Does Dulux own Porters Paints? Exploring the Truth behind the Popular Rumor

Did you know that Dulux might actually own Porters Paints? It’s a question that has been buzzing around for quite some time now, and it’s understandable why. Both companies are known for their high-quality paints and have been staples in the Australian market for decades. But is there any truth to this rumour, or is it just a case of Chinese whispers?

Well, the truth is, Dulux does indeed own Porters Paints. In 2017, DuluxGroup Limited acquired the company for an undisclosed amount, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DuluxGroup. This move was a strategic one for Dulux, as it allowed them to expand their brand portfolio and offer their customers even more options when it comes to paint and decorative coatings.

So, what does this mean for Porters Paints? Well, the company will continue to operate as it always has, with its own distinct brand identity and range of products. However, being part of the DuluxGroup means access to a wider distribution network, increased marketing resources, and the ability to tap into Dulux’s expertise in research and development. It’s a win-win situation for both companies and for the customers who will benefit from the increased product offerings.

History of Dulux and Porter’s Paints

In 1918, Dulux was founded in Australia as the first paint manufacturer to produce ready-mixed paint. Today, Dulux has become one of the most recognized brands for paints and coatings worldwide. For more than a hundred years, they have been dedicated to creating high-quality paint designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Their paints offer a range of colors, textures, and finishes, catering to all kinds of customers, from homeowners to professionals.

Porter’s Paints, on the other hand, has been in business since 1956, and it’s known for its unique range of handcrafted paints. The company’s founder, Peter Lewis, aimed to create a range of colors that were not available elsewhere in Australia, by making the paints by hand. Moreover, Porter’s Paints produces eco-friendly and sustainable paint products, such as Lime Wash, with environmental credentials so that customers can be assured they are making ethical and responsible choices.

  • Dulux founded in 1918 in Australia, as the first paint manufacturer to produce ready-mixed paint.
  • Porter’s Paints was established in 1956, with a focus on handcrafted paints and colors that were not available elsewhere in Australia.
  • Porter’s Paints produces eco-friendly and sustainable paint products.

Over the years, Dulux has expanded its reach, with a presence in more than 30 countries worldwide. However, Porter’s Paints remained an independent Australian brand with limited options for growth and expansion. As a result, in 2019, it was announced that Porter’s Paints had been acquired by DuluxGroup, the parent organization of Dulux, and both brands were then owned by PPG Paints Group.

This acquisition allowed Porter’s Paints to leverage Dulux’s vast infrastructure, resources, and market reach, while still retaining its unique brand identity. Furthermore, it gave DuluxGroup the opportunity to expand its premium paint portfolio by adding Porter’s Paints’ handcrafted and eco-friendly paint to its lineup.

Dulux Porter’s Paints
Founded in 1918 in Australia Established in 1956, with a focus on handcrafted paints and colors that were not available elsewhere in Australia.
Produces a range of paints and coatings Produces a range of handcrafted, unique paints and eco-friendly options
Presence in more than 30 countries worldwide Retains unique brand identity, despite acquisition by DuluxGroup

Overall, the acquisition of Porter’s Paints by Dulux was a strategic move that helped both brands. It allowed Porter’s Paints to leverage Dulux’s resources and expand its reach while retaining its brand identity. For Dulux, it added a unique and premium range of handcrafted and eco-friendly paint products to its already vast portfolio, further strengthening its brand image.

Acquisition of Porter’s Paints by Dulux

Porter’s Paints has been renowned for their high-quality paint products and beautiful colors since its establishment in 1982. After decades of success in the industry, Porter’s Paints was acquired by Dulux in 2019, a move that has stirred some controversy among loyal customers of Porter’s Paints.

  • Dulux is one of the leading brands in the paint industry and has been in operation for over a hundred years. Their acquisition of Porter’s Paints was seen as a strategic move towards expanding their product line and tapping into new markets.
  • The acquisition will provide Porter’s Paints with access to Dulux’s extensive distribution channels, which will enable them to reach a wider audience. Additionally, Dulux’s financial backing will enable Porter’s Paints to invest in research and development, allowing them to improve the quality of their products.
  • While some customers of Porter’s Paints have expressed concerns that the acquisition will result in a decline in the quality of products and the loss of Porter’s Paints unique identity, representatives from Dulux have assured customers that Porter’s Paints will continue to operate as a separate entity with its own products and brand identity.

The acquisition of Porter’s Paints is an exciting move for both Porter’s Paints and Dulux. With access to Dulux’s extensive distribution channels and financial backing, Porter’s Paints will be able to continue producing high-quality paint products while expanding their reach to new markets.

Below is a table showcasing some of the key details of the acquisition:

Acquiring company Acquired company Date of acquisition
Dulux Porter’s Paints 2019

Despite the concerns of some customers, the acquisition of Porter’s Paints by Dulux seems to be a promising development for both companies and the industry as a whole.

