education, housing, and mental health programs.

2. Has LAPD been fully defunded?
No, LAPD has not been fully defunded. In 2020, the city council approved a $150 million cut to the LAPD budget, reducing it from $1.86 billion to $1.71 billion.

3. Where will the funds from the LAPD budget cut be allocated?
The funds from the LAPD budget cut will be reallocated to other public services in Los Angeles, including affordable housing, youth development, and mental health programs.

4. How will the LAPD budget cut affect public safety in Los Angeles?
The LAPD budget cut is aimed at reducing the reliance on law enforcement to address social issues. The reallocated funds will be used to tackle the root causes of crime and promote community-based solutions.

5. When did the LAPD budget cut take effect?
The LAPD budget cut took effect on July 1, 2020.

6. Was the LAPD budget cut a direct response to the Black Lives Matter protests?
The LAPD budget cut was a direct response to the Black Lives Matter protests and calls to defund the police in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for reading our article on how much did LAPD get defunded. While the city council approved a $150 million cut to the LAPD budget, it is important to note that LAPD has not been fully defunded. The funds from the budget cut will be reallocated to other public services in Los Angeles to address the root causes of crime and promote community-based solutions. We hope this article has provided helpful information on LAPD’s budget cut and invite you to visit our site again for more updates and news.