Does Jac Collinsworth Play Football? Unveiling the Career of the Famous Sports Analyst

Does Jac Collinsworth play football? This question has been on the lips of many sports enthusiasts who have taken a keen interest in the exciting world of football. Jac Collinsworth is no stranger to the sports scene, especially since his father, Cris Collinsworth, was a former professional football player. But despite his family’s pedigree in the game, many still wonder if Jac decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and play football professionally.

Jac Collinsworth’s love for sports is evident in his career as a sports broadcaster. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Jac has worked with various sports broadcasters, including NBC and ESPN. But while his prowess as a sports personality is unquestionable, many still have questions about his football career. Did he play in college, or did he choose a different path altogether? Whatever the answer may be, one can’t deny that Jac Collinsworth’s passion for sports has played a significant role in his successful career thus far.

As the world of football evolves, so do the careers of those involved in the game. For Jac Collinsworth, his success as a sports broadcaster has taken center stage, and many continue to wonder about his football journey. Although the question of whether Jac played football or not may not be new, it still captures the attention of many sports enthusiasts. So, does Jac Collinsworth play football? The answer to that question lies in his personal journey, which we will explore in this article.

Collinsworth family background

Jac Collinsworth comes from a family with a rich background in sports, particularly football. His father, Cris Collinsworth, is a former NFL player for the Cincinnati Bengals and current NBC Sports broadcaster. Cris was a standout receiver for the Bengals and was named to the Pro Bowl three times during his career. He also played in two Super Bowls.

Jac’s mother, Holly Bankemper Collinsworth, also has a background in athletics, having played volleyball at the University of Florida. Like Cris, Holly has also pursued a career in broadcasting and has worked for ESPN and Fox Sports.

Aside from his parents, Jac’s uncle, Tracy Collinsworth, also played football briefly for the Bengals. His grandfather, Abe Collinsworth, was a high school football coach and his great-grandfather, Jack Collinsworth, was a successful high school football coach in Ohio.

Other notable Collinsworth family members

  • Kate Collinsworth, Jac’s sister, played softball at Northern Kentucky University
  • Austin Collinsworth, Jac’s older brother, played football at Notre Dame and briefly for the Dallas Cowboys
  • Ashley Collinsworth, Jac’s cousin, played softball at Southern Illinois University

Jac’s football background

Despite coming from a family with a football background, Jac did not pursue a football career like his older brother Austin. Jac’s main focus growing up was in golf, and he played competitively in high school. However, Jac did play football in high school at Fort Thomas Highlands High School in Kentucky, where he was a wide receiver and defensive back.

After graduating high school, Jac attended the University of Notre Dame, where he majored in Film, Television, and Theatre. While at Notre Dame, Jac did not play football, and instead focused on his studies and his interest in broadcasting.


The Collinsworth family has a deep history in football, with multiple members having played the sport at various levels. Jac Collinsworth, although not as involved in football as some of his family members, still has a passion for sports broadcasting and has followed in the footsteps of his parents and uncle.

Family Member Football Accomplishments
Cris Collinsworth Former NFL player, 3x Pro Bowler, 2x Super Bowl participant
Tracy Collinsworth Briefly played for the Cincinnati Bengals
Jac Collinsworth Played high school football, pursued broadcasting career
Austin Collinsworth Played football at Notre Dame, briefly for the Dallas Cowboys

Overall, the Collinsworth family continues to leave a lasting impact on the world of sports.

Early life and education of Jac Collinsworth

As the son of former NFL player Cris Collinsworth, Jac Collinsworth was brought up in a sports-oriented family and was exposed to football at an early age. He grew up in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where he attended Highlands High School.

  • Collinsworth played football throughout his high school years and was a standout player on the field. He played wide receiver and was known for his speed and agility.
  • In addition to football, he also played basketball and was a member of the school’s track and field team.
  • Collinsworth’s success on the field and in the classroom earned him a scholarship to attend the University of Notre Dame, where he continued his football career.

At Notre Dame, Collinsworth excelled both on and off the field. He was a wide receiver for the Fighting Irish and was a member of the team that went undefeated in the regular season in 2012. In 2015, he graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Film, Television, and Theater.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Collinsworth pursued a career in broadcasting. He worked for a local TV station in South Bend, Indiana, before moving on to ESPN, where he worked as a production assistant for college football broadcasts. He has since moved on to NBC Sports, where he works as a reporter and analyst for various sports programs.

Early life and education of Jac Collinsworth
Born: December 19, 1994
High school: Highlands High School, Fort Thomas, Kentucky
College: University of Notre Dame
Degree: Film, Television, and Theater

Overall, Jac Collinsworth’s early life and education laid the foundation for his successful career in sports broadcasting.