Comparison of Dulux and Porter’s Paints

Dulux and Porter’s paints are two well-known brands in the paint industry. Both brands offer a wide range of high-quality paints that cater to different needs, preferences, and budgets. Below are some of the key differences between Dulux and Porter’s paints:

  • Dulux is a multinational company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of paint and coating products. It is owned by AkzoNobel, a Dutch multinational company that produces decorative and industrial coatings and specialty chemicals. On the other hand, Porter’s Paints is an Australian company that has been manufacturing and selling high-quality paints since 1982. It is an independent paint company that prides itself on its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.
  • One significant difference between Dulux and Porter’s paints is their color range. Dulux offers a broad range of standard and custom colors, including popular shades and trendy hues. They also provide a color matching service that allows customers to match any color they’d like. In contrast, Porter’s Paints focuses on unique, specialty colors that are not available in other paint brands. They also offer bespoke color-making services to customers who want to create their own color palette.
  • Another difference between Dulux and Porter’s paints is their product range and quality. Dulux offers a wide range of paint products, including interior, exterior, specialty, and industrial coatings. They also have different finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte. Dulux prides itself on its innovative and high-quality products that deliver excellent coverage, durability, and longevity. Porter’s Paints, in contrast, focuses on traditional and environmentally friendly paint products. They offer a small but high-quality range of paints that consist of natural ingredients and sustainable formulas. Porter’s Paints products are also non-toxic, low-odor, and easy to apply.

In summary, Dulux and Porter’s Paints are two leading paint brands with different but complementary offerings. Dulux is more suited to customers who want a broad range of products with excellent quality and performance, while Porter’s Paints is more tailored to customers who want unique, high-quality, and sustainable paint products.


When it comes to choosing between Dulux and Porter’s Paints, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences, needs, and budget. Both brands offer quality products that deliver excellent results. Therefore, customers should consider factors such as color range, product range, quality, sustainability, and budget when making their choice.


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Product Range of Dulux and Porter’s Paints

Dulux and Porter’s Paints are both popular paint brands in Australia. While Dulux is more well-known and has a wider range of products, Porter’s Paints is renowned for its premium quality and unique finishes.

Product Range of Dulux

  • Dulux offers a wide range of interior and exterior paints for all types of surfaces including walls, ceilings, wood, metal, and concrete.
  • They have a range of specialty paints including anti-microbial paints, stain-resistant paints, and paints for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Dulux also offers a range of finishes such as matt, low-sheen, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.
  • In addition to paints, Dulux offers a range of products including primers, undercoats, sealers, and paint additives.

Product Range of Porter’s Paints

Porter’s Paints focuses on producing high-quality paints, with unique textures and finishes.

  • Their product range includes interior and exterior paints in various finishes such as eggshell, chalk, limewash, and metallic.
  • Porter’s Paints also offers a range of specialty finishes such as fresco, oxide, and liquid gold.
  • They have a range of products for wood and metal surfaces, including primers, undercoats, sealers, and varnishes.
  • In addition, Porter’s Paints has a range of wallpaper, handcrafted using traditional techniques.

Dulux vs. Porter’s Paints

Although both brands offer a range of paint products, Dulux is a more mainstream option whereas Porter’s Paints is known for its premium quality and unique finishes. Dulux is more widely available and offers a wider product range, making it more accessible for consumers. Porter’s Paints, on the other hand, is a niche brand that appeals to those looking for something different and high-end.

Brand Product Range Specialty Finishes Accessibility
Dulux Wide range Anti-microbial, stain-resistant, kitchen and bathroom paint Widely available
Porter’s Paints High-quality paints, unique finishes Eggshell, limewash, metallic, fresco, oxide, liquid gold Niche brand

Overall, Dulux and Porter’s Paints each have their own unique range of paint products that cater to different markets. It ultimately comes down to the individual’s preference and budget when selecting which brand to use.

Consumer perception of Dulux and Porter’s Paints

When it comes to paint, Dulux and Porter’s Paints are two of the biggest names in Australia. But what do consumers think of these brands? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Dulux: Known for their quality paints and strong brand recognition, Dulux is often seen as a reliable choice for homeowners and professionals alike. They offer a wide range of products, including environmentally friendly options, and their color selection is extensive.
  • Porter’s Paints: While not as well-known as Dulux, Porter’s Paints has a reputation for being a premium option. Their handmade paints are seen as luxurious and high-quality, and they are often used in high-end homes and commercial projects. They also offer a range of finishes, such as metallic and cement, that are unique to their brand.

Despite these differences, both brands have a loyal following. Some consumers swear by Dulux for its consistency, while others appreciate Porter’s Paints for its artisanal feel. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preference and project requirements.

Here’s a closer look at some of the pros and cons of each brand:

Brand Pros Cons
Dulux Wide range of products; Excellent color selection; Good reputation for quality May be seen as mainstream; Some products may not meet eco-friendly standards
Porter’s Paints Handmade for unique finishes; High-end reputation; Some eco-friendly options Availability may be limited; Higher price point than some other brands

Overall, it’s clear that both Dulux and Porter’s Paints have their own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the consumer perception of these brands will depend on what a particular person values most in their paint choices.

Future plans for Dulux and Porter’s Paints

While Dulux currently owns Porter’s Paints, the company has not made any significant announcements about their future plans for the brand. However, there are a few possibilities for what could be in store for both Dulux and Porter’s Paints in the years to come.