Jac Collinsworth’s career as a sports broadcaster

Jac Collinsworth, the son of famous sports personality Cris Collinsworth, chose to make a name for himself in the sports broadcasting industry at a young age. Although he had a successful high school football career, he decided to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, paving his own path in the industry.

  • Education: Jac Collinsworth graduated from Notre Dame University in 2017 with a degree in Film, Television, and Theatre, which indicates he had a keen interest in the visual medium from the get-go.
  • Early career: Jac Collinsworth’s broadcasting career began early when he started working in student radio stations during his college years. After college, he worked as a contributor to NFL Network’s “The Rich Eisen Show” and coanchored’s “SportsDash” before earning a spot as a studio host for NBC’s Sunday Night Football in 2018.
  • Current career and recognition: In 2021, Jac Collinsworth joined ESPN as a college football analyst and in 2022 was named as a commentator for ESPN’s coverage of the College Football Playoff. Apart from his college football work, he has covered horse racing for NBC and even produced a podcast called “Jac’s Life with Dogs.”

Collinsworth’s achievements resulted in being chosen as “one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the Media Industry” in 2018. Jac Collinsworth’s dedication to his craft, from his college years to his current role at ESPN, is a testament to his passion and commitment to the industry and the profession he embraces.

While Jac Collinsworth’s football career ended in high school, he’s certainly made a name for himself in the sports industry, while working as a broadcaster to deliver sports content and insights to sports fans nationwide.

Jac Collinsworth’s Involvement in Football as a Player

Jac Collinsworth has always been a sports enthusiast, especially when it comes to football. This passion for the game was ingrained in him from an early age due to his family’s background in sports, particularly his father, Cris Collinsworth, who played as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League (NFL) from 1981 to 1988.

  • Collinsworth played football at the high school level while attending Fort Thomas Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. He played as a wide receiver for the Fort Thomas Highlands Bluebirds, which was the high school team where his father played.
  • During his senior year in high school, Collinsworth was named a Kentucky 4A All-State Honorable Mention. This is an accomplishment granted to high school athletes who exhibit skills and conduct worthy of recognition by a state or national organization.
  • After graduating from high school, Collinsworth enrolled at the University of Notre Dame. He tried to make it as a walk-on player for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but ultimately did not make the team.

Although Collinsworth’s football career may not have been as extensive as his father’s, his time on the field undoubtedly prepared him for the sports industry. His experience as a high school player allowed him to understand the pressures and challenges student-athletes face both on and off the field. Furthermore, his attempt to join the Notre Dame Fighting Irish shows his unwavering dedication to the sport and his willingness to give it his all.

Today, Jac Collinsworth is still involved in football, but as a sports commentator rather than a player. He currently works for NBC Sports, where he covers a range of sports events, including NFL games and Olympic competitions.

Year School Position
2010 Fort Thomas Highlands High School Wide Receiver

Despite the fact that Jac Collinsworth may not be playing football at the moment, his love and knowledge of the game have enabled him to carve out an impressive career as a sports commentator. His insight and passion for the sport make him one of the rising stars in sports media today.

Comparison of Jac Collinsworth to his father, Cris Collinsworth

It’s no secret that Jac Collinsworth followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in sports broadcasting. But how does he compare to the legendary Cris Collinsworth? Let’s take a look:

  • Experience: Cris Collinsworth played in the NFL for 8 years, while Jac Collinsworth does not have a professional football career. However, Jac did play wide receiver for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from 2014-2016.
  • Broadcasting Style: While both father and son have a knack for analysis and commentary, Jac brings a fresh and animated approach to the table, while Cris is known for his calm and collected demeanor.
  • Technology Integration: Jac has embraced social media and digital platforms, leveraging his audience through Instagram, Twitter, and his podcast. In contrast, Cris has taken a more traditional approach to broadcasting, primarily focusing on his role as a commentator for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Overall, it’s clear that Jac is carving out his own path in the sports broadcasting industry and is not simply following in his father’s footsteps. While Cris remains a highly respected and established figure in the field, Jac’s unique skills and fresh perspective are quickly gaining attention and fans.

But regardless of their differences, both Collinsworths share a passion for sports, the art of storytelling, and a commitment to excellence in their craft.