  • Dulux may choose to expand Porter’s Paints presence in Australia and New Zealand, where the brand is already well-established. This could involve opening more Porter’s Paints stores, increasing product offerings, or launching new marketing campaigns to promote the brand.
  • Dulux could also leverage Porter’s Paints’ expertise in creating bespoke paint colors to develop more personalized offerings for customers. This could involve launching a new line of custom paint colors, or expanding on existing offerings.
  • Additionally, Dulux may focus on expanding its presence in other international markets. This could involve launching Porter’s Paints in new countries where Dulux has an established presence, or forming partnerships with local companies to distribute the brand globally.

As for Porter’s Paints, the company could continue to focus on creating high-quality, unique paint products that appeal to a niche market. This could involve launching new colors and finishes, or developing new techniques for creating paint that are both visually appealing and long-lasting.

Overall, the future of Dulux and Porter’s Paints is likely to be focused on continued growth and expansion. Whether that means launching new products, expanding their reach, or finding new ways to connect with customers, both companies have a bright future ahead of them.

Future Plans for Dulux and Porter’s Paints Description
Expand Porter’s Paints presence in Australia and New Zealand Increase product offerings, launch new marketing campaigns, or open more Porter’s Paints stores in the region.
Develop personalized paint offerings Leverage Porter’s Paints’ expertise in creating custom colors to develop more personalized offerings for customers.
Expand into other international markets Launch Porter’s Paints in new countries where Dulux has an established presence or form partnerships with local companies to distribute the brand globally.
Focus on creating unique, high-quality paint products Continue to create new colors and finishes or develop new techniques for creating high-quality, visually appealing paint products.

Regardless of what the future holds for Dulux and Porter’s Paints, one thing is certain: both companies are committed to providing customers with high-quality paint products that meet their unique needs and preferences.

Impact of Dulux’s Ownership on Porter’s Paints’ Business Strategy

Porter’s Paints has been in the Australian paint industry for over 35 years now. In 2020, DuluxGroup acquired Porter’s Paints, which raised concerns about how Dulux’s ownership would affect Porter’s Paints’ business strategy. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of Dulux’s ownership on Porter’s Paints’ business strategy.

  • Access to Resources: Dulux’s acquisition provides Porter’s Paints with access to resources that were previously unavailable to them. With Dulux’s financial strength, Porter’s Paints can now expand its product line and improve its supply chain. It also means that Porter’s Paints can now leverage Dulux’s technological superiority to enhance its products and services. This can help Porter’s Paints to remain competitive in the market.
  • Increased Market Share: With Dulux’s ownership, Porter’s Paints now has a larger market share, providing a more significant share of the Australian paint industry. This means that Porter’s Paints can now compete more efficiently with other market leaders, such as Wattyl, Taubmans, and Dulux itself, which is also an advantage.
  • Strategic Positioning: Porter’s Paints can now benefit from Dulux’s strategic positioning and alignment, which are essential factors in remaining competitive in the market. Dulux has an established reputation for manufacturing high-quality paints, and Porter’s Paints can leverage that reputation to enhance its brand and products further. This can help position Porter’s Paints as a premium paint manufacturer in the market.

Dulux’s ownership has not only benefitted Porter’s Paints but also Dulux itself. With the acquisition, Dulux can now expand its product lines and reach to a broader market. Moreover, it can benefit from Porter’s Paints’ unique products and services to increase its market share in the industry.

The table below shows a comparison of Porter’s Paints P&L report from 2019 to 2020, highlighting the significant changes after the acquisition by Dulux.

Parameter 2019 2020 % Change
Revenue (AUD) 10,000,000 12,500,000 25%
Net Income (AUD) 800,000 1,200,000 50%
Market Share (%) 6% 8% 33%

As seen in the table, Dulux’s ownership has contributed positively to Porter’s Paints, resulting in a growth of 25% in revenue and 50% in net income. Additionally, Porter’s Paints’ market share has also increased by 33% since the acquisition by Dulux. These positive changes demonstrate the significant impact of Dulux’s ownership on Porter’s Paints’ business strategy.

FAQs: Does Dulux Own Porters Paints?

  1. Q: Does Dulux own Porters Paints?
    A: Yes, Dulux owns Porters Paints.
  2. Q: When did Dulux acquire Porters Paints?
    A: Dulux acquired Porters Paints in 2019.
  3. Q: Can I find Porters Paints products in Dulux stores?
    A: Yes, Porters Paints products are available in Dulux stores.
  4. Q: Will Porters Paints keep its brand name after being acquired by Dulux?
    A: Yes, Porters Paints will continue to operate under its own brand name.
  5. Q: Will Dulux change anything about Porters Paints’ products and services?
    A: Dulux plans to maintain the quality and uniqueness of Porters Paints’ products and services.
  6. Q: Does the acquisition of Porters Paints by Dulux affect prices?
    A: Dulux has not made any announcement of price changes for Porters Paints products at this time.
  7. Q: Can I still contact Porters Paints customer service for inquiries and warranty claims?
    A: Yes, you can still contact Porters Paints’ customer service for inquiries and warranty claims.

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