Comparison Cris Collinsworth Jac Collinsworth
Professional Football Career Played for 8 years in the NFL Played wide receiver for Notre Dame (2014-2016)
Broadcasting Approach Calm and collected Fresh and animated
Technology Integration Primarily focused on traditional broadcasting (NBC’s Sunday Night Football) Leverages social media, digital platforms, and hosts his own podcast

So, in conclusion, while there may be some similarities between father and son, Jac Collinsworth is not simply a carbon copy of Cris Collinsworth. He brings his own unique perspective and skill set to the table, and his future in the industry looks bright.

Future prospects of Jac Collinsworth in the sports industry

Jac Collinsworth is an emerging talent in the sports industry with a bright future ahead of him. As the son of legendary sportscaster Cris Collinsworth, Jac grew up immersed in the world of sports and developed a passion for football from an early age. After playing college football at Notre Dame, Jac has transitioned to a career in sports media and has shown great promise in his role as a commentator and reporter.

  • Expanding media presence: Jac has already established himself as a valuable asset in the sports media industry, regularly contributing to popular NFL programs such as Pro Football Talk and NBC Sports. As he continues to gain experience and exposure, it’s likely that we will see Jac’s presence grow on both television and digital platforms.
  • Expert analysis: Being a former football player gives Jac an edge in providing expert analysis and insight into the game. He has already shown this capability in his reporting, bringing in-depth knowledge of the sport to his audience. As Jac hones his skills and gains experience, his analysis will only become more valuable to sports fans.
  • Diversifying skill set: While Jac’s focus has been primarily on football, he has shown an interest in a variety of sports and is open to expanding his knowledge and skill set. This willingness to learn and grow will allow Jac to broaden his career opportunities in the sports media industry.

Overall, Jac Collinsworth has a promising future in the sports industry. With his strong background in football, emerging media presence, and dedication to expanding his skill set, Jac is poised to become a prominent figure in sports media and continue to provide expert analysis and reporting for years to come.

However, success in the sports industry is not guaranteed and Jac will need to continue working hard and staying dedicated to his craft to achieve his goals. As he navigates his career, we can expect to see Jac continue to grow and evolve as a commentator and reporter, cementing his place in the world of sports media.

Interesting Facts about Jac Collinsworth

Jac Collinsworth is a well-known television personality and sports commentator. Here are some interesting facts about him:

Number 7

  • Jac’s favorite number is 7, which was also the number his father, former NFL player and coach Cris Collinsworth wore during his football career.
  • In high school, Jac wore the number 7 jersey while playing quarterback for his football team.
  • During his time at Notre Dame, Jac continued to wear the number 7 jersey for his intramural football team.

Education and Career

Jac Collinsworth graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Film, Television and Theatre. After completing his studies, he began his career as a sports commentator. He has worked for several networks, including NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network.

Family Ties

Jac comes from a family of successful athletes and sports commentators. His father, Cris Collinsworth, played in the NFL for eight seasons before becoming a sports commentator. His mother, Holly Bankemper Collinsworth, was a track and field athlete.

Other Interests

In addition to sports, Jac has a wide range of interests. He is an avid reader and enjoys sharing book recommendations on his social media channels. He is also passionate about music and spent a summer touring with the band Thirdstory.

Birthdate: December 15, 1994
Height: 6’3″
Twitter: @JacCollinsworth

These are just a few of the interesting facts about Jac Collinsworth. With his talent and passion for sports and entertainment, there’s no telling what this rising star will do next.

Does Jac Collinsworth play football? FAQs

1. Is Jac Collinsworth related to football legend Cris Collinsworth?

Yes, Jac Collinsworth is the son of legendary NFL player and broadcaster Cris Collinsworth.

2. Did Jac Collinsworth play football in college?

No, Jac Collinsworth did not play football in college. He attended the University of Notre Dame but did not participate in football.

3. Did Jac Collinsworth play football in high school?

Yes, Jac Collinsworth played football in high school. He was a wide receiver and safety at Fort Thomas Highlands High School in Kentucky.

4. Did Jac Collinsworth pursue a career in football?

No, Jac Collinsworth did not pursue a career in football. He instead pursued a career in sports broadcasting and journalism.

5. Is Jac Collinsworth currently involved in football broadcasting?

Yes, Jac Collinsworth currently works as a sports broadcaster and reporter for NBC Sports. He has covered college football and the NFL.

6. What other sports has Jac Collinsworth covered as a broadcaster?

In addition to football, Jac Collinsworth has covered the Olympic games and the NHL as a broadcaster.

Closing thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read about Jac Collinsworth and his involvement in football. Although he played in high school, Jac did not pursue a career in football and instead chased his passion for broadcasting. We hope you found this article informative and enjoyable. Be sure to come back for more interesting sports-related content in the future